Learn How to Nourish Kids, Inside and Out


I’m a nutrition author who writes about childhood nutrition and feeding kids.

And my learning curve has been steep.

Early in my career as a pediatric dietitian working in hospitals, I wrote scientific research articles and textbook chapters, collaborating with physicians and researchers.

In 2009, a year after I started my own business, I began a blog and wrote a weekly submission for years. I’m pretty sure my blog was key to securing my first agent and publisher.

Since then, I’ve published 5 books, two with traditional publishers and three that I published myself under the imprint The Nourished Press.

As a nutrition author, I pride myself on translating science into understandable language, tips, and practical advice, making it easy for parents to use the information right away.

You can see this on The Nourished Child®, my nutrition website for parents, and the business-oriented articles I write on this website for nutrition, other healthcare practitioners, and businesses.

Over my 30-year career, nothing has shaped my insight on childhood nutrition more than being a mother to four children and working directly with kids and their families in my private practices.

Through both experiences, I developed a model for child nutrition that integrates, food, feeding and child development. This “Whole Child Nutrition” approach drives everything I do and is infused in me as a nutrition author, my writing, and books.

My experiences as a childhood nutritionist and mom have shaped my vision about nutrition.

In 2011, I partnered with a like-minded dietitian and wrote a comprehensive resource on childhood nutrition called Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School, which was published in 2013 and updated in 2019.

Fearless Feeding breaks down nutrition and feeding for each stage of childhood, including infancy, toddlerhood, childhood and adolescence. It’s considered an essential resource for teaching prospective nutrition professionals in the pediatric space and is used by several universities across the United States.

Jill Castle’s Nutrition Books

Fearless Feeding by Jill Castle, MS, RDN and Maryann Jacobsen, MS, RDN

Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School

Fearless Feeding is a comprehensive nutrition guide that gives parents the tools to encourage all children, babies to teens, along the path to healthy eating. Pediatric nutritionists and feeding experts, Castle and Jacobsen describe how children’s eating habits correspond to their stage of development & provide step-by-step feeding guidance. This book includes 378 pages.

Eat Like a Champion by Jill Castle, MS, RDN

Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete

Most young athletes aren’t eating properly to compete. Even if they’re on a “healthy” diet, it’s often supplemented by convenient but empty calories that are actually slowing them down. Written by a pediatric nutritionist and mom of young athletes, Eat Like a Champion will help parents tailor food for training, competition, and even off-season. This book includes 256 pages.

The Smart Mom’s Guide to Starting Solids: The Complete Guide to Food, Feeding and Guiding Your Baby’s Future Health

Give your baby a solid start with expert advice from a pediatric nutritionist who’s raised four of her own babies. This step-by-step guide helps parents like you introduce, advance and nourish your baby through the first year of life. This book includes 102 pages.

The Smart Mom’s Guide to Healthy Snacking: Learn How To Raise a Smart Snacker

My step-by-step guide includes a simple approach to ensuring your raise a healthy snacker with good eating habits. You’ll learn the acronym SNACK SMART and also get lots of healthy snack ideas and snack recipes. This book includes 226 pages.

Try New Food: Help Picky Eaters Taste, Eat & Like New Foods

Learn how to introduce new foods to kids in positive, productive ways. Common sense strategies to help your child move forward with tasting and eating nutritious food, no matter how picky he or she is. This book includes 160 pages.

Jill Castle, MS, RDN in Tough Love

Tough Love: Raising Confident, Smart, and Resiliant Kids

I was a contributing author to ToughLOVE, a parenting anthology from Simon & Schuster.

I Have Nutrition E-Guides for Parents, Too

I love to write short, helpful guides for parents so they better understand nutrition concepts for kids and get creative ideas to make food fun, tasty and nutritious. From mini-recipe books to deep dives on parenting and eating disorders (and much more!), I make sure to make these short and sweet and highly valuable.

Here are my current offerings and there are more in the works!

Childhood Nutrition Articles

As a writer and nutrition consultant, I’ve written for other websites and organizations. I’ve written for USA Swimming, US Rowing, the National Alliance for Youth Sports magazine called Sporting Kids, USA Field Hockey, and Golf Magazine.

For years, I wrote for Bundoo, a website for parents of children ages 0-4 years, About.com (now Verywell.com), and Wee Feed. 

I also share my business writing and thoughts on childhood nutrition over on Medium.

Last, as part of my nutrition consulting agreements, I have written articles for my client’s websites.

My Official Bio

Jill Castle is one of the nation’s premier childhood nutrition experts. Known as a paradigm shifter who blends current research, practical application and common sense, Jill inspires families and audiences to think differently about feeding kids.

A sought-after speaker, author, advisor, and media contributor, Jill has inspired audiences from the TEDx stage as well as a range of medical, government and parent audiences. Jill serves as an Expert Medical Reviewer for Parents.com, and has been featured as a guest expert in CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Forbes and many other outlets. She helps startups and companies in the kid food space as an advisor and consultant.

Jill is the creator of The Nourished Child®, a parent nutrition education website, and author of the books, Eat Like a Champion, Try New Food, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Starting Solids, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Healthy Snacking, and co-author of Fearless Feeding. Her next book, Size Wise, is due to publish in early 2024. She interviews experts on her podcast of the same name.

Jill Castle, MS, RDN