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Introducing The Fearless Feeding Movement (and Giveaway)

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I’m creating something big. A life’s work. Maybe even a legacy of some sort. It has me up (very) early everyday, occupies my thoughts frequently, and requires lots of attention.

And it’s not another child (I already have 4!).

After more than two decades as a pediatric nutritionist and 15 years as a mother, I am digging into something I’ve always wanted to do: write a book.

Together with Maryann Jacobsen, creator of Raise Healthy Eaters, I am writing Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School.

As luck would have it, I met Maryann last year when she interviewed me for a blog post on eating disorders. After several conversations it became clear that we saw eye to eye on almost everything nutrition and we had the same desire—to write the “bible” on child nutrition and feeding kids.

What was an overwhelming project to do alone became do-able with a partner. And so we began the long journey of conceiving the book, writing a proposal, finding an agent and finally landing a publishing deal. Jossey-Bass (an imprint of Wiley) published Fearless Feeding in early 2013. And we couldn’t be happier!

What is Fearless Feeding?

Fearless Feeding tackles every age and stage of childhood, giving parents the nuts and bolts on WHAT to feed kids (nutrition), HOW to do it (attitudes and actions) and WHY kids behave the way they do around food (child development). Our goal is to equip parents with nutrition and feeding information at each stage, showing them what to expect and how to navigate nutrition so that health is optimized and feeding mistakes are minimized.

While we will be busy writing Fearless Feeding, we know that you will still have day-to-day challenges, questions and concerns. That’s why we are asking you to Join the Fearless Feeding Movement on Facebook. This will be a place where you can let your voice be heard—a place for you to post your concerns, ask nutrition questions and learn more about feeding kids. You’ll get feeding advice, child nutrition expertise, our take on newsworthy child nutrition news, and meal ideas to boot.

So please, like us on Facebook!

In honor of this exciting news, we’ve got some great stuff to give away:

Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt for Kids: The first Greek yogurt made for kids and taking the child nutrition world by storm! Greek yogurt offers more protein than standard yogurt plus the critical nutrients needed for normal child growth and development: calcium and Vitamin D. Chobani Champions is offering a case of mixed flavors and a new lunchbox—I know a few kids in my own house that could use a new lunchbox in which to carry their Chobani Champions Greek yogurt! How about you?

Purity Foods, makers of Vita-Spelt Organic Granola, Spelt Sesame Sticks and Organic Vita-Spelt Whole Grain Pasta: If you’re not familiar with spelt, it is a whole grain with a rich nutty flavor, smooth texture, and easy digestibility (more so than wheat). Many children in the US are short on whole grains in their diet and if spelt is something you haven’t tried, this is one easy way to experiment and expose your family to new sources! One lucky winner will get 3 flavors of granola, some sesame sticks and pasta!

Alvarado Street Bakery: Bakery-style bread packed with whole grains–more than the average bakery! This bread is organic and made with sprouted wheat. If you’re not sure what sprouted wheat is, read more  here. If you’re like my family, bread is a mainstay in the daily diet—and this is true for many kids and families. Alvarado Street Bakery is offering 8 vouchers for loaves of bread (flavor is your choice). That would feed my family for at least a month! Why not give it a try?

Maryann’s got more stuff to give away on her site to celebrate our announcement, so don’t miss it!

Here’s how you can enter:

1) Mandatory entry: “LIKE” Fearless Feeding on Facebook and leave a comment here saying that you did it.  If you don’t have a Facebook account leave a comment saying what you need most from a child nutrition/feeding book (you can do both of these things).

2) For another entry, tweet this post or share this post on Facebook. Leave another comment.

3) For a third entry, sign up for email updates or RSS Feed. If you already subscribe, tell at least one friend about Just The Right Byte. Leave another comment saying what you did.

Three lucky winners will be chosen using Good Luck!

The winners will be announced on The Nourished Child’s Facebook page. This giveaway will end Friday, December 23rd, at midnight. You must be 18 to enter.

***This giveaway is CLOSED.***


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  1. Hmm…Chobani Champions? I don’t know about giving my kids yogurt where sugar is listed before any fruit. I’d rather flavor plain yogurt that doesn’t have five additional ingredients that are not milk, cream and fruit. Don’t get me wrong – I like Chobani. Their plain greek yogurt is legit. The 0% has cultured milk and bacteria. The 2% has cultured milk, cream and bacteria. Once you go into flavored territory (with any yogurt brands) you are getting additional unnecessary ingredients. Use honey to sweeten up the plain yogurt with a splash of vanilla and plenty of fruit. It is delicious and you can control the sugar you and your family gets with the extra bonus of nothing else but fruit.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I was so grateful to read your article and to follow your resource links. My 10 year old is a big, tall girl and while I know a lot about nutrition, I struggle with myself (a former bulimic) and old mental-tapes regarding her size. She is quite sensitive to refined carbs, sugar and dairy, yet she prefers bread, pasta and cheese. She’s getting better about accepting fruits and veggies, however she has an extreme sensitivity to textures. She may like the flavor of something but won’t eat it due to it’s texture: apple sauce, seeds on berries, “slime” on eggs, “goo” on tomatoes, etc. I’m excited to learn more from you on this page and from your book when it is released. Thank you again! I’ve shard your article on my Facebook page. Carla aka

  3. I liked Fearless Feeding on Facebook, and would be interested in learning how to feed my two little ones without exposing them to a lot of pesticides and genetically modified foods.

  4. “liked” can’t wait to see the articles, my kids are pretty good eaters, but there is always something new out there.

  5. I think this book is a great idea! I liked Fearless Feeding on Facebook. Am excited about this community!

  6. I liked the Fearless Feeding community on FB and REALLY like your & MaryAnn’s book idea – I know I can use it. Thanks!

  7. Already love the feeds I get from Just the Right Byte. Shared on my FB page the new Fearless Feeding and the Just the Right Byte pages and email