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Have I Hit My Growth Spurt Yet? (13 Signs it’s Happening)

Have I hit my growth spurt yet? It can be hard to pinpoint whether or not you’re in the teenage growth spurt, but there are tell-tale signs.

While teens grow fast and their bodies change tremendously during puberty, knowing what to expect about those changes can ease the constant questions and worry.

Learn the common signs of the growth spurt in teenagers, including typical height patterns during growth and the classic symptoms.

13 Signs of the Teen Growth Spurt

What is a Growth Spurt?

A growth spurt is a rapid phase of physical growth in infants or teens, generally, where intense linear growth (height) and weight gain occurs in a short span of time.

For example, in infancy, babies triple their weight by age one year. In adolescence, boys and girls grow taller and put on weight in the form of muscle and fat tissue.

As a mom of four teens, I have been through the teen growth spurt a few times. With three teen daughters, I have watched and endured the physical and emotional changes.

Now, I am watching my fourth, and only son, morph before my eyes. While the growth spurt symptoms are different this time around, some things are the same.

From disengaging responses like “I don’t want to talk about it,” to pushing away the spontaneous embraces and morning wake-up kisses, the growth spurt is not for the weary of heart.

The world turns differently when you’re a teen and you’re growing fast.

As a pediatric nutritionist, I get all kinds of questions about this topic, so I thought I’d answer a few of them here, before I dig into the the typical growth spurt symptoms.

You’ll learn the growth spurt signs and symptoms, when it begins and how long it lasts, and the common signs indicating a growth spurt is happening.

How Long Does a Growth Spurt Last for a Teenager?

Puberty is the time during which bodies change and the teen growth spurt happens. The whole process can last a while, but the typical growth spurt — or the peak growth phase when all the noticeable growth happens — lasts about three years or so.

Of course, everyone is different. Some start early and others start later. 

In my experience, there are early bloomers and late bloomers, so it can be hard to predict the individual patterns of growth.

Growth Spurt Ages for Boys and Girls

The teenage growth spurt varies by gender, with different timing of onset and rates of growth. Girls tend to experience their growth spurt earlier than boys, nearly two years earlier.

Boys Growth Spurt

Many resources will tell you that peak growth in boys begins at around age 9 and stops at age 16. That’s a wide range! This accounts for the variability of when puberty starts and ends.

Interestingly, some boys continue to grow in college. These boys tend to have a late growth spurt.

Growth Spurts in Girls

What about girls? Generally, girls begin the pubertal growth spurt around age 8. When do girls stop growing?

Like boys, it varies with each child, but generally, girls are done growing at around age 15.

How Many Inches Do You Grow in a Growth Spurt?

Typically, in that intense phase of the growth spurt, or that three years between ages 12 and 15 years for boys (generally speaking) and between ages 10 and 13 for girls, height gains are about 4 inches per year for boys and 3 to 3.5 inches per year for girls.

Even though the teen growth spurt is an inevitable phase of growth, knowing this doesn’t make the adjustment any easier, on parents or teens.

Average Height in Boys (Based on Age)

Here’s a sample of average heights for boys. Remember, these are simply a translation of the growth chart average:

  • Average Height for a 9 year old boy                                 52”
  • Average Height for a 10 year old boy                               54.5”
  • Average Height for a 11 year old boy                               56.5”
  • Average Height for a 12 year old boy                               58 2/3”
  • Average Height for a 13 year old boy                               61.5”
  • Average Height for a 14 year old boy                               64.5”
  • Average Height for a 15 year old boy                               ~67”
  • Average Height for a 16 year old boy                               68 1/3”
  • Average Height for a 17 year old boy                               69”
  • Average Height for a 18 year old boy                              69 1/3”

[Read more: When Do Boys Stop Growing?]

Average Height for Teenage Girl (Based on Age)

And here’s a sample of the average heights for girls. Again, remember, this is a growth chart translation of the 50%ile median for age:

  • Average Height for a 9 year old girl                                 52”
  • Average Height for a 10 year old girl                               54.5”
  • Average Height for a 11 year old girl                               56.5”
  • Average Height for a 12 year old girl                               59.5”
  • Average Height for a 13 year old girl                                 62”
  • Average Height for a 14 year old girl                               63.5”
  • Average Height for a 15 year old girl                               64”

Read more: When Do Girls Stop Growing?

13 Signs of a Growth Spurt in the Teenager

How do you know if your teen is in a growth spurt? Or, if you’re a teen, how to tell if you’re growing?

The symptoms of a growth spurt make it quite obvious.

The sexual maturation aspect is a big piece of the growth spurt. Girls become hippy, leggy and buxom, while boys boast more muscles and hair.

