A Mastermind for the pediatric or family-focused nutrition professional who is established in business but is looking for support, accountability and strategy support to sustain ongoing momentum.

This 10-month mastermind is perfect for you if:

  •  You’ve completed my 6-month program, THRIVE.
  • You’ve been running a business and want to harness your momentum and put some serious cash in the bank.
  • You want to be part of a collective of nutrition professionals who are motivated, accomplished, and vested in the growth of the pediatric nutrition business field.
  • You want to crush 6-figures.

In STRIVE mastermind, you will:

Refine your business strategy, systems and money-makers.

Develop a strategic mindset about your business, offerings and services.

Break down the barriers that prevent you from growing.

Be surrounded by ambitious nutrition professionals who generously share insight, ideas and open doors.

Be coached by me, a multiple 6-figure business owner.  

If you’ve made investments in your business and had some success, you may find you’re going it alone. When things start to lull or get crazy busy, you begin to stall or get mired in overwhelm. Or worse, you regress to old, counterproductive thinking, rely on a “work more and harder” approach, and lose sight of effective processes and strategies.

This is a recipe for losing your momentum.


And a prescription for doubting your abilities, minimizing your business vision, and -- yikes! -- shrinking yourself to fit in.

Of course, the antidote to all of this is access to a wise, experienced guide and a supportive online community of nutrition entrepreneurs.


I hand-pick an online community of 10-12 pediatric and family-focused nutrition entrepreneurs for this 10-month mastermind. STRIVE meets twice monthly to hold you accountable to your business goals, hold you up, and strategically support you in being the successful entrepreneur you were born to be.

STRIVE keeps you growing and achieving in a business you love that pays you what you’re worth and reflects the value only you can bring to the table.


Here’s what happens in STRIVE:


This is the SUPPORT level of the STRIVE program, focused on group calls to address motivation, strategy and ongoing accountability to help keep your momentum alive.

Monthly Group Calls:
On the second Monday of every month, you hang out for 2 hours on Zoom with our group of STRIVERs. Here you get to share your “grins and grimaces,” and take the Hot Seat to strategize any challenges or decisions you want feedback on. These will be recorded for later viewing.

The Mindset Hour:
On the fourth Monday of every month, we’ll tune up your mindset and chat about topics like competition, worthiness, authenticity, money, shiny object syndrome, and impostor syndrome. We’ll light your confidence up! 

10-Month Membership (September 2021 through June 2022):



This is the STRATEGY level of the STRIVE program, with additional one-on-one time with Jill each quarter to help you ideate, create, and refine your business offerings.

Quarterly 1:1 Strategy Calls:
You get 4, 1-hour calls with Jill, scheduled at mutually convenient times during the 10-month program. On these calls, you will work on strategy, develop programs, and ideate business opportunities.

10-Month Membership + quarterly 1:1 strategy calls
(September 2021 through June 2022)


*Monthly installment payment options are available

Interested? I’m accepting members NOW.



What is a Mastermind Group? 

A mastermind group is a selected group of individuals who’ve started their own business and who come together regularly to share their thoughts, ideas, connections, resources, know-how and more with the larger group, empowering the success of the whole beyond what one person could do alone.

What is a Mentor? 

A mentor is an expert who has an extensive base of experience and knowledge. She shares thoughts, ideas and guidance to help you blast through the personal and tangible barriers that stifle career growth. A mentor holds you accountable to your business goals and career dreams. Through mentorship, she helps you accelerate your business to the next level, reaching your personal and professional goals.

Here's what past THRIVE members had to say!

Jessica Gust, MS, RDN

Amy Reed, RDN

Thrive member reviews

"Before I had the opportunity to work with Jill and collaborate with like-minded colleagues, I felt overwhelmed with ideas and unsure how to best execute an actionable plan that would keep me moving forward in my business as a private practice dietitian. Jill provided a safe and nurturing community, valuable resources, and ongoing support and accountability that allowed me to become crystal-clear on my entrepreneurial journey. She took the time to get to know me and my business and provided insightful feedback, guidance, and advice that helped me clearly understand how to refine my messaging for my target audience. Her experienced perspective and leadership through this mastermind was pivotal in accelerating my online presence and business, allowing me to grow exponentially and expand my reach to those I have been so eager to help."  

Crystal C. Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC

Coaching with Jill Castle really helped me hone in on my marketing messages and provided an actionable framework to accomplish my professional goals for the quarter. Jill provided clear and concise direction, honest and candid feedback and generously shared her expertise and guidance to help me get my product launched and to meet my sales goals!  

Katie Ferraro, MS, RDN

Jill has a natural talent for helping others efficiently drill down to what is important and keeping them on task. Her know how regarding feeding children and their families, and all that goes into beginning and growing a business helped me stay focused and assured that I was working on the right things to achieve my goals. She is a pleasure to work with!  

Jane Henley, MS, RDN

"THRIVE has helped me see beyond the day-to-day of working with clients. It has expanded my mindset and opened a world of possibilities in the realm of pediatric nutrition.  

I really liked all aspects of this program: the 2-hour sessions were well-balanced with instruction, hot seats, and feedback. I also really enjoyed and was inspired by your guest speakers. The individual strategy sessions are always super helpful and help me focus. And the retreat was amazing!  

Although I have a long way to go, I have much greater insight into what is possible."  

Susannah Wallenstrom, MS, RDN

"Jill helped me see that I do have a lot to offer and that has given me more confidence in approaching other businesses to offer my services."  

Amy Reed, MS, RDN