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“Jill just gets it. She knows the research and she lives nutrition everyday as a mom.”

Looking for a Keynote Speaker in Child Nutrition?

Jill Castle is one of the nation’s premier child nutrition experts. Known as a paradigm shifter who blends current research, practical application and common sense, Jill makes audiences think differently about feeding kids.

Whether it’s babies or teens, or any age in between, she takes a unique, “whole-child” approach to showcase food, feeding and childhood development as the secret ingredients to raising a healthy child in all of her speaking events.

As a mom and a practicing pediatric nutritionist, Jill is uniquely qualified to speak to the science of child nutrition and its practical adaptation to feeding children.

Experience as a Keynote Speaker

A sought-after keynote speaker and media contributor, Jill has inspired audiences including TEDx, American Academy of Pediatrics, WIC, university groups, and a range of other nutrition, medical, government and parent audiences.

Off the stage, Jill is the author and co-author of several nutrition books, such as Eat Like a Champion and Fearless Feeding, respectively. She pens The Nourished Child blog, interviews experts on her nutrition podcast of the same name, and regularly contributes to US News & World Report’s For Parents blog.

She is frequently called upon by the media as a leading child nutrition expert and has appeared in The New York Times, WebMD, Fast Company, USA Today, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, NBC-CT, Parents, and Parenting Magazine.

TEDx Speaker 

In 2017, Jill took the TEDx stage to talk about a more modern approach to child nutrition, and challenged companies, organizations and healthcare to step up for children and their parents.

Jill’s TEDx talk, The Nutrition Prescription for Healthier Kids, can be viewed below.

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The following speaking topics can be adjusted for your audience needs. 

[Keynote] The Nutrition Prescription for Healthier Kids 

Despite efforts to improve the health of our nation’s children, child health problems are growing at staggering rates. Costly efforts to improve the food landscape, educate children and develop effective programs have been made to reverse this reality with little change in the outcome.

The real problem? Parents don’t know how to effectively nourish and nurture the health of their children.

In her signature keynote address, Jill shares a powerful story (and revelation) of nourishing her own child. She details the landscape of child health problems and challenges the usual suspect—food– as the cause and solution.

She then explores the three main areas of nutrition education that are missing for parents: food, feeding and childhood development education.

Jill believes transforming our children’s health for the better will take a radically different approach: targeting parents with the nutrition education they need, early and often.

Audiences learn it will take a systematic, institution-based nutrition education program for parents across childhood, including the trifecta of childhood nutrition.

Audiences will walk away with a new and innovative solution for improving the health of our nation’s children, concrete applications, and the inspiration to take action today.

Jill Castle MS, RDN - Keynote Speaker

Nourished: A New Model for Raising Healthy Kids [Workshop]

More families fear food and look to popular diets and trendy foods as a guaranteed solution for raising a healthy child. But, what if we’ve been focusing too much on food and not enough on nourishing the whole child, inside and out?

In this nutrition workshop, attendees will learn the changing nutritional needs of childhood, understand the power of feeding as an influencer of eating habits and the developing relationship with food, and the importance of child development in educating kids and building autonomy.

Blending food, nutrition and food parenting with a sprinkle of what to expect during the different stages of childhood, participants will be challenged to think differently, use reflection, individual exercises, and group work to elicit creative strategies and solutions that help families nourish and raise healthy children from infancy through adolescence.

In addition to her thought-provoking keynote address and workshop training, Jill can adapt the following presentations into interactive workshops, plenary sessions, or panel discussions for the healthcare community, school and parent audiences.

Jill Castle, MS, RDN - Keynote Speaker

Sample Breakout Sessions

A Thoroughly Modern Approach to Childhood Nutrition in the 21st Century

Moving away from the archaic idea of food as the solution to health challenges in children, Jill presents the trifecta of childhood nutrition: food, feeding, and childhood development as the modern approach to nourishing a healthy child.

Feeding Styles and Practices: What is the Influence on Children’s Eating?

Children are not only influenced by what they eat, but by how they are fed. Jill presents feeding styles and practices, such as bribing with dessert and restricting food access, and the impact on the developing relationship with food, eating habits and weight status in children.

Introducing Solids to Baby: The Pros and Cons of Modern Feeding

Jill presents the current principles of solid food introduction to babies, highlighting popular feeding approaches, including baby-led weaning, and the potential effects on children’s eating and nutritional status.

Feeding Baby & Toddler: Using a Nutrient-Adequacy Approach

Jill explores the most important nutrients in the first two years of life, along with proven feeding approaches, like responsive feeding, to ensure optimal nutritional status and self-regulated eating in young children.

Jill Castle MS, RDN - Keynote Speaker

Healthy Strategies for Helping Kids Eat Well

Everyone needs a few tricks up their sleeve to help children eat well. Jill showcases proven strategies, such as getting them in the kitchen to cook, balancing all food, and closing the kitchen to help moderate snacking.

