A Mastermind for Pediatric Practitioners

Who Want to Accelerate Business Growth, Boost Revenue, and Sharpen Their Influence 

Calling all Emerging Nutrition Entrepreneurs!
Are you ready to get serious about your business?
Make sure you’re dotting all the “I’s” and crossing all the “T’s”?
Avoiding mistakes, oversights, and lost opportunities?

Starting and growing a business is NO EASY TASK. In fact, there are many bits and pieces you need to have in place in order to succeed.  

  • Your niche and brand
  • Your zone of genius
  • Your mission, vision, and purpose
  • Who, what, and how you serve clients
  • Your products and services
  • And your business strategy…or how you get all of this out into the world

Just because you’re an expert in nutrition doesn't mean you’ll have a business you can be proud of, or one that generates revenue and impact.

Whether you’re just in the beginning stages of your business, or have been up and running, if you’re not seeing the progress you expect, it can be pretty frustrating and discouraging.

And social media makes it worse. It seems that everyone is running a successful nutrition business…except you.

It can seem that everyone is making 6-figures and doing so handily…except you.

But…don’t be fooled.

(If you’re spending a lot of time on social media, you may not be making much money. And you certainly don’t own the platform, making you vulnerable to algorithm changes, lost traffic, and of course, wasted time and opportunity.)

What if you could design a business that didn’t make you a slave to social media?

What if you could build a business that serves your clients competently and sincerely, while getting the bottom-line results you want and deserves?

What if you could minimize business mistakes and other inherent risks associated with growing your business?

What if, instead of competing with others, you could be part of a collaborative group that inspires new ideas and supports your innovations and business growth?

What if you didn’t question how to reach more clients or have more influence, but had a variety of avenues to harness more reach, impact, and revenue?  

If You Had All This…You’d THRIVE.

You KNOW you want to be your own boss. You want a business that showcases your expertise, and allows you the flexibility to raise your family, or travel, or whatever else your heart desires.

Most of all, you want a business that *PAYS YOU* what you’re worth, while leaving an impact on others.

Your dream business is possible.

But, here’s the catch.

You’re Worried…

About your competition. The nutrition space is getting crowded, voices are getting louder, and the platforms are bigger. How will you possibly stand out?

About your ability to run a real business. You don’t have a business degree. The last thing you want to do is invest your precious time and hard-earned money and have a shell of a business that sucks your energy, focus, and money.

About your time. You’re already strapped with work or family, and other commitments.

About your ability to course correct and be accountable for your outcomes. Can you really stay motivated and own what it takes to grow a business?

The worries overwhelm you.

So much so, you put your business on the back burner…for another season. Or, you keep going with what you’ve created and ignore the tweaks that could make it better.

In 2008, I was EXACTLY in the same spot.

I was filled with fear. I had been a full-time mom

for 9 years, having turned in my lab coat in 1997

when I had my second child. In 2007, as my youngest entered preschool, I saw a fork in the road.

I could have a future of volunteering in the school lunch room and on field trips, giving free talks to local groups in my town, doing laundry every day, grocery shopping and cooking, going out to lunch with friends, and maybe playing some golf.

Not a bad life.

The other path I saw was my own business. A private practice.

I knew in my heart, the first path would not sustain me long-term. I wanted an established business I could scale up when my kids left the nest.

So, I spent 2007 learning how to start a private practice.

I read every book our industry had on the subject at the time. I took the study guide tests. I read the online resources from the Small Business Association. I did teleconference trainings, lurked on the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetics Practice Group for every business tidbit I could learn, and slowly planned my business.

We moved to Nashville at the end of that year and my son entered Kindergarten. After settling in, I knew it was time to take the leap. In May 2008, full of anticipation, fear, and doubt, I opened my private practice. I had my first official client on July 3, nearly two months later.

Since then, I’ve taken many risks, and have had my share of failures and successes.

I’ve launched and operated two private practices. I’ve hired and fired. I’ve been a freelance writer, a blogger for over 13 years, a podcaster, and a consultant (all wins!). I’ve authored 5 books, both traditionally and self-published. I’m working on the 6th book.  

I’ve been a legal expert (yuck!). I’ve helped companies develop, launch, and market new products. I’ve developed, launched, and marketed my own products. And, I’ve been on national, international, and TEDx speaking stages sharing my thought leadership, too many times to count. 