The following are some typical signs that your teen is in a growth spurt:

  1. High Waters: Pants are Too Short
  2. Big Feet: One of the First Signs
  3. Big Joints: Knobby Knees & Bony Hips
  4. Long Bones: Growth and Development
  5. Hair: Everywhere!
  6. Shoulders and Hips: Wider & Broader
  7. What’s that Odor?
  8. The Emotional Roller-Coaster: Emotional Changes
  9. Man-Hunger: High Appetite
  10. More Snacking: Hungry Teens
  11. Plus-size Portions
  12. Pimples: Acne and Skin Changes
  13. Voice: Changes

1. High Waters: Pants are Too Short

Back-to-school shopping and all the new clothes are exciting to add to the wardrobe. What’s decidedly not exciting is when those new clothes don’t last. They don’t fit well anymore.

Those brand new school pants quickly become “high waters.” Ill-fitting—too tight in the bum and too short, evidenced by the white sports socks peeking out between the hem and shoe.

This is a sign your teen is growing taller and filling out. 

2. Big Feet: One of the First Signs

The feet are one of the first indicators of an uptick in growth. Toes may press through sneaker fabric and threaten to bust through at any moment!

Gone are the days of the annual shoe purchase—you’re probably buying new shoes every four months or so when your teen is in a growth spurt.

By the way, when will someone invent an expanding shoe?

3. Big Joints: Knobby Knees & Bony Hips

Knees, elbows, shoulders, and shoulder blades look abnormally robust, painfully knobby, and may poke out of shirts and pants. The muscle and fat stores have not caught up yet.

Teens don’t usually “fill out” until they’ve gained some height. Below, I have a height predictor tool that will help you assess where your teen is along the growth spectrum. 

4. Long Bones: Growth and Development

Gangly is the word to describe what used to be a compact child who looked proportionate. Now your teen’s bones are growing longer, which shows up in height and longer arms.

If you notice the wrists are popping out of those long sleeves, it’s a pretty good indicator that the bones are growing.

5. Hair: Everywhere!

The downy blond or light brown hair dusting the arms and legs of your child becomes darker and coarser during puberty and the teen growth spurt.

Hair sprouts under the armpits, in the groin area, and on the face of boys.

6. Shoulders and Hips: Wider & Broader

The frame (and shape) of your teenager changes. Boys see broadening of their shoulders and girls start seeing a widening of their hips.

7. What’s that Odor?

I don’t have to say much more about this, other than the smell of a growing teen is decidedly different. I suggest an air freshener for the bedroom, and periodic window opening to allow fresh air to circulate!

8. The Emotional Roller-Coaster: Emotional Changes

From raised voices, disagreeableness, eye rolling and ignoring your questions and requests, to loud, crazy happiness and sullen, un-engaged quietness, the teen tends to be emotionally labile.

Who knows what’s going on inside? I sure don’t.

I remember wanting to be left alone, feeling annoyed a lot, and wanting to engage my siblings and my parents on my terms– when I wanted to.

I’ve experienced this emotional roller-coaster with my own teens, and each one has their “tendencies.”

A few were eye-rollers, one was a big back-talker, and another, quiet and more distant than usual. I blame these behavioral changes on all kinds of hormones and the developmental stage of the teen…it’s just part of the process.

(However, if changes are dramatic and lasting, as well as disturbing and disruptive, talk with your health care provider, as many more teens today experience high levels of anxiety and depression.)

9. Man-Hunger: High Appetite

Due to the physical changes and overall growth, your teen’s appetite will change. You may see what was once a good appetite turn voracious.

The good news is there may be more of an “eat anything” attitude, meaning your teen may be more adventurous and less picky.

On the other hand, this uptick in appetite may show up as a constantly hungry kid, which will keep you on your toes.

10. More Snacking: Hungry Teens  

The phrase, “hollow leg,” describes the phenomenon of being hungry on the hour, almost every hour. Frequent hunger translates to frequent eating, which is a sign of growth.

If your teen is hangry (hungry and angry), you’ll want to have a strategy for handling the hangry teen so it doesn’t get out of control.

11. Plus-size Portions

Piles of food on the plate, especially food that is well-liked, is tied to the larger appetite associated with growing.

12. Pimples: Acne and Skin Changes

A side effect of hormonal changes, pimples are signs that the teen growth spurt (and puberty) is marching along.

13. Voice: Changes

No more high-pitched screams from little boys. Instead, squeaks and a voice that isn’t quite child-like or manly. Girls have voice changes too, but they are more subtle.

Does Sleeping Make You Taller?

I’m always talking about sleep. One very important thing happens during sleep time, and that’s the rise in the level of growth hormone. Growth hormone is needed to grow. And, it’s at its highest point in the day when teens are sleeping.

While I can’t guarantee sleep will make you taller (remember, genetics are a strong predictor of how tall you will be), there’s definitely a connection between getting enough sleep and maximizing growth during the teen growth spurt.

Additional Resources for the Growing Teen

If you’re in the throes of dealing with a growth spurt or pretty sure your teen is going through a growth phase, I’ve got more tips and advice about what you can do here: 7 Ways to Support Your Teen’s Growth Spurt.

Here are some more articles to help you navigate the growth spurt:

Height Predictor Tool

Lastly, I’ve created a Height Predictor Tool. This will help you estimate your child’s ultