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(without guilt, worry, and self-doubt)  

Try New Food author Jill Castle, pediatric nutritionist

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, working parent, or single parent looking to raise a healthy child with a bright, healthy future, you already know you need to give your child a healthy diet.


So, I’ll spare you the “offer more fruits and veggies” advice. 

No need to hammer home the importance of healthy eating – something you hear about every day, everywhere.

After all, you probably already KNOW that the day-to-day job of raising kids sets the foundation for good food choices, a positive relationship with food, and a lifetime of health and wellness.

You probably also realize that the roots of childhood health problems are related to what kids eat.

Here’s what you might not know

Even if you’re savvy about healthy food and eat a healthy diet yourself, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be good at raising a healthy eater. Having a blueprint can: 

    Even if you’re used to feeling stressed and living in a chaotic kitchen, once you have nailed a system for planning, shopping, and cooking meals and making healthy snacks, your day will be more relaxed (and so will you!), allowing you to enjoy feeding and spending time with your (precious) family.

    Offering balanced meals that also expose your child to new, flavorful foods makes you the awesome-est role model and food parent on the planet (while also keeping everyone healthy!).
    This can lead to A+ check-ups at the doctor’s office, fewer illnesses (and missed school days), and confidence that you are setting your little one up for a future of good health.
    Even if you’re the most positive, fair-minded parent at meal time, chances are, you’ve pressured your child to try the food, bribed him with dessert, or made him what he wanted to eat.
    An environment where your child is excited to come to the table for meals, is open to new foods, and enjoys experiencing food is the GOAL. It's the optimal “growth” vibe and your child should not settle for anything less.

Even though the reasons to raise a healthy eater are completely clear, the path involved in actually creating one is anything but.


But how the heck do I do that?!

Perhaps you’ve buckled down and made a plan to turn things around before. 

You’ve made a grocery list, created meal plans, experimented with new recipes, and gotten excited about sharing the cooking responsibilities with your child as a way to spark interest in healthy eating.

Maybe you’ve taken it a step further and invested in a meal planning app, read articles to guide you, or even joined a Facebook™️ group to support you. 

But even with the best intentions, most parents end up back to square one, frustrated and discouraged with the lack of forward progress, or more realistically, any significant change. 

Here’s why most parents get stuck: 

Without a super-clear blueprint that focuses on nourishing the WHOLE child, most parents fall short of real, meaningful changes. 

They fall victim to conventional thinking: “Just get food right” and my child will be healthy, failing to see that this is only a SMALL part of the big picture. 

Here’s why this thinking is short-sighted:

In order to raise a healthy eater, you must realize that 
feeding and interacting with your child is just as critical as serving healthy food. 

In order to raise a healthy child, you must nurture a healthy relationship with food in a trust-based, caring way. 

As an already busy parent, you need to execute a healthy food system and food balance every day -- fitting this into your busy and chaotic life.  

And the moment you believe it is just about food, is almost a guarantee you’ll struggle with feeding your child.

Therefore, understanding the “whole child” blueprint for raising a healthy eater is something you NEED to get right… NOW.

And luckily for you, there’s a method and plan for doing this successfully.

In all likelihood, the struggles you are experiencing are tweak-able and correctable which means…

Even if you feel like you’ve screwed everything up, there’s a way to course-correct and get back on track.  

That is…if you can avoid the common mistakes parents make in feeding their kids.

The 3 reasons 

most parents struggle with feeding kids

(& how to guarantee you won’t)

Reason #1

Underestimating the Importance of Nutrition for Your Child

(and “winging it” day after day)

Raising a healthy eater isn’t impossible (although in today’s ever-changing food world and your child’s constantly developing body, it can be hard to know EXACTLY what to feed your child). 

But your child needs MANY nutrients to grow and develop well, leaving you MANY vulnerable times along the way.

How much food should I give my child? What if my child doesn’t eat veggies? What should I do if my child is obsessed with sweets?

Most parents don’t think a lot about nutrients, food balance, and whether or not their child is meeting their nutritional requirements, let alone whether they’re doing a good job introducing a variety of new foods. But of course, you don’t have a degree in nutrition, and if you did, it’s unlikely you’ve specialized in the unique nutritional needs of children.

Feeding your child is an enormous responsibility. Do it right, and it will pay-off for years and years.

It’s time to appreciate the magnitude of nourishing kids – and give it the attention it deserves.

Reason #2

Overestimating Responsibility for Your Child’s Eating

(and getting too involved)

You know your child should be eating a variety of foods, but getting her to do so is a different story (although I know you’ve given it your best shot).

