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Professional Mentor & Consultant

Do you work with children and their parents? Are families your target audience?

Are you transitioning your pediatric nutrition career to the private practice setting or online space? 

Do you work in the online space with childhood or family nutrition and want to diversify your offerings and increase your revenue? 

Do you want to stand out from the crowded nutrition space and be known for your ideas?

Jill Castle, MS, RDN: Career Consultant & Mentor

I’ve been a dietitian and pediatric nutritionist since 1990.

I consider myself an entrepreneur.

I have blazed the trail of private practice (twice!). I was one of the first nutrition professionals to create online nutrition classes. And I’ve just transformed those classes into an online educational platform for parents.

I’ve served as a nutrition consultant to companies and organizations. And, I’ve been speaking since 2010 and even landed a TEDx talk in 2017.

Because I have “been there, done that,” many pediatric dietitians request my coaching and mentoring to guide them on their journey to grow their businesses and expand their thought leadership.

As a career consultant and professional mentor, I share my experience and business insight through my various programs for nutrition and healthcare professionals. 

Why Work with a Nutrition Career Consultant?

Taking the next step in your career can be pretty scary. I know! I’ve done it several times, and have made my fair share of mistakes along the way.

But there’s no getting around the inherent fear of starting something new, or the anxiety of taking a big step in your career or business.

Yet, our mindset and self-imposed obstacles often get in the way.

Jill Castle, MS, RDN and Childhood Nutrition Consultant

Skip the Mistakes with a Career Mentor

With a career consultant and professional mentor on board, you can skirt the major mistakes.

You don’t have to wonder if you’re making the right decisions, managing your business in the most efficient ways, or setting yourself up for future success.

With someone (me!) on your side, coaching and mentoring you, those big steps are much less scary and much more strategic.

I Can Help You Grow & Succeed

I’ve created several programs to help nutrition and other healthcare professionals grow businesses, thought leadership and learn how to manage cases.

Profit Pillar$: 5 Pathways to a Profitable Healthcare Practice

Whether you are currently working in a healthcare organization and exploring options for starting your own business, or have made the leap into entrepreneurship, you’ve probably recognized this:

What made you successful as a healthcare provider, is not what will make you successful in business.

To be successful in business requires different skills and a business mindset.

It turns out even the path to a profitable healthcare business can be paved with red tape, challenges, and mistakes, too.

But there’s nothing like knowing you own that road.

One of the most important things to learn about being in business is that there is no “model” for a profitable healthcare practice.

There’s no blueprint.

There’s no yellow brick road.

There’s no guarantee.

And, yet, there is beauty in this.

You are free to create a profitable healthcare business that reflects your talents and your dreams.

Let me help you see the different ways your healthcare business can be a profitable one.

There are tons of ways to make money in business. In this training, I will outline 5 different pathways to a profitable healthcare practice.

You will learn:

  • How to maximize your limited time in private practice.
  • How to increase revenue through speaking and training opportunities, using niche expertise, pitching, and content creation.
  • How to capitalize on your expertise and experience through consulting to influence the success of others.
  • How to make money through products and programs while you sleep.
  • How to maximize your space in the online world and get paid for your voice, expertise and experience.

Grab your seat to the Profit Pillars training now!

THRIVE: A Mastermind for Pediatric Healthcare Practitioners

THRIVE: A Mastermind for Pediatric Healthcare Practitioners is designed for the pediatric practitioner who has been independently working in the childhood and family space for awhile. She (or he) wants to accelerate business growth, boost revenue, and sharpen his or her influence.

Whether a private practitioner, blogger, online business owner, speaker or consultant, this mastermind group brings together smart, creative, experienced professionals to share ideas, strategies and experiences so that business growth accelerates, revenue swells, and influence expands.

Don’t grow alone. 

As an independent professional, you know how hard it can be to make big decisions in your business, not to mention how lonely it can be as a solo-preneur.

THRIVE Mastermind takes the best business ideas and the power of a collective “mind” to help you grow and develop your business model and next business move. Whether you are expanding your practice or venturing into a new revenue stream, building is easier when you have a career consultant and professional mentor at your side.

