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9 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

Learn the different ways you can make money while you sleep as a dietitian.

As a nutrition entrepreneur, I feel like I’ve tried it all. Of course, my early days centered around working for a hospital, but after I “retired” to start my family and eventually decided to start my own business, I attempted to make money many ways.

9 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep (or Eat!)

My first path was through my private practice, located in Nashville, TN. After nine years as a stay-at-home mom, my “re- “learning curve was steep.

From new allergen information to developed practices for PCOS, eating disorders and insulin resistance, I had to brush up on my clinical knowledge. Once I was back in my comfort zone, I focused on learning the ins and outs of running a business, blog and developing my speaking skills.

My income grew steadily from next to nothing to an easy 6-figures.

By the time 2015 rolled around, I began to have a mindset shift. Up until that point, everything I did required my presence.

Speaking on stage? Yup, I had to be there. Private practice appointments? Had to be there.

Blogging required me to write, and I hadn’t learned how to make money as a blogger yet (and I was resistant to ads appearing on my site).

In 2016, I learned about online marketing and started to explore the move from “one to one” interactions to the “one-to-many” concept and how to make money while I slept.

Otherwise known as passive income.

I was excited to create content that could be recorded and sold to many different individuals, essentially taking me off the stage, so to speak. And I haven’t looked back! You, too, can make money while you sleep!

*This post may contain affiliate links. Any purchase means I’ll get a small commission which helps me run this website.

9 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep (or Eat!)

A successful business makes money. Period. Remember, if you aren’t making money, you’re not running a business, you have a hobby.

Check out the following ways I’ve made passive income in my business:

1. Build an Online Course

An online course is a popular way of making money online for dietitians. Whether you specialize in pediatric feeding or adult gastrointestinal concerns, an online course can let you show your expertise.

Online courses usually contain several short videos, or lessons, organized into modules. Other supporting materials, like PDF charts or audio trainings make learning for the end-user comprehensive and easy.

In our fast-paced, busy world, an online course can be the perfect solution for individuals to learn at their own pace.

Here’s my flagship course, The Nourished Child Blueprint and an article I wrote on topic called Course Creator: Should You Become One?

2. Record a Workshops

Workshops are a smaller version of online learning. Usually 2 hours or less, a workshop dives into a specific topic and takes the audience through exercises to reinforce their learning.

I like to offer live workshops, so that I can test and refine them before I put them on autopilot, which means removing the “live” audience and adding some opening and closing video content to make the package complete.

Generally, workshops come with a guide that the user can use alongside while they learn.

My latest workshop, The Weight is Over, was a huge success so I decided to offer it without the live option so more people could gain access to it.

3. Write Short Books (called E-books, guides, etc.)

As a blogger since 2009, I realized that many of my posts were buried…deep. I saw an opportunity to create small books, or guidebooks, based on these and give parents an all-in-one resource that dove deeper and compiled much of what I’d already written (with updates of course!).

Guidebooks, or e-books, are shorter versions of books that get to the heart of the matter quickly. They’re designed to be pleasing to the eye and retail at a lower price point, making them an easy ‘yes’ for the buyer.

The key is to answer the questions your readers are asking. Here’s two examples I’ve created:

The ARFID Guide: How to Get Help When Your Child is Extremely Picky and Nutrients for Kid: Advanced Guide.

4. Sell Printables or Cheat Sheets

If you’re a recipe creator or orient your business around organizing or other similar practices, you might enjoy creating printables for purchase. Printables are generally 10 pages or less (sometimes just one page!) and they help the user achieve a task, such as meal planning, grocery shopping, or keeping track of what’s in the freezer or pantry.

Printables generally sell for a low price point, but if popular, can make money while you sleep.

Note: I generally use my printables and cheat sheets as “freebies,” or a way to entice website visitors to sign up for both my free and paid newsletter, The Munch.

5. Offer Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is content you agree to write or video for organizations or corporations. You host this content on your website platform. For example, you may get paid to develop a recipe using nuts and post this to your website.

Businesses and organizations like this method because it gives them a link back to their website (authority in Google’s eyes) and it positions them in front of a new audience. Of course, they’re looking for websites and brands that have traffic to their sites to make it worth their investment in you.

Note: You must indicate that you’re being paid to create the content.

6. Make Ad Revenue

In 2017, I changed my thinking about ad revenue from my website. I was creating so much free content, I decided that I needed compensation to keep going. So, I applied to an ad management company. Ever since, my content has been making a steady stream of passive income every month.

To qualify for ads, however, you need to build up the traffic to your website, as most ad revenue companies will require a minimum amount of traffic before you qualify for ads.

Here’s an example of what a page on my website with ads looks like:

Which will take you down the rabbit hole of creating content your readers want, optimizing it for SEO, and being consistent in your posting schedule. And that, my friends, is another article.

7. Start a Podcast

I started The Nourished Child podcast in 2016. I did not generate real income until I started to allow sponsors and advertisers onto the podcast this year. A true labor of love!

Yet, many podcasters make money, either through affiliate marketing, marketing their own products, or accepting advertisers on the show. The reason podcasts can be so magical is because they’re personal. Listeners trust your voice, your content and if they need something you’re selling, they’ll likely buy.

I do both. I accept advertisers and market my own courses, workshops, and other products.

8. Make Videos

We are in the age of digital media and video is king. People have less time to read and are looking for quick wins. Enter YouTube and the age of video.

I did an experiment last year and started a concerted effort on my YouTube channel, posting weekly videos on child nutrition and feeding. I was able to get it up to over 1,300 followers, but I’ve yet to qualify for ad revenue though (but I’m hopeful!).

(So, IF you have time, head over to my YouTube channel and spend some time watching my videos!)

Like any other social media platform, YouTube has thresholds to meet to qualify for revenue from ads. The YouTube algorithm wants you to have at least 1,000 followers and 4,000 watch hours. Of course, success on YouTube partly depends on regular content posting, responding to comments, and making content that people want.

However, there are people out there who are making $$$ – so it’s possible!

9. Dive into Affiliate Marketing

I’ve dabbled in this, but not much. Affiliate marketing is when you help someone else sell their product, such as a course or a mastermind. It requires you to help your affiliate advertise and market the product to your audience, expanding their reach.

Another easy way to be an affiliate is through Amazon. If you mention books, cookbooks, products for baby, kids, or the kitchen, you can use an affiliate link on your website and get a small commission in return. I do this for books, mostly. But I’m also an affiliate for Prepear, a recipe website.

Note: According to FTC regulations, you must declare you’re an affiliate, so the end user knows.

You Can Make Money While You Sleep!

Perhaps you feel encouraged by this article… or overwhelmed! The good news is that there are several ways to make money while you sleep, but you need to map out a plan to grow your traffic, so you can reach an audience.

Look at my offerings over on the Shop at The Nourished Child for inspiration!

Want Help in Your Business?

Be sure to check out my professional mentoring services! From strategy calls to a 10-month mastermind called STRIVE, I’ve got many options if your growing a nutrition business.

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