Pulling out all the stops – nagging her to take another bite, reminding him to eat, bribing with dessert, taking away privileges – makes you feel in control and a good parent, but doing these things may do more damage to your child’s developing relationship with food than almost anything else.

But how would you know? You’re just going with your gut instinct, and defaulting to the way you were raised.

There’s a way to feed children that builds a positive relationship with food, not to mention with you. And this alone protects your child from eating disorders, and increases the trusting relationship between you both.

It’s time to learn about and appreciate the role of positive feeding in raising healthy eaters.

Reason #3

Excluding Your Child in the Day-to-Day Process

(and doing it all)

You’re a busy parent and want to be as efficient as possible, so you do it all – planning, shopping, cooking, serving, cleaning up (even though you’re exhausted and overwhelmed with the amount of work this entails).

But your child needs opportunities to learn about nutrition, develop cooking skills, and experiment with food. 

Assigning your child some responsibilities in the kitchen can edge him closer to becoming autonomous and independent, which builds self-esteem and a sense of capability. Believe it or not, building these skills over time readies your child to fly the nest when he’s older, and leaves you knowing your child has all the skills and knowledge to care for himself. 

Give your child ownership in the kitchen and watch his independence and skills flourish (along with his cooperation).

Let’s call out 
The Elephant
in the room

Even though you feel you SHOULD know what to feed your child (and how to do it), the truth is, you were never taught what you really needed to know.

And this is the unfortunate reality for ALL parents.

And it’s the main reason kids struggle with weight problems and eating challenges, and their parents feel frustrated, guilty, and like a total failure.

Not knowing means parents like you make mistakes.

It’s the biggest blunders that make it HARDER to raise a healthy child, but a 
blueprint that maps out HOW to nourish your child in a way that sets him up for a lifetime of health and wellness can keep you cruising to that healthy eater you want to raise.

A program that allows you to feel proud that you’re nourishing him completely, while having the confidence that he’s developing a positive relationship with food and learning everything he needs to be healthy. 

The key? A blueprint that nourishes the whole child, inside and out.

And that’s what I’d love to outline for you now.


The Nourished Child Blueprint

With Jill Castle, MS, RDN

A Proven Food System, Feeding Strategy & Developmental Game Plan to Nurture a Healthy Child, Inside & Out

Get a step-by-step program that not only teaches you the principles behind what to feed your child, how to do it, and meets your child’s developmental needs, but actually helps you EXECUTE these principles in your day-to-day routine.

This program includes everything I’ve learned from working with families as a pediatric dietitian for almost 30 years, being a mom to four kids, and keeping on top of the research. And it breaks it all down into easy-to-follow lessons you can begin using right away.

The Nourished Child Blueprint is an IMPLEMENTABLE program that helps you be better at nourishing your child.

Yes, you’ll get the education, training and support for childhood nutrition and feeding that you've been missing (and needing!), but more importantly, you’ll have a research-based, tried-and-true plan to help you better parent around food, and correct little mis-steps… or completely overhaul the way you feed your child.

The end result: An incredibly solid APPROACH to nourishing your child for now and the rest of his childhood.  

is the first program of its kind that…  


No science briefs here. I’ve translated the science and put it into parent-speak, so that you understand the “WHY” behind my proven approach. I’m a parent, too, so I’ve made each step practical, do-able and a win for you and your child.  


Kids grow and develop, changing all the time. So, their food and feeding needs naturally change, too. That means YOU need to be knowledgeable and ready to change along with your child.  


Part of growing a healthy eater means you’ve got a bigger goal to achieve: Your child’s healthy relationship with food. You can only do this with a positive approach to feeding.  


It helps to know what’s coming up, and how to respond to your child’s growing need for autonomy and independence. That means what to say (and what not to say), how to educate, how to instill a healthy self-esteem and body image, and ways to create opportunities for ongoing learning.  

Here’s how it all breaks down  

The Food System: Creating Your Nutritious & Flexible Food Plan  

Our first step is to dive into your food system at home and optimize it to be the most balanced it can be, given your child’s food preferences. Don’t worry, you’ll be encouraged to help your child branch out with new foods, too, even if he’s a picky eater! Here, you’ll learn about the most important nutrients for your growing and developing child (so she doesn’t experience deficiencies), how to balance all foods (including sweets and treats) in your meal and snack plans, appropriate portions for kids, how to read the new nutrition labels and an ingredients list, and know when to go organic or stay conventional. Even if you think you know everything about healthy food, you’ll learn the specifics for kids while tweaking (or completely revamping) your food system so that it’s healthier. The nagging worry about your child’s eating habits will begin to melt away.  


