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Profit Pillars: Create a Profitable Healthcare Business

If you’re like me, you’ve followed the tried and true path to a career in healthcare.  

You majored in a science, participated in a qualifying, practical experience, took your tests, got your license, and joined a hospital, corporation, institution or other organization as a healthcare professional. 

But over time, you began to get antsy. Maybe frustrated. Disillusioned.

So you started to think about something else.  

Maybe the little voice inside you revealed what you didn’t want to do anymore.  

Sometimes we’re not driven by what we want to do. We’re driven by what we’re not willing to accept in our lives any longer.

Profit Pillars: 5 Pathways to a Profitable Healthcare Business

A Business Workshop for Healthcare Professionals 

Yes — Dietitian/nutritionists (RDs), speech language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs), family therapists, parenting experts, and other health and wellness professionals – that’s you!  

What if you knew exactly how to make money in your own business?


 Whether you are currently working in a healthcare organization and exploring options for starting your own business, or have made the leap into entrepreneurship, you’ve probably recognized this: 

computer on a desk - sign of a profitable healthcare business

What made you successful as a healthcare provider, is not what will make you successful (or profitable) in business.  

Can You Be a Profitable Healthcare Business Owner?  

Many prospective healthcare business owners worry about whether or not they’ll be successful.

I know.

I mentor healthcare professionals and in my THRIVE program and STRIVE mastermind, I notice it’s hard to translate the dream to action-oriented steps and a vision.

Healthcare professionals fret about financial stability and success. They worry about referrals, their reputation, and whether they can grow their practice.  

In a nutshell: They fear failure.  

Yes, finances may be a big barrier, but they aren’t the only ones.  

  • What if I invest in my business and I can’t get any clients?
  • What if there are other healthcare professionals doing the same thing?
  • How will I stand out?
  • I have a stable job, why would I take such a risk? 
  • What if I’m not smart enough, confident enough, young enough…  
Two women looking at a computer together.

Make the Right Decisions for Your Profitable Healthcare Business 

One of the most important things to learn about being in business is that there is no “model” for a profitable healthcare practice.  

There’s no blueprint.  

There’s no yellow brick road.  

And, there’s no guarantee.  

And, yet, there is beauty in this: Flexibility, creativity, and an opportunity to be as profitable and successful as you desire.  

You are free to create a profitable healthcare business that reflects your talents and your dreams.  

A Business Vision for Today & Tomorrow

As a healthcare professional, you want to enter into your own business with a vision. But that vision doesn’t have to stay the same, or follow the yellow brick road of entrepreneurship.   

What you think your business will be and do today will likely be a very different picture tomorrow.  

If you think a healthcare business is in your future… someday… somehow… some way… you need to listen in on my 2-hour workshop: Profit Pillars: 5 Pathways to a Profitable Healthcare Practice so you can really explore what a profitable healthcare practice could look like for you.  

Jill Castle, creator of the Profit Pillar$ Workshop

Profit Pillars: 5 Pathways to a Profitable Healthcare Practice

While there are tons of ways to make money in business, in this session, I will outline 5 different pathways to a profitable healthcare practice. You’ll learn:

  • How to maximize your limited time in private practice.  
  • How to increase revenue through speaking and training opportunities, using niche expertise, pitching, and content creation.  
  • How to capitalize on your expertise and experience through consulting to influence the success of others.  
  • How to make money through products and programs while you sleep.
  • How to maximize your space in the online world and get paid for your voice, expertise and experience.  

If you’ve dreamed about having your own healthcare practice count this session as another learning opportunity to help you pave the path to success. If you’ve already taken the plunge, dive in deeper to see where you can expand and grow.  

Are you ready to set up a profitable healthcare practice? See the possibilities for your current or future healthcare practice.  Listen to Profit Pillars today.

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