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Healthy Living: Encourage Family Meals

Healthy Living Series: Encourage Family Meals

This is part of my 12-part series: 12 Strategies for Raising A Healthy Child

Clang, Clang, Clang!

My great-grandmother had a red bell.  And she used it to announce a very important event: family meals.

Family meals were a time when everyone joined together, gathered around the table, and ate.  Dinnertime was a priority–all work stopped, after-school activities were over, and the phone and TV were silenced.

Our family gathered and discussed the events of the day. It was a time, in modern terms, to download, to debrief, to get centered and figure things out.

Family mealtime was therapeutic.  Healthy and good for me in more ways than one.

How Family Meals Help Your Child

Magic is possible when families gather together at the meal table.  Family meals have been shown to be a powerful influence on many facets of childhood–growth, development, social adjustment, behavior, eating habits, and body weight.

Here are several, proven ways a sit-down meal with the family can help your child:

They encourage attachment

Children of families that eat meals together feel more supported, secure, and safe…that is, as long as the environment is positive. Children who join the family table and experience pressure to eat, or punishment for their food choice or eating behaviors may not reap the benefits of this type of family gathering.

They promote good behavior

Mealtime is a great way to teach manners, promote communication, and prevent behavioral problems. The structure and predictability associated with sitting at mealtime at regular times during the day can be reassuring to a child. Conversation and teaching manners further equip children with the social expectations at the table.

They encourage reciprocity

Conversation, both talking and listening, may be more important than what is actually served or where your meals happen. Good conversation promotes connection, and allows your child to “figure things out” in a safe and loving environment.

They promote adjustment

Children who eat with their families frequently show better social skills and an ability to navigate social situations. That may be due to the security blanket of family and/or the skills built during everyday conversation about challenges and successes.

They establish confidence

Family meals may promote trust between child and parent, a key element in nurturing healthy eating. Trust can be played out during the meal as follows: you serve family-style meals because you trust your child knows how to satisfy his appetite by selecting from the food items you serve for meals.

Healthy Living Series: Encourage Family Meals

They help with good grades

Studies have shown that more family mealtimes each week is associated with better grades in school. I’m not sure the mechanism of this, but it may have something to do with feeling connected and supported within the family, as well as having accountability and interest in how kids are doing in school.

They encourage healthy development

Healthy and positive family meals may contribute to a healthy child and normal growth in children. There may be a greater tendency to serve a balanced meals with all the food groups, and less likelihood for overly processed convenience items.

They support acquisition of manners

Manners are learned at the meal table–sitting down frequently allows ample teaching time and helps your child learn their manners. Without time at the table, it can be difficult for children to have good table manners. Here are 6 table manners I like to see all kids develop over time.

They are transferable

Any time, any meal will do!  Many families think they need to have dinner together, but they don’t. Dinner isn’t the only opportunity for togetherness. You can try breakfast, or a weekend lunch together.

They help your child develop a relationship with food

As kids grow and interact with food and their feeding environment, they develop their relationship with food. A positive relationship with food and eating is cultivated with a trusting, pressure-free environment at the table.  A strained relationship with food can be the result of too much pressure, punishment or bribing at the table, or constant nagging about unhealthy food choices. Remember, this is a life-long attitude, belief, and flexibility with food that begins early.

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Family meals are powerful

The benefits of family meals are realized with just 3-5 meals per week. That’s three or more gatherings of the family around the table while eating…at any meal or snack. And even if there is just one parent available!

Pretty powerful stuff. Family meals are truly impactful.

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  1. You are so right! We don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy family time on the table. Every day, and every meal is an opportunity.

    Recently, we have started “experimenting” with our twins! We spin all kinds of fancy, imaginative stories to grab their interest and attention on the table. My son loves trains – so one of my favorite opening lines is “do you want to know what happened to me at work today? Santa Fe (one of his favorite engines) came to see me…”. From there, the story takes on pretty much a random direction! And to get my daughter interested, I add “…and he brought along Cinderally with him”!

    Family meals, as you point out, are more than food and nutrition. They offer us a chance to build a strong foundation not only for healthy eating habits but also for keeping the family together.