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What if a Pediatric Dietitian and Nutrition Speaker Could Help Your Audience…

Cultivate healthy eaters
Gain eating and feeding confidence
Understand the path to good health and well-being for kids
Instill joy and positive memories

Implement changes right away?

Many parents feel stressed about feeding their children a nutritious diet and establishing good habits.

Healthcare professionals are overworked and have so much to keep track of. They need updates and practical ways to help families raise healthy kids.

Businesses and organizations understand that stress at home negatively affects performance at work. If they can support parents by bringing more nutrition and feeding information to families, everyone wins.

Meanwhile, nationwide, the health of our children is deteriorating.

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That’s Where Jill Castle, Pediatric Dietitian and Nutrition Speaker Comes In…

As the author of the forthcoming book, Kids Thrive at Every Size (Workman 2024) and one of the nation’s premier childhood nutrition experts, I’m known for my ability to blend current research, practical application, and common sense. I believe that children can thrive at every size. With my paradigm-shifting, whole-child approach, I inspire parents, healthcare professionals, and organizations that serve children and families to think differently about young people’s health and wellbeing.

Jill Castle, MS, RDN, Childhood Nutrition Speaker

As a first-time mom, I struggled with feeding my own child.

As a pediatric dietitian, there is one thing I know for sure:

Growing healthy kids – at every size – is more than simply getting good food on the table.

This influences and informs my entire approach to child nutrition and feeding kids.

Today, I help parent groups, organizations, and companies shift their mindset on childhood nutrition using a comprehensive lens, changing children’s (and parents) lives and health for the better.

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“I learned more about feeding my daughter during Jill’s talk than I have in the well over a decade that I have spent reading books and blogs and even listening to my daughter’s pediatrician. Jill has a clear and direct speaking style that pretty much turns everything you have heard about childhood nutrition on its head, without in any way shaming those of us who sneak in those chicken nuggets and fries.  I walked away from that talk committed to making clear changes in how I feed my daughter, and my family.  I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to benefit from the vast knowledge that Jill is able to share.”

Courtney Spencer, Transformational Life and Business Coach, Speaker, Attorney

“Jill was amazing to work with. As a speaker, she came prepared, her materials were polished and her presentation style was spot-on. As a pediatric nutritionist, she sure knows what she’s talking about!” 

Leslie Cimei, Assistant Director, Continuing Education, Great Valley Publishing Company, Inc.

“Thank you for two incredible presentations! We have received RAVE reviews about your talks. The people that I work with were incredibly impressed.”

Aida Miles, Director of Leadership Education in Pediatric Nutrition. The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Here’s How I Can Help Your Organization

Nutrition Keynote

30+ years as a pediatric dietitian and mom of 4 distilled into a game plan for nourishing children, inside and out. Keynotes are 50 minutes and suitable for parent, professional, and corporate audiences.

Here are some suggested topics:

Kids Thrive at Every Size: How to Nourish the Whole Child for a Lifetime of Health and Happiness

In this content rich, timely keynote, Jill blends experience, research and stories to illustrate that a new model for building healthy habits is critically needed. The Whole Child Healthy model showcases physical health and emotional wellbeing as equally essential – and critical – for every child, at every size. Using 8 Pillars of Wellness, attendees learn to promote health and wellbeing especially if they work with or are worried about a child’s size or growth, or simply want to incorporate a strong foundation of lifestyle behaviors early on. Audience members walk away motivated to take a holistic approach to child health, focusing on health behaviors and wellness rather than food intake or growth charts, incorporating these into their policies, programs and practices.  

The Nutrition Prescription for Healthier Kids

In this content rich, relatable keynote, Jill blends passion and research with her personal story of nourishing her own child – to illustrate that creating a nation of healthy kids requires a systematic nutrition education program for parents, and must incorporate a trifecta of food, feeding, and childhood development. Jill imparts the revelatory message that focusing on food alone will not change the health of our nation’s children. Audience members walk away inspired to integrate a new, innovative solution that incorporates education about food, feeding, and child development into their programs, policies and practices, along with concrete applications, and the inspiration to act immediately on what they’ve learned.

Jill Castle nutrition speaker and workshop leader

Pediatric Nutrition Workshops

Live and virtual experiences are interactive, experiential, and offer the audience tools they can use right away.

Workshops are available as full-day engagements and are suitable for parent, professional and corporate audiences.


Based on the keynote of the same name, Kids Thrive at Every Size workshop deeply explores the 8 Pillars of Wellness and the Whole Child Health Model using case studies, the latest science and practical applications to help healthcare professionals or families nourish physical health and nurture emotional wellbeing.


Based on the keynote, The Nutrition Prescription for Healthier Kids, this workshop takes a deep dive into the food, feeding and child development framework, The Nourished Child® Path, using reflection, exercises and case studies to solidify real life strategies for kids.

Fireside Chat

An informal, structured, back-and-forth conversation between myself and a moderator in front of your audience. Fireside chats can be done in person or virtually and pair nicely with one of my books.

Your audience can submit their questions ahead of time so the moderator can pose these to me, and I am able to share insights, stories, anecdotes and other personal anecdotes. Organizations may call this A Conversation with Jill Castle. This is a perfect option for parent groups, organizational employees, and schools!

Nutrition Speaker and Author

As an author, I am able to tie my books into any speaking event, offering attendees a tangible resource after the engagement.

Health & Wellness Initiatives for Corporations

Employee health and wellness initiatives focus on the adult employee, but what about their family? Parents want to be as successful at home as they are at work. They want to raise healthy kids, have pleasant, nourishing meals together, and feel good about their job as a parent or caretaker.

Yet, many families of working parents struggle to get dinner on the table.

Enter: The Secrets to Feeding Healthy Families

A 4-part series designed for working parents who want easy and effective ways to nourish their children. From getting nutritious, balanced meals on the table to influencing healthy eating habits, this series equips parents with easy-to-assemble meals and snacks, feeding interactions that encourage healthy habits, and an understanding of child behavior around food. This series can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Partner with Jill.

I created The Nourished Child® to close the gap on nutrition education for parents. Learn more.

Jill Castle MS, RDN - America's Child Nutrition Expert

Jill Castle, Nutrition Speaker In Action

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Jill Castle MS, RDN Pediatric Dietitian


If you’d like to see Jill’s other presentation topics for conference plenary and breakout sessions, download her speaker’s one sheet.