Young Athletes: What’s In, What’s Out, & What’s Essential

Jill helps attendees understand the nutritional needs of the young athlete, aged 8 to 18 years, by clearing the confusion about protein, carbohydrates, supplements, sideline snacks and the food environment. Book tie in: Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete.

The Extreme Picky Eater: Evidence-Based Approaches for Nutrition Care in the Office Setting

Children with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) may experience nutritional, developmental and social challenges. Early recognition and nutrition intervention may improve health, eating, behavior, and social-emotional outcomes. Attendees will learn what it takes to integrate nutrition and feeding therapy in the office setting.

ADHD: Weighing the Evidence and Promise of a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a powerful adjunct to the treatment of ADHD in children, particularly on focus and attention, behavior, and overall nutritional status. Jill presents the current evidence for nutrient adequacy, food sensitivity and behavior, and special diets for ADHD.

Jill Castle MS, RDN - Keynote Speaker

What People Are Saying About Keynote Speaker, Jill Castle MS, RDN

“Jill was amazing to work with. As a speaker, she came prepared, her materials were polished and her presentation style was spot-on. As a pediatric nutritionist, she sure knows what she’s talking about! I’m a (relatively new) mom of a 10-month-old baby boy, and I find myself constantly thinking, “Am I feeding him enough? Is he getting the right – and enough! – nutrients? What am I missing?” Jill gave me all the answers and reassured me I’m doing it right. I now find myself going to her website, her blog and referring to sections of her books to help me whenever I have questions. And she always has the answer. Thanks to her I’m more confident in my food and nutrition choices as I raise my little boy into a strong little man!”

–Leslie Cimei, Assistant Director, Continuing Education, Great Valley Publishing Company, Inc.

I learned more about feeding my daughter during Jill’s talk than I have in the well over a decade that I have spent reading books and blogs and even listening to my daughter’s pediatrician.  Jill has a clear and direct speaking style that pretty much turns everything you have heard about childhood nutrition on it’s head, without in any way shaming those of us who sneak in those chicken nuggets and fries.  I walked away from that talk committed to making clear changes in how I feed my daughter, and my family.  I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to benefit from the vast knowledge that Jill is able to share.”

— Courtney Spencer, Transformational Life and Business Coach, Speaker, Attorney

“I attended the Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, WSAND, state meeting April 15-17, 2018 and participated in the session “Nourished: A New Model for Raising Healthy Kids,” presented by Jill Castle. Jill challenged me to look at providing nutrition education to families differently through a whole-child approach and childhood development. I now use the holistic approach in nutrition interventions, considering each child’s development, positive feeding strategies and food as nourishment. The session was collaborative, powerful and inspiring. Thank you Jill Castle for motivating me!”

— Connie Warner, MS, RDN, a Pediatric Dietitian, who practices at Providence Child Development Institute in Portland, Oregon

“By having Jill as speaker at Nevada’s Annual WIC Conference we were able to look at childhood obesity from a different perspective. Jill brought feeding styles to light, she unveiled the true power that feeding styles can have on childhood obesity and that it is really not just about food choices and physical activity. We left feeling like we had new topics of discussion to bring up with parents when we talk to them about their child’s weight. Thank you Jill for your meaningful insights.”

— Kay Klumpyan, MPH, RD Nutrition Coordinator State of Nevada WIC Program

“What an incredible experience! Jill’s presentation was not only extraordinarily thorough, but tremendously well researched. Her approach to nutrition for young athletes made real connections that the athletes were able to employ right out of the talk. Parent and athlete feedback has been VERY positive…and everyone sends their thanks!”

— Mike McCauley, Head Coach, Premier Aquatics Club of Keene, TX

“Jill Castle is a very dynamic, highly informative speaker. She engages her audience and presents information that is highly relevant and can be immediately implemented. Her positive approach and real-life practicality appeal broadly to attendees. Jill’s presence on the faculty of any conference will ensure its success.”

— Diana West, BA, IBCLC International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

“Thank you Jill for a wonderful presentation this morning! Your approach is informative, pragmatic, positive and affirming, and your passion for child nutrition is clear and inspiring. I think I speak for all present today that our families are better off for having spent some time thinking about our jobs as feeders of children, and gaining guidance on how to do that job better.”

— Caitlin W., New Canaan Country School, New Canaan CT

“Participant evaluations emphasized your warmth, professionalism, vast knowledge base, as well as, your down-to-earth style.”

— Meg Domino, Director, New Canaan Cares

“I had the opportunity to see you speak at the Let’s Talk Dairy in St. Louis yesterday and I wanted to let you know you were phenomenal.”

— Afton D., St. Louis District Dairy Council Let’s Talk Dairy conference

“Jill’s content was absolutely fabulous for healthcare workers and families! … I loved the new way of presenting feeding from baby to teen… Jill was amazing and I wanted her to speak longer..”

— Attendee’s evaluation comments from Taking the Fear out of Feeding Kids at Parkview Regional Medical Center, Fort Wayne, IN

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