Plus the support, guidance and accountability you need to succeed.

“Working with Jill in the THRIVE Mastermind was one of the most invaluable business investments of both my time and money. Before I had the opportunity to work with Jill and collaborate with like-minded colleagues, I felt overwhelmed with ideas and unsure how to best execute an actionable plan that would keep me moving forward in my business as a private practice dietitian. Jill provided a safe and nurturing community, valuable resources, and ongoing support and accountability that allowed me to become crystal-clear on my entrepreneurial journey. She took the time to get to know me and my business and provided insightful feedback, guidance, and advice that helped me clearly understand how to refine my messaging for my target audience. Her experienced perspective and leadership through this mastermind was pivotal in accelerating my online presence and business, allowing me to grow exponentially and expand my reach to those I have been so eager to help.”  Crystal Karges, MS, RDN

What You’ll Get from THRIVE Mastermind

Facilitated by me, a 28-year veteran in pediatric nutrition and one of the “original” business owners in the field of pediatric nutrition, THRIVE Mastermind meets in group sessions, one-on-one strategy sessions, expert calls with business entrepreneurs, and an in-person weekend retreat.  

Throughout our regular interactions, you’ll get collaborative feedback, inspiration, guidance and support to take your career and business to the next level.

You, my friend, will move your business forward with growth-worthy ideas, imaginative business additions that serve your clientele, and a clear point of view that propagates your influence.

THRIVE is a 6-month program beginning in January of each year. Get more details about the program to know when the next enrollment phase begins. 

90 Minute ‘Jam with Jill’ Career Consultant Call

Want to ‘pick my brain’ about your business strategy? Your next career move?

Need supervision on a tough pediatric case?

Have a bunch of business questions you want answered quickly?

Jill Castle Pediatric Nutritionist Mentor

I offer a 90 minute jam session for pediatric dietitian/nutritionists who want laser-focused coaching and mentoring on big and little ideas such as a career move, diversifying a current business, launching a new program, or dealing with a tough pediatric case.

Get the strategic feedback you need.

During this time, you can expect to get strategic feedback on next business steps, mentoring and supervision on managing your patients and practice, and resources that will help you move forward. We meet on Zoom and the call is recorded for your later viewing. Click here to set up your call!

Fee: $497

Food Parenting PRO Nutrition Class

Want to improve your knowledge and counseling skills with parents around feeding? The truth is, food parenting, feeding styles, feeding practices and building a child’s autonomy with eating always comes up in sessions. The question is:

How are you addressing this and helping your clients?

Food Parenting PRO is a 4-week workshop focused on teaching you the research and practical skills of implementing good feeding in your client interactions. Packed with evidence-based curricula, discussion topics and case studies that highlight the concept of food parenting, participants will learn:

  • The key concepts to being a good food parent
  • Evidence behind feeding styles and practices, 
  • Ways to implement positive feeding including structure and boundaries, 
  • Reasonable choice and natural consequences,
  • The role of monitoring, showcasing effective techniques, and 
  • How to build a child’s autonomy with eating.

Fee: $297 (8 CEUs)

ARFID Training

Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) is on the rise in children. It’s a form of extreme picky eating. As a nutrition professional, you may encounter more of these kids in your practice.

Children with extreme picky eating, or ARFID, present with a variety of health concerns. Often, they have a very limited diet, nutrient deficiencies, fear and anxiety associated with eating, and feeding and parenting dynamics that need addressed. The extent and intensity of these cases can be highly variable.

Each case requires an individualized approach and a deep set of clinical and counseling skills.

This clinical training is for nutrition professionals who want to develop deeper expertise in working with children who experience extreme picky eating, or ARFID, in the outpatient setting or private practice.

Generally, participants join because they want to:

  • Develop into a stronger and more confident practitioner in the area of ARFID
  • Be a resource to families and other healthcare practitioners in your area for this condition
  • Grow and develop this area of your business

If training in this area is something you’d like to develop in your practice, get on my professional newsletter list to learn more.

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Other Resources for Healthcare Pros

I’m an affiliate for a few business-oriented courses that I feel help those in the healthcare field further develop their businesses and platforms.

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