  • Set a healthy food balance using the 90:10 Rule.  
  • Learn how to plan meals and snacks using an ideal food balance that hits all the nutrients your child needs to grow well.  
  • Use age-appropriate portions and learn how to let your child lead with his appetite, learning how to regulate his own eating.  
  • Understand which foods supply which nutrients so you know how to make up the difference day to day and week to week.  
  • Set up a plan for weekly meals and snacks, using creative meal planning themes, more food variety, and easy ways to introduce new foods to your child. 

The Feeding Strategy: Becoming a Force for Good Eating  

Now that you’ve set up your food system, it’s time to hone your positive feeding skills so that your child develops a healthy relationship with food and learns to enjoy all foods. In this module, you’ll learn about the backbone of good feeding: Trust, self-regulation and how to parent around food in a positive way. You’ll learn about negative interactions and how they undermine your child’s eating. Most importantly, you’ll learn the techniques to feed your child so his relationship with food thrives, he enjoys eating, and becomes more adventurous at the table. Even if you think your child’s eating is a lost cause, in this module, we’ll break down positive feeding so you become more aware of your own influence, and how to change your negative tendencies for the better, finally making you feel confident and clear on being a positive influence on your child.  


  • Learn the fundamentals of feeding and set your feeding strategy on the right course, dialing in to building a healthy, self-regulated eater.
  • Check your feeding practices, learn the outcomes of negative interactions and figure out if some of the struggles with your child’s eating are related to how you feed (I bet they are!).  
  • Implement a Love with Limits style of feeding and encourage your child to eat more healthfully, pay attention to his body and appetite, and develop a healthy respect for food.  
  • Use a 3-Step Strategy in your daily feeding interactions to effectively implement the Love with Limits feeding style. 

Child Development: Knowing What to Expect (& How to Respond)  

Now that you realize how important your feeding approach is, it’s time to learn about the third aspect of raising a healthy eater: Child development. Knowing what to expect as your child grows and changes will only help you be a better parent.

Here, you’ll learn about your child’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional growth and how it relates to her eating. We’ll tackle teaching your child about food and nutrition using creative and effective approaches, while building motivation and curiosity. We cover building self-esteem and a good body image. Most importantly, you’ll get examples of real life challenges and how to respond in ways that keep you in charge but are also sensitive to your child’s learning needs.

Even if your past efforts to teach and help your child be motivated to eat well have fallen on deaf ears, you’ll gain an appreciation for the power of working with your child’s developmental stage rather than ignoring it (or working against it) and be inspired to forge ahead.  


  • Confidently understand how your child’s body grows, and use this knowledge to calm your fears or know when to get more help.  
  • Understand your child’s brain! His cognitive, social and emotional development, especially in relation to becoming more independent with food and eating is essential know-how.  
  • Set a plan to teach your child about food and health, and avoid turning him or her off with health lectures, I-told-you-so’s, and good-food-bad-food arguments.  
  • Build motivation for eating well without threats, bribes and unmotivating punishment.

 Putting It All Together:
Triage & Troubleshoot Common Challenges

In this last module, you’ll put everything you’ve learned here into a master blueprint that lets you triage and troubleshoot the most common challenges parents face when feeding kids.  

With detective-like skills, you’ll learn how to determine the root of whatever eating challenge you and your child is experiencing, and address it with easy tweaks to either your food system, feeding strategy, or daily interactions. The goal of this module is to make YOU the expert in feeding your child, leaving you with a methodology to address – ON YOUR OWN – any food, nutrition or eating challenge that comes your way (and at a minimum, know when to seek additional help if needed).  


  • Put together your Master Feeding System, highlighting the specific areas of your food plan, your feeding strategy, and child development-based techniques you’ve mapped out in each module.  
  • Triage problems with a systematic, step-by-step approach that lets you tease out the root cause of eating challenges.
  • Enjoy learning how other families have pinpointed the “why” of their food or eating problems, and how to solve each challenge using a focus on food, feeding, child development or a combination of all. 

Exclusive Bonuses 


All kids need to learn healthy habits early to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Learn how to set up healthy sleep schedules based on the current sleep guidelines for kids.  
  • Implement a daily physical activity routine so your child appreciates daily movement, whether she’s an athlete or not.  
  • Incorporate guidelines for media viewing, including TV, computer and phone.  

You’ll have access to 3 lessons and various printables.


Join a group of parents who are going through the course at the same time and get support for every HANGUP you experience along the way.

