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Strive Mastermind

Strive Mastermind for dietitians in business, led by Jill Castle, MS, RDN

STRIVE Mastermind

Harness momentum, shore up your strategies, and continue to grow your business.

And know that you’re making the right decisions.

MOMENTUM is the key to a sustainable, growing business. 

When you’ve got momentum, you are unstoppable.

When you have a solid business you can help more people, generate more revenue, and balance your life the way you want to (or need to).

But if you’re questioning your business choices, getting buried in trying all the things, and mired in fractured focus, your momentum stalls.

STRIVE Mastermind helps you, well, strive for the goals, vision and purpose of your business.

Beyond what you think you can do.

  • A waitlist of clients
  • Passive income sources like books and classes
  • Live events and programs
  • Long-term, returning clients
  • Becoming the go-to nutrition expert in your community
  • Scalable programs
  • Requests to speak…for a fee
  • Consulting opportunities

STRIVE helps you build a business as BIG as you want it to be. And a business that makes some REAL, SERIOUS bank.

You’ve had business success, but you want to keep growing…and not plateau.

STRIVE is the answer.

If you’ve made investments in your business and had some success, you may find you’re going it alone. When things start to lull or get crazy busy, you begin to stall or get overwhelmed.

Or worse, you regress to your old, counterproductive thinking, rely on a “work more and harder” approach, and lose sight of effective processes and strategies.

This is a recipe for losing momentum.

And a prescription for doubting your abilities, minimizing your business vision, and — yikes! — shrinking yourself to fit in.

Of course, the antidote to all of this is access to a wise, experienced guide and a supportive online community of nutrition entrepreneurs.

ENTER: STRIVE Mastermind

STRIVE Mastermind is for you if…

  • You’ve got an “up and humming” nutrition business
  • You have hired help (VA, admin, etc) for your business, temporarily or permanently
  • You’ve got a mission, vision, niche, and customer
  • You want to define the next growth phase for your business
  • You want to increase your impact with clients and other colleagues 
  • You want to make more money
  • You want to streamline efficiencies in your business
  • You value community and support from other seasoned nutrition entrepreneurs
  • You have tons of ideas and want support and feedback on the “next big thing”
  • You’re open to attracting more business opportunities
  • You want to work on mindset at a higher level
  • You have time and bandwidth to commit to 2 hours per month to foster your personal and business growth
  • You thrive with accountability and flexible support
  • You want to learn Jill’s insights, access her experiences, and strike a meaningful balance between work, impact, and revenue

Strive is an online community of nutrition entrepreneurs who come together monthly to get business coaching, share ideas and get feedback, learn, and offer resources for success.

What is the Commitment to STRIVE?

STRIVE meets once a month for a 2-hour Mastermind Session where you can ask questions about your business during your “hot seat,” get coaching from me, and feedback from others in the group.

Three women co-working

STRIVE offers a Quarterly Mindset Hour with discussion focused on topics like getting paid, using your voice, imposter syndrome, and enoughness.

Women talking with each other around a table.
Business women collaborating.

STRIVE also offers Quarterly Working Blocks to provide training on a specific skill set, such as updating posts for SEO or developing a welcome or nurture series. During this block of time, you’ll learn and be able to apply this new knowledge to your own business in real time and with my support.

STRIVE is designed to hold you accountable to your business goals, hold you up, and strategically support you in being the successful entrepreneur you were born to be.

STRIVE keeps you growing and achieving in a business you love that pays you what you’re worth and reflects the value only you can bring to the table.

Jill Castle on a swing.

STRIVE begins a new cohort in September 2023. Enrollment will be open each quarter (January, April, July, and October) based on availability.

Let’s help you keep your business alive and strong.

The Investment

Annual Membership to STRIVE:

A monthly installment plan is available.

Past participants of Jill Castle's mastermind.

Personal Strategy Calls with Jill

If you’re enrolled in STRIVE Mastermind, you may schedule 1:1 calls with Jill at mutually convenient times during the year-long program. On these calls, you’ll work more deeply and strategically on your business strategy and goals with Jill.

Personal strategy calls are offered at an additional fee.

I know you’ve got other options out there.

You won’t find another *more experienced, savvy, work-life minded business mentor* than me.

Thirty+ years in pediatric nutrition. 14 years in business. 4 grown kids. Two private practices. Six books. Countless speaking engagements. A podcast. A successful website. A seasoned consultant.

Imagine the impact on your professional career and personal life when you get my intimate guidance and mentoring.

And I’m certain you won’t find another group of nutrition professionals who are as dedicated to serving each others’ businesses as well as their own.

That’s because I hand-pick every member and keep STRIVE intentionally small.

(And if you think you need to be a pediatric dietitian to join, you don’t. I’ve mentored many dietitians who work with adults. Business is business no matter your clientele.)

The STRIVE community is unapologetic about wanting influence, income, and a business we love.

And you can be, too.

They’re eager to learn, help each other out, strategize and implement. They cheer each other on, offer “what works,” and are creative and ambitious.

If this sounds like a regular touchpoint you need to stay on track with your goals, inspire new ideas and avenues in your business, and buoy your confidence, strategies and tactics, then I invite you to join us!

Women working together at a table

What People Say About STRIVE Mastermind

“Before I had the opportunity to work with Jill and collaborate with like-minded colleagues, I felt overwhelmed with ideas and unsure how to best execute an actionable plan that would keep me moving forward in my business as a private practice dietitian. Jill provided a safe and nurturing community, valuable resources, and ongoing support and accountability that allowed me to become crystal-clear on my entrepreneurial journey. She took the time to get to know me and my business and provided insightful feedback, guidance, and advice that helped me clearly understand how to refine my messaging for my target audience. Her experienced perspective and leadership through this mastermind was pivotal in accelerating my online presence and business, allowing me to grow exponentially and expand my reach to those I have been so eager to help.  

Crystal K.

Jill has helped me see beyond the day-to-day of working with clients. It has expanded my mindset and opened a world of possibilities in the realm of pediatric nutrition.  I really liked all aspects of this program: the 2-hour sessions were well-balanced with instruction, hot seats, and feedback. I also really enjoyed and was inspired by the guest speakers. The individual strategy sessions are always super helpful and help me focus. Although I have a long way to go, I have much greater insight into what is possible.

Susannah W.

Jill helped me see that I do have a lot to offer and that has given me more confidence in approaching other businesses to offer my services.  

Amy R.

“Just having a place to get my questions answered quickly, rather than spending so much time looking things up, has been worth it!”

Hilarie G.

“Jill (and the group) provides accountability and community, something that has been missing for me as a business owner who works alone.”

Jennifer K.