If it has to do with kids and nutrition, I can help...

You’re here for a reason….

Maybe you’re looking for advice because your toddler is picky, your baby is just starting on solid food, or your child is not making healthy food choices.

Maybe your teen is gaining weight, losing (too much) weight, or just isn’t reaching his or her athletic potential. 

Maybe you’re combing the internet, looking for an expert quote or a fresh perspective on child nutrition.

Or perhaps you need a standout child nutrition speaker for your next meeting… or some guidance for your cutting edge product geared to kids. 

Rest assured. You’re in the right place…

Feeding kids today isn’t easy. I know, because I have my own kids and have had my own ups and downs. 

In fact, raising healthy kids is one of the hardest jobs of parenthood. Think about it: Picky eating, unhealthy weight, food allergies, sports nutrition, eating disorders, and specialized diets for medical problems… 

And…navigating the ins and outs of getting meals on the table, what to serve at snack-time, and the endless doubt about what to feed kids…

Feeding children is hard, and can be quite a challenge.

Jill Castle Childhood Nutritionist

I’m Jill Castle, a registered dietitian/nutritionist (RDN) and childhood nutrition expert located in New Canaan, Connecticut.

I have a unique perspective on child nutrition. Maybe it’s because of my training. Maybe it’s because I’ve raised four children. Or, maybe it’s because I’ve taken my own lumps along the way and have helped others get through some tough stuff.

Childhood nutrition is my passion.

Helping parents (and those who work with, or on behalf of, children of all ages) is my purpose.

I want you to understand what great nutrition for children really looks like in today’s world. After spending over 25 years in the field of pediatric nutrition working directly with parents and their children, I know that merely getting the “right” food on the table each and every day is not enough.

Yet, if you comb the Internet, flip the pages of any parenting magazine, or ask your neighbor, you’ll hear the same advice: try this food…or eliminate that food…

In other words, fix your child’s problem with food.

You’ll hear a very different message from me. I know it takes more than a change in the foods your child eats, or trying out some new, healthy recipe or fad diet to raise a healthy child.

Getting a handle on the trifecta of child nutrition is the secret sauce.

[If you’re curious, I’ve developed a checklist to outline what it takes.]

In fact, I feel so strongly about what I call the “trifecta of child nutrition” that in everything I do, from public speaking to consulting and private counseling, I use this framework to make a difference. 

Raising a healthy child takes a modern framework. This trifecta of modern child nutrition includes: 

  • food and nutrients
  • feeding practices
  • childhood development

I’ve got you covered.

Jill Castle Childhood Nutrition ConsultantAs a pediatric dietitian/nutritionist, I have training in the specialized field of nutrition for infants, toddlers, children and teens. I have had many experiences working with kids of all ages, and in a variety of settings. I was a clinical dietitian at Massachusetts General Hospital (I also did my dietetic internship training there), working with children aged birth through adolescence who were hospitalized for various medical concerns such as cystic fibrosis, gastrointestinal challenges, diabetes, eating disorders and more. After obtaining my Master’s degree in pediatric nutrition, I moved to Boston Children’s Hospital where I worked exclusively using intravenous nutrition for bone marrow transplantation, gastro-intestinal diseases, and cardiac surgery and intensive care.

And then I had four children of my own…

I took several years off of working to focus on raising them. And boy did I learn a lot about the day to day grind of cooking, snacks, meals, eating, feeding and all the stuff that goes into raising healthy kids who eat in a balanced way.

I learned how to feed kids in a way that honors their food preferences yet helps them expand their food repertoire. I developed a system and strategy to help kids tune in to their hunger and fullness signals so they learn to regulate their own appetite. And so much more.

I’ve developed so many practical, doable ways to shepherd children through their growth and development. I partnered with a like-minded colleague and wrote Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School and hopped on the TEDx stage to propose a completely different (and modern) way of preventing childhood health problems.

Those nine years of being a stay-at-home mom were invaluable to my current practice style and my ability to see the big picture. Coupled with my extensive pediatric nutrition knowledge and experience, I’ve been able to help many kids and their families.

Since 2008, I’ve had a private practice helping children and their parents with weight and growth problems, picky eating, eating disorders, food allergies, sports nutrition for young athletes, gastrointestinal problems and more.

In everything I do, my goal is to give you more insight about childhood nutrition and feeding kids, while positively influencing the growth and development of all children.  

To help you see the bigger picture of what child nutrition looks like today, be sure to snag my blueprint: How to Nourish a Child.

If you’d like to work with me, here’s how I can help:

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Jill Castle, Childhood Nutrition Speaker

P.S. Here are 10 things I bet you don’t know about me: 

  1. I’m a mid-Western girl, born and raised in Indiana.
  2. I didn’t like broccoli until I was in my early 20’s. (Believe me, my parents offered it over and over.)
  3. I played basketball from 5th grade through my Junior year in high school. I wanted to be a cheerleader my senior year, so I gave up basketball. Big mistake. I didn’t make the cheerleading squad. (sad face) 
  4. Mentally–and to this day– I’ve always considered myself an athlete. Physically, I was never more than a recreational, mediocre one. (But I still go for it!)
  5. I truly believe being a good parent is a lot of thoughtful work, and probably one of the hardest (and often, thankless) jobs on the planet. But, there is no other job that is quite as powerful…
  6. I love a man who can cook. (and who’s not afraid to do laundry and clean a bathroom…and a dirty diaper) Luckily, I snagged one.
  7. I’m a sucker for self-improvement and self-actualization. I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand when I was 18. I’m a big fan of Brene Brown and Oprah.You could say I’m a thinker. I like to figure out why people do what they do and how to be better. 
  8. I’m very, very afraid of heights and speed. I generally avoid these situations. However, I zip-lined in Costa Rica and that was HUGE for me. Did I really do that?!
  9.  I do my best work very early in the morning, but I love a good, long sleep. So, basically, I fight with myself to get out of bed every morning. I love that snooze button!
  10. I have a super soft spot for children. I love, love, love them–everything about them. They inspire me, and make me laugh. I love to look at the world through their eyes.