Every single time I try something new, do something different, or invest in an area where few have gone, I feel that familiar tummy swell of discomfort. Doubt and fear set in.

The truth is, these feelings never really go away.

They become familiar friends on your business journey. You get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

I have forged my career on my own time, my own dime, and with little help, support or guidance.  

Yes, I learned how to run and scale up my business the long and hard way.  

While my recognition as a childhood nutrition specialist grew quickly, cracking the six-figure mark took much longer. The truth is, it all took thoughtful planning and hustle.

It doesn’t need to take that long for you.


Introducing THRIVE: A Mastermind for Emerging Nutrition Entrepreneurs Who Want to Identify Their Niche, Develop their Brand, and Map a Strategy for Business Growth
with Jill Castle

THRIVE is a Mentoring Mastermind for the emerging nutrition entrepreneur who has been working in the family healthcare space.

Whether you’re a private practitioner, blogger, online business owner, speaker or consultant, this 10-month business bootcamp and mentoring program helps smart, creative nutrition professionals identify their niche, business offerings, and a growth strategy leading to a viable, profitable business.

As an emerging nutrition entrepreneur, you know how hard it can be to make big decisions in your business, not to mention how lonely it can be as a solopreneur.

My THRIVE Mastermind helps you figure out the best business ideas and strategies to aid you in developing a business that has reach, impact and revenue. 

Building your business will be easier when you have support, guidance, and a mentor and accountability team at your fingertips.

THRIVE is for you if: 

  • You’re an up-and-coming nutrition entrepreneur
  • You work alone (no employees)
  • You’re working out your niche, mission, and vision
  • You want to define your target audience and communicate with tailored messages
  • You want to accelerate your online presence
  • You want to make more money
  • You want to have more impact and influence in your field
  • You’re interested in communing, ideating, and supporting other nutrition professionals
  • You have tons of ideas but don’t know where to begin
  • You value the anticipatory guidance of others who’ve “been there, done that”
  • You want to build your confidence so you can attract more business opportunities
  • You want to identify your strengths and harness them to grow personally and professionally
  • You have the time and bandwidth to commit to 2 hours per week (at most!) to foster your personal and business growth
  • You THRIVE with accountability and flexible support
  • You want to learn Jill’s best business advice, access her resources, and define meaningful and fulfilling ways to support yourself and your clients

The Details of THRIVE  

Facilitated by Jill Castle, a 30+ year veteran in pediatric nutrition and one of the “original” nutrition business owners, THRIVE meets twice monthly.  

During our interactions, you’ll get business education and coaching in a group format, experience “hot seats,” and get collaborative feedback, inspiration, guidance, and support to take your career and business to the next level.

You’ll move your business forward with growth-worthy ideas and creative business enhancements that showcase your niche, the purpose of your business while serving your niche clientele with a clear viewpoint that propagates your influence.

Here's what's included in THRIVE:

  • 10 MONTHLY GROUP CALLS beginning in September. These are recorded and delivered to you, in the event you can’t make a session. These group calls have a business topic focus and include “hot seats” for each individual member to get personal coaching in real-time.
  • 3 PERSONAL STRATEGY SESSIONS: Scheduled at mutually agreeable times throughout the 10-month program. (These are recorded for your convenience.)  
  • 3 EXPERT TRAINING CALLS: (topics TBD; recorded)  
  • QUARTERLY COLLABS: Three casual co-group meetings with THRIVE and STRIVE members. A topic theme will be planned.
  • CONTENT LIBRARY: A set of resources for each business topic, including recordings, printables, and book lists located on the THRIVE platform, a password-protected hub for the program.  

It’s time to THRIVE.

In a world where health concerns are the norm rather than the rarity, professionals like you are needed… now more than ever. 

People need (and deserve) access to qualified professionals who can help them transform their health.  

This world needs access to YOU.

THRIVE is the program that will help you own your expertise, accelerate your business growth, and advance your influence. THRIVE will take you from where you are right now to where you dream of being.   

Can you imagine?