  • Commiserate with other students and know that you are not alone in your struggles and challenges with feeding your child.  
  • Crowdsource strategies and new ideas for snacks, meals and more.  
  • Troubleshoot quickly any resources or lessons in the program. 


Join me each week for LIVE troubleshooting, mini-nutrition lessons, and advice during office hours.

  • Ask your questions and get answers in real time.  
  • Troubleshoot current challenges and get clear on a strategy to move forward.  
  • Gain additional insight and knowledge from others as you listen in for advice and new ideas. 

Let me say this upfront.  

The Nourished Child Blueprint is the most comprehensive, balanced way for parents to confidently nourish their child, while getting clear on food, feeding and building healthy eating habits WITHOUT guilt, worry, and self-doubt.  

This cutting-edge program has been vetted with families and used to educate other professionals. It’s a unique, refreshing and a compassionate approach to nourishing kids allowing you to be more effective and confident, while feeling less frustrated and lost.  

By the end of these 14 days, you will have had full access to Module 1, and the time needed to fully tweak (or overhaul) the food in your kitchen pantry, cupboards, fridge and freezer.  

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to address the first thing all parents want to take care of: The food.  

If you don’t feel more organized, on track, and more confident about WHAT to feed your child for meals and snacks, simply reach out to us, show us you’ve put in the work with photos of your NEW kitchen food set-up, and we’ll refund your investment.

Join the Nourished Child Blueprint today and get…  

The FULL Nourished Child Blueprint Program (a $497 value) 

Access to the Proven Food System, Feeding Strategy & Developmental Game Plan to Nurture a Healthy Child, Inside & Out  

You’ll get access to: 

5 video modules

19 lessons

various cheat sheets

guides & printables

PLUS everything you need to get clear on feeding your child

  • Upgrade your kitchen with healthier, nutritious foods so that you can plan and serve balanced meals and snacks  
  • Develop a more positive style of feeding your child, calm the drama at the table, and nurture your child’s relationship with food  


  • Build your child’s knowledge and autonomy using child developmental norms so that he makes healthy food choices on his own and develops healthy eating patterns  
  • Learn my tried and true approach for identifying and correcting unhealthy eating patterns or habits in your child  


The Essential Healthy Habits for Kids
Learn how to set up healthy sleep schedules, physical activity routines and guidelines for media viewing, all “essential” habits to teach kids for a healthy future. You’ll have access to 3 modules, various lessons and various printables.
(A $197 value)  

Private, Members Only Facebook Community
Chat with other students, share stories and get support and new ideas from this community of parents moving through the course alongside you. (A $97 value)  

Live, Weekly
Office Hours

For 6 weeks, I will be live and available during my “weekly office hours” in the Facebook community to answer your questions and help you succeed!
(A $797 value)

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $1588!

But because I’m super excited to welcome you into The Nourished Child Blueprint, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY, at the special introductory price of:

Payment Option #1 3 monthly payments of $107 

Payment Option #2 Single payment of $297 


What others have asked before saying YES to  

What makes your program different from everything else out there?  

Many parents over-complicate, over-generalize, and use short-cuts or tricks to fix their child’s eating. I’m going to be frank. Raising a healthy child is a project – one that lasts 18 years. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your child won’t turn into an adventurous, veggie-loving kid or kid who eats everything because you sneak kale into his smoothie or avoid gluten. In fact, those sneaky tactics may be part of the problem.  

I’ve taken the best evidence and put it into my own practice and with my own kids. I know it works. But it isn’t “easy” or “simple”… nor is it hard or impossible. It’s somewhere in between. In addition to helping you build a healthy food environment, The Nourished Child Blueprint addresses feeding kids in the best way possible, and child development so you steer your kid (without coercion) to healthy eating and living. No other program takes this modern, evidence-based approach to nourishing children.  

My child has bad eating habits…Is it too late?  

No, it’s not too late! The good news is he lives with you, and follows your lead. It can be challenging to change habits, but systematic change requires changing the system. That’s what this program does – from the food you stock and serve to how you interact around the table and teach your child about nutrition, we chip away at bad eating habits gradually through a healthy food supply, positive feeding strategies, and helping you effectively work with your child as he grows and changes.  

My child seems to want junk food, even though I only give her organic, gluten-free, healthy foods!  

Raising a healthy child isn’t only about giving him healthy food to eat. Many parents get stuck on this point. They are so health-conscious and diligent about feeding their child a very healthy diet (kudos to you!), but get frustrated when their child doesn't like that food and prefers unhealthier options. What many parents fail to see, is there’s a bigger picture here. In fact, there’s so much more to pay attention to and work on…NOT just your grocery list. Your child is interacting with the world around him and that influences his food choices. Understanding this is a game changer, literally. Not only do you need to think about healthy food, you have to know how to help your child navigate the world outside of your home. The Nourished Child Blueprint helps you understand your child’s thinking, his priorities, and helps you take this knowledge and adapt your interactions so they match your child, where he is right now.  

