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The Nourished Child Blueprint

Raise a healthy child with nutritious food, positive feeding strategies, and healthy habits. Learn what it takes to truly nourish the whole child for a future of health and wellness with The Nourished Child Blueprint, an online nutrition class.

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Learn How to Raise a Healthy Child

We live in a world where there are more calories, more sugar, more fat and more sodium in the food we eat. And where there is less running, less skipping, less biking and less dancing in the lives we lead.

Raising a healthy child isn’t easy.

Helping your child grow and thrive healthfully isn’t easy. But you have more power than you know. In fact, studies show that educating parents in nutrition is more effective in influencing kids and teens’ health than educating the youth.

If you could help your child lead a longer, healthier life, wouldn’t you?

I’m Jill Castle, MS, RDN: Pediatric Nutritionist & Child Nutrition Expert

Jill Castle, MS, RDN, a pediatric nutritionist and child nutrition expert

Not only do I have more than 28 years of professional and practical experience in the field of pediatric nutrition, but I’m also a mother of four. I know how tough it can be. I’ve spent years helping parents just like you deal with the ups and downs of raising healthy kids.  

In my books, I translate complicated nutrition advice into simple feeding plans for every age and stage to take the fear out of feeding kids.

On my blog and podcast, The Nourished Child, I use science-based nutrition information to empower parents to become better feeders so they raise healthy eaters.  

My mission is to make it easy for parents to understand food, feeding and child development. I want to inspire you to nourish your child — inside and out.  

Your child’s health relies on the food they eat, the attitude and approach with which you feed him, the structure and boundaries you have in place, and the lifestyle habits he adopts.  

Unless you have a food system, a feeding strategy and a lifestyle infrastructure that encourages your child’s overall health, you will continue to question yourself, feel guilty and struggle with your child over their food selection, eating habits and health.

The Nourished Child Blueprint is the first step.  

A Flexible, Convenient & Solution-Driven Nutrition Class

The Nourished Child Project is an online nutrition class that gives you the flexibility to study on the schedule that fits your life — whether that’s at 5 a.m. before your kid wakes up, during your lunch break, or for a few hours late at night.  

This program fits into your life instead of you reorganizing your life around it.  

You’ll receive free and unlimited access to useful online videos, nutrition printables and resources, and additional support all packaged in an easy-to-navigate virtual classroom that will help you take your child’s health to the next level.

The class is available online, 24/7, so you can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

What’s Included in The Nourished Child Blueprint?

The Nourished Child Blueprint teaches the strategies and systems to optimal health, including growth and development, food, feeding, lifestyle, and helps with troubleshooting common challenges.  

You’ll recceive immediate access to all of the online content to complete at your convenience. 

  • 25 video lessons,
  • more than 26 printable resources,
  • access to support via our private Facebook page,
  • and bonus materials.
  • You’ll have lifetime access, available 24 hours, seven days a week.

Module 1: Your Starting Point  

You’ll assess your child’s current growth and cognitive development, understanding where they are now and where they’re heading.

You’ll determine where you are in your feeding journey, exploring your own worries and food history while setting realistic expectations of your child’s eating, behavior and food choices based on their cognitive, physical and social-emotional development.  

Module 2: The Food System  

You’ll learn about food groups, which foods fit into each group and how much of each group your child needs daily. You’ll better understand portion sizes and your child’s minimum requirements for health.

You’ll decode a nutrition label and ingredient list and learn how to plan meals and snacks with target nutrients in mind so you’re optimizing nutrition and satisfying your child’s appetite.

You’ll get a no-fail approach to planning meals and snacks, plus sample meals, tons of snack ideas, meal-planning themes, shopping lists, a meal-planning guide, and more!  

Module 3: The Feeding Strategy  

Feeding your child — or how you interact around food and eating — affects how well your child eats. You’ll decipher feeding styles and daily feeding practices to optimize the most effective way to feed your child and avoid ineffective and potentially harmful feeding.

You’ll learn about self-regulation — the ultimate goal for your child’s eating — and how to achieve it. You’ll also learn how to use the most effective feeding approach, including structure, boundaries and reasonable choice, while creating your Awesome Master Feeding Plan, incorporating what you’ve learned in modules 2 and 3.  

Module 4: Essential Healthy Habits  

You’ll master and incorporate the most powerful lifestyle habits and choices that influence your child’s overall health. You’ll learn how much physical activity your child needs and which types and how media viewing impacts your child’s food attitudes, choices, and body image.

You’ll create a sleep plan based on current guidelines and understand how adequate sleep influences health.  

Module 5: Trouble-Shooting, Motivation and Education  

Will challenges happen? Yes, of course! I’ll teach you about the most common food and feeding challenges you’ll face and what to do about them. You’ll also learn how to motivate your child to make healthy food choices in ways that stick.

You’ll recognize and create nutrition education opportunities along with age-appropriate dialogue that motivates your child to eat well and sustain his or her health.

Plus More…

  • Members-Only Facebook Group — Get instant access to a closed Nourished Child Project group where you’ll get actionable insights and support from like-minded parents who are on the same journey.
  • What to Cook for Dinner with Kids? by Maryann Jacobsen — Want to get healthy meals on the table fast? Maryann outlines a plan of attack that is simple and easy, even for the non-cook! You’ll get a masterful approach to planning and executing meals, plus recipes and strategic solutions for some of the most frustrating elements of cooking dinner for kids. Additionally, I have an exclusive one-on-one interview with Maryann that you don’t want to miss.
  • An Advanced Guide to Nutrients for Kids — Ever wonder if you’re including all the nutrients your child needs to grow and develop? This comprehensive guide provides a simple way to track your child’s nutrient requirements without counting foods or bites. You’ll get lists of nutrient-rich foods and a guide for boosting low nutrients in your child’s diet.

Are you ready to raise a healthy child?