  • Growing your business with a supportive, collaborative group of experienced colleagues instead of doing it all alone
  • Testing the waters on new, innovative ideas, tools, and techniques for your business before you execute them 
  • Up-leveling with tried and true advice, while minimizing risks and mistakes 
  • Expediting your business growth, using proven workflow hacks and time management skills 
  • Feeling more confident, clear, and courageous in your business
  • Discovering ways to scale your business for future growth and profitability 
  • Developing a personal philosophy that separates you from the crowded nutrition field 
  • Knowing exactly how to grow your reach whether it be in your local community or online  
  • Getting rave reviews and testimonials from your clients
  • Exceeding your previous income highs 
  • Creating products that reach and help more clients, while adding to your bottom line 
  • Making a real difference in the lives of families

Frequently Asked Questions:  

When does THRIVE begin?
THRIVE begins every September and ends in June.

What is the time commitment?
THRIVE is a 10-month business program. During each month, there will be a 2-hour group call plus either a 1-hour expert call or an individual coaching call with Jill. We meet quarterly for a casual conversation with other members of STRIVE (my Mastermind for seasoned nutrition business owners). The time commitment is approximately 3 hours each month with meetings every two weeks. (And there’s absolutely NO homework!)

What platform do you use for meetings?
All calls are held on and recorded for later viewing. Recorded group calls and personal coaching calls are emailed to you so you can download them to your preferred storage device.

What happens if I miss a call?
That’s the beauty of a recorded call! If you miss, you can catch up by watching the recording, which will be sent out after each session. However, attending live is the best, and you are encouraged to do so.

How long will access to the THRIVE platform be available?
Your access to the content library will be available for as long as I offer THRIVE Mastermind.  

Do you have a refund policy?
There are no refunds for this program.  

Are there questions I didn’t answer?
Ask me at, or schedule a call with me to discuss.

Here's what past THRIVE members had to say!

"Before I had the opportunity to work with Jill and collaborate with like-minded colleagues, I felt overwhelmed with ideas and unsure how to best execute an actionable plan that would keep me moving forward in my business as a private practice dietitian. Jill provided a safe and nurturing community, valuable resources, and ongoing support and accountability that allowed me to become crystal-clear on my entrepreneurial journey. She took the time to get to know me and my business and provided insightful feedback, guidance, and advice that helped me clearly understand how to refine my messaging for my target audience. Her experienced perspective and leadership through this mastermind was pivotal in accelerating my online presence and business, allowing me to grow exponentially and expand my reach to those I have been so eager to help."  

~ Crystal C. Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC

~ Jessica Gust, MS, RDN

"THRIVE has helped me see beyond the day-to-day of working with clients. It has expanded my mindset and opened a world of possibilities in the realm of pediatric nutrition.  

I really liked all aspects of this program: the 2-hour sessions were well-balanced with instruction, hot seats, and feedback. I also really enjoyed and was inspired by your guest speakers. The individual strategy sessions are always super helpful and help me focus. And the retreat was amazing!  

Although I have a long way to go, I have much greater insight into what is possible."

~ Susannah Wallenstrom, MS, RDN

~ Melissa Halas

“Jill helped me see that I do have a lot to offer and that has given me more confidence in approaching other businesses to offer my services.” 

~ Amy Reed, MS, RD

“This program has made me stick to my plan of expanding my space and practice. My confidence has grown, and, despite the little inner voice that makes me doubt myself sometimes, I have Jill’s voice inside me telling me to move forward.” 

~Karen Mountjoy, RD

THRIVE helped me focus on whether or not I wanted to continue developing my business and if so, what I needed to do to make that happen. It was helpful to be in a group where all of us had different strengths and weaknesses. I learned so much from my fellow THRIVE attendees and their different approaches to making their businesses thrive. Having a mentor like Jill is invaluable. I appreciated the planned yet organic nature of how the 6 month course was set up.” 

~Sharon Wieder, RD

“I feel 100 percent more clear about what I want to do on my career path, and I feel that I have a very realistic plan and steps to get there. I am in an entirely different place than I was before starting the program, and since I wasn’t particularly happy or focused on work that was fulfilling for me, that’s a fantastic thing! Jill is at once inspirational and no-nonsense. If you are a healthcare practitioner, dietitian, or nutritionist struggling through private practice and you have more to say to the world about your work and your point of view, this is a fantastic program for you. In six months, you will have a vision, resources and a plan.” 

~Nicole Bianchi

~ Amy Reed, RDN

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the group and Jill encouraging me to follow my passion for gymnastics nutrition. THRIVE is a great starting place for those wanting to build a practice, either brick-and-mortar or virtual. I’m so glad I got to be a part of this program and super thankful for where it helped me get in my business today.”

~Christina Anderson, MS, RD