Learn How to Nourish Kids, Inside and Out

Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition for kids is one of the most important parenting aspects in today’s world. Child nutrition is an essential component to raising healthy kids and one of the most important aspects to master as a parent.

It not only includes good food for kids, but also child feeding practices, parental feeding styles, and appreciating where your child is along the developmental spectrum.

Together, these mold your child into a healthy eater (or not) who has a positive relationship with food (or not).

The Nourished Child® blog offers you myriad child nutrition articles on nourishing and feeding kids, no matter their age or challenge.

Nutrition Articles by Age

Baby Nutrition

Food, feeding and development for babies.

Toddler Nutrition

Learn what and how to feed your toddler.

Nutrition for Kids

Kids of all ages and stages have unique nutritional needs. Learn how to feed kids with food allergies, kid and teen athletes, kids with ADHD, and even constipation. Also, learn what to expect from their behavior.

Teen Nutrition

Teenagers are a unique bunch. From athletes to over- and under-eaters, learn what to feed them and how to help them launch from the nest with good eating habits and cooking skills.

Nutrition Articles by Topic

Youth Sports Nutrition

Learn how to feed the young athlete for growth, training and competition.

Healthy Family Meals

Get inspiration from my healthy recipes, cooking tips, and family food ideas to nourish your brood, inside and out.

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Popular Nutrition for Kids Articles

It takes more than healthy food for kids to raise a healthy child. Learn if you’ve got what it takes.

Parental feeding styles vary and influence how well your child eats. Learn about the diplomatic feeding style and how to start using it.

Trying new foods is the key to expanding a healthy diet in kids. Learn how to help your child try new foods.

Your baby’s first food and learning to eat are big steps in your child’s health. Learn the best foods and feeding approaches for your baby.

Learn the tell-tale signs of teen growth and development in boys and girls, including when girls and boys stop growing.

Learn natural ways to relieve constipation in kids.

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