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THRIVE Mastermind Group for Healthcare Professionals

Join the THRIVE Mastermind Group and up-level your healthcare business, maximize your efficiency, and accelerate growth. Be known as an influential authority and generate income like never before.

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You’ve launched a business. You’ve been working hard to make it successful and profitable, but you dream of bigger things.

A bigger practice. Bold ideas you want to share with the world. A product you want to sell. The next “layer” you want to add to your business model. Or your next big step along your career path.  

Thrive Mastermind Group for Healthcare Professionals

Take Charge of Your Career

You want a career that not only allows you to make a difference in this world for families, but one that also puts you in the sweet spot of satisfaction — emotionally and financially.  

A career that pays you what you are worth.  

A career that you manage, not one that manages you. 

So, what’s holding you back?

You Can Grow Your Healthcare Business Smartly and…

  • Take control of your next steps feeling confident, calm, and clear.  
  • Grow your business quickly and smartly, with a clear-cut path to get you there. 
  • Steep your unique point of view into your brand and business from top to bottom.  
  • Sharpen your influence and ensure future demand of your time and talents. 
  • Collate a brain trust of smart healthcare practitioners, an experienced business leader to lead and support you, and the structure and accountability you need to make your dreams come true.  

Introducing THRIVE  

A Mastermind Group for Healthcare Professionals Who Want to Accelerate Business Growth, Boost Revenue, and Sharpen Their Influence

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THRIVE Mastermind Group is for Healthcare Professionals who have been independently working with children and families for about 2 years in their own business.  

Whether a private practitioner, blogger, online business owner, speaker or consultant, this mastermind group brings together smart, creative, experienced healthcare professionals to share ideas, strategies and experiences so that business growth accelerates, revenue swells, and influence expands.

As an independent professional, you know how hard it can be to make big decisions in your business, not to mention how lonely it can be as a solopreneur. 

THRIVE Mastermind takes the best business ideas and the power of a collective “mind” to help you grow and develop your business model and next business move. 

Whether you are expanding your practice or venturing into a new revenue stream, building is easier when you have support, guidance, and accountability at your fingertips. 

Details of THRIVE Mastermind Group 

Facilitated by Jill Castle, a 28-year veteran in pediatric nutrition and one of the “original” business owners in the field of pediatric nutrition, THRIVE Mastermind meets in group sessions, one-on-one strategy sessions with Jill, expert calls with business entrepreneurs, and an in-person weekend retreat.  

Over the 6-month program, you will get collaborative feedback, inspiration, guidance and support to take your career and business to the next level.

You will move your business forward with growth-worthy ideas, imaginative business additions that serve your clientele, and a clear point of view that propagates your influence.

Topic Areas in the Mastermind Program

  • Grow Your Business Acumen: Mission, vision and business strategic business plan, finances and income audit
  • Grow Your Marketing Muscle
  • Grow Your Presence’
  • Grow Your Wealth
  • Grow Your Thought Leadership
  • Grow a Following
  • Additionally, three guest experts teach about their areas, such as branding, speaking, authorship, and more

What is a Mastermind Group? 

It’s a group of healthcare professionals who’ve started their own business and who come together regularly to share their thoughts, ideas, connections, resources, know-how and more with the group, empowering the success of the whole group beyond what one person could do alone.

Benefits of a Group Think Tank

  • Fresh perspectives broaden your mindset
  • New Ideas help you consider different approaches
  • Experiences of others can inform your business ideas
  • Unique expertise and experiences can help you make smart decisions
  • Support and accountability keeps you on track

What is a Career Mentor? 

A mentor is an expert who has an extensive base of experience and knowledge. She shares thoughts, ideas and guidance to help you blast through the barriers that strangle your career growth. She holds you accountable to your business goals and career dreams. Through mentorship, she helps you accelerate your business to the next level, reaching your personal and professional goals.

It’s time to THRIVE.