Try New Food: Help Picky Eaters Taste, Eat & Like New Foods

The Secret to Eating Better is Trying! 

What makes having a picky eater challenging is knowing that he can’t possibly be eating enough food, or enough variety, to be a healthy child.  

You know deep down that getting your child to try new food is the secret to getting out of this rut. Picky eating is literally stealing your child’s health! 

But, whenever you encourage your child to try something new, talk about how good it will taste, or encourage healthier eating, it backfires. 

What happens? Your child embraces his favorite foods even more. He drops another food from his “liked” food list, limiting his nutrition further. He becomes more emotional at the table or may show signs of stress and angst when it comes to the topic of food. 

Let’s face it. Getting your child to try new food has always been hard.  

Really hard.  

try new food

A Delicate Dance

Getting kids to try new food is a touchy issue. Put too much pressure on a child and he won’t come around. Bribe him and you skew his food preferences away from healthy options even further. Take away privileges and he retreats into himself. 

It’s not easy to feed a picky eater.  

Especially if she’s been at it for a while. 

You’ve probably scoured the internet looking for tips and tricks to rehabilitate your picky eater. I bet you’ve tried everything – or at least the things that were novel to you, or that spoke to your right brain and made some sense. 

What if I told you… 

…there’s more to getting a child to try new food than the run-of-the-mill tips and tricks 

…there’s an underlying reason your child is not willing to try new food and you need to understand WHAT that is

…the way you’re feeding your child may be part of the problem  

…there may be a bigger set of circumstances (not just food) that has gotten you and your child in this position  

No matter the reason behind your child’s unwillingness to try new food, you’re still in that uncomfortable space: your child needs to taste and try new food to eat healthier, be healthier and grow optimally, but you're not having success introducing new food and you don’t want to make the situation worse. 

Introducing… A New, Positive, Empowering Way to Help Your Child TRY NEW FOOD

Try New Food: How to Help Picky Eaters Taste, Eat and Like New Food 

Try New Food is a workbook designed to help parents encourage their children to try new food without gimmicks, coercion or pressure. 

Written by Jill Castle, a 27-year veteran of pediatric nutrition, Try New Food outlines a step-by-step process for helping your child learn about new foods and become courageous enough to taste them. 

Try New Food offers a progressive plan for tasting new food week after week, while offering the psychology behind the support and safety your child needs to feel to move forward.  

The program outlined in this book is based on the experience Jill has had in her own private practice working with picky eaters and extreme picky eaters. Jill believes in a gradual, step-by-step approach to new food trials, while incorporating a pressure-free atmosphere at family meals. 

Her approach is the difference between raising adventurous, willing food “try-ers” and those who stay stuck with a picky and limited diet.  

What You Will Learn:

The reasons kids tend to be picky and why they hang on to picky eating for years and years 

The role your food parenting plays in ongoing food refusal 

How family mealtimes can make your child’s eating worse (and what to do instead) 

How to reset your feeding mindset and strategies to help your child be willing to try new food 

How to design a food trial program for your child 

How to move from one liked food to a new liked food 

How to select new foods for your child to try & MORE!


What Others are Saying

“Jill Castle’s newest book “Try New Foods” is an excellent guide for parents. With clear explanations of the reasons behind her approach, she gives practical tips and how-to’s to help all parents make introducing new foods to their little ones simpler and less worrisome. There are also excellent resources listed for families who might need some extra help, as well as colorful printables to hang on your fridge. I will certainly be recommending this book to my clients.” 

Katja Leccisi, MS, RDN 

Jill Castle's "Try New Food" workbook is a welcome resource for parents! It is chock full of practical and credible information by a national feeding expert, in a unique workbook format that encourages parents to record reflections and keep track of observations to promote a positive feeding experience. Well done!!

Karen McGrail, MEd, RDN

About Childhood Nutrition Expert, Jill Castle, MS, RDN

Try New Food author Jill Castle, pediatric nutritionist

As a pediatric dietitian, I’ve worked with many families, helping them through typical toddler picky eating and more serious, extreme picky eating. Universally, families need to make a mental shift about their picky eater, adopt positive feeding practices, and work on the food and feeding environment, as much as the new foods they offer.

As a mom of four, who has had a few picky eaters myself, I know that mistakes can be made. Innocent, unknowing mistakes. Mistakes that can render significant eating challenges down the line. Too much pressure to eat, serving the same foods over and over, and becoming a short-order cook stalls and inhibits progress with eating.

I don’t want that for you. Or for your child.  

I wrote Try New Food with you in mind. I know a confident, knowledgeable parent will be relaxed, calm and connected when feeding and helping her child try new food. And that’s good news for you...and especially for your child.