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Jill Castle is a leading pediatric dietitian and childhood nutritionist who blends current research, practical application and common sense, shifting the paradigm about feeding kids. She inspires parents to raise nourished kids, inside and out, using nutritious food, positive feeding approaches, and effective food parenting.

Jill is the creator of The Nourished Child®,  a digital education platform filled with resources, tutorials, and programs designed to educate and empower parents on their journey of raising healthy kids. She is a five-time author and the host of The Nourished Child® podcast. As a sought-after speaker, food industry consultant and media dietitian, Jill has inspired audiences including TEDx, government agencies, and professional healthcare. She serves on the Board of Advisors for Parents magazine and mentors pediatric dietitians in business through her mastermind program, Thrive.

Jill on Fox & Friends

Click here to watch the Fox & Friends interview.

Jill Castle on News12 CT

Jill on News 12 CT

Jill Castle Child Nutritionist on WTHR Channel 13 Indianapolis

Jill in Indianapolis, IN on WTHR.

Jill Castle Child Nutritionist on WTWO Channel 2 Terre Haute

Jill on WTWO in Terre Haute, IN.

Podcast Interviews

As a podcaster herself, Jill brings an ease to podcast interviews, as well as an expert perspective and wise insight to topics in childhood nutrition. Here are a few podcast highlights:

Mom Brain: We Tackle Picky Eaters

One Bad Mother: Maybe They Won’t Grow Out of It

Tilt Parenting: Facts about ADHD and Nutrition 

Sound Bites RD: Family Mealtimes Matter

Liz’s Healthy Table: Family Feeding Styles

Jill Castle on MomBrain
Jill on MomBrain podcast.

How to Talk to Kids about Anything: How to Talk to Kids about Picky Eating & Good Nutrition

Didn’t I Just Feed You? Who’s Messing with Our Kids More? Sugar? Or Parents?

The Healthy Family Podcast: Fearless Feeding 5 Years Later

Equal Parts: Teaching Your Child Healthy Eating Habits

Med School for Moms: Raising Healthy Eaters

The Food Dignity Podcast

The Modern Mommy Doc Podcast: How to Raise a Healthy Eater

Online and Print Interviews

Jill frequently acts as a media resource for print and online outlets. Here are a few highlights.


Does Sugar Make Children Hyper?

Of the four parental ‘feeding styles,’ only one is good for kids’ health, experts say

10 ways to make fast food healthier for your kids

Should you let your kids gorge on Halloween candy?

The New York Times

Feeding teenagers: The days of control are gone

How to Introduce Solid Foods to Your Baby

How to Tame Your Snack Monster

Washington Post

Let picky eaters play with their food, and don’t force ‘thank you’ tastes

Taking the stress out of weekday breakfasts with kids

NY Post

Weight Watchers will give free diet help to American teenagers


Wholesome Halloween treats for Healthy Goblins


Back to school: Why breakfast is important and what to feed kids


How much does my kid need to eat?

Chicago Parent

What to do when your child is always hungry?

Huff Post

Brain Foods that Boost Concentration and Focus in Kids and Adults

Jill Castle: The Nutrition Prescription for Healthier Kids
Jill at TEDx Danbury.

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