I’m confused. On one hand, it seems I should control my child’s diet better, yet I also hear that I shouldn’t make food an issue. How much emphasis should I put on diet?  

It does get confusing when you hear conflicting messages. Some experts will tell you to nix the sweets, get rid of gluten, and push fruits and veggies. Controlling your child’s eating can be a slippery slope, and most children should not be on a restricted diet. Still, other experts will advise you not to make food an issue. They’ll encourage you to ignore portions, not worry about food balance, or sweets and treats. The Nourished Child Blueprint falls somewhere in the middle. We believe that food IS important to growing children. We believe an understanding of child portions, nutrients, and food balance will allow you to show your child a blueprint of healthy eating. The program also discourages controlling feeding practices and food restriction, leaving you with an approach to feeding children that is loving and kind, nutritious and optimized to a child’s needs. The program focuses on adding nutritious foods, not taking them away, and encourages you (and your child) to embrace an adventurous mindset with all foods.  

I’m super busy with work and kids – will I really have time to complete this?  

Tell me about it! I know you’re busy. I’m a mom, too. A working mom. And I had all busy moms in mind (and their short-on-time-ness) when I created this program. Cuz, who has the time to read a book?! (and if you do, I bet it’s not the science-y kind that’ll make you fall asleep)…  

Based on feedback from my students, I’ve added an audio recording of each lesson so you don’t need to be in front of your computer to learn. You can take the program to the grocery store, cook, or head out and drive the kiddos around and listen. All this on your own time, so it’s super flexible and convenient.  

What if The Nourished Child Blueprint is just not working for me?  

I do have a 14-day money-back guarantee that allows you to apply the lessons in the first module. Show me you’ve completed the first module, done the work during this 14-day period, and if you’ve decided this program isn’t for you, I’ll give you a full refund. 

Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?  

Of course! The Nourished Child Blueprint includes the core program plus three additional bonuses:  

The Nourished Child Blueprint: The Proven Food System, Feeding Strategy & Developmental Game Plan to Nurture a Healthy Child, Inside & Out

This program moves you from frustrated and lost to confident and clear on feeding your child in just 60 days. You’ll get 5 modules, 19 lessons, and various printables to take your learning to another level.  

Bonus #1:
The Essential Healthy Habits for Kids

Learn how to set up healthy sleep schedules, physical activity routines, and guidelines for media viewing -- all “essential” habits to teach kids for a healthy future. You’ll have access to 3 modules, various lessons and various printables.  

Bonus #2:
Private, Members Only Facebook Community

Chat with other students, share stories and get support and new ideas from this community of parents moving through the course alongside you.  

Bonus #3:
Weekly Office Hours

I get it, sometimes you need to speak with me. For 6 weeks, I will be LIVE during my “office hours” in the Facebook community and will be able to answer your questions and help you succeed!  

A total value of $1588… available to you for the
special introductory price of:

Payment Option #1 3 monthly payments of $107 

Payment Option #2 Single payment of $297 

The Nourished Child Blueprint is PERFECT for you if…  

  • You’ve already got a good grasp on healthy food (and not-so-healthy food), but you could learn more about feeding and child development.  
  • You’re just starting out and want to make sure you’re doing everything right (and…so you don’t mess it up).  
  • You’re worried about your child’s eating or weight and want to help in the best way possible (without causing any additional damage).  
  • You KNOW that creating a more positive environment around food and eating is the key to helping your child be a better eater, but you’ve started and stalled too many times to count when you’ve tried to change it.  
  • You truly believe you can be more effective (and efficient) in feeding your child and you’re tired of feeling like you’re falling short and letting your kid down.  
  • You don’t mind the hand-holding and feedback this program offers, because you have questions and need reassurances.  
  • You’re excited about creating a positive environment for meals and changing the vibe around food to a happier one because you know every effort you put into creating a happy, healthy food and feeding environment will pay off exponentially in the long run. 


Access to the Proven Food System, Feeding Strategy & Developmental Game Plan to Nurture a Healthy Child, Inside & Out  

  • Access to The Nourished Child Blueprint  
  • Access to The Essential Healthy Habits for Kids  
  • Private Facebook Community  
  • Live, weekly office hours  

Payment Option #1 3 monthly payments of $107  

Payment Option #2 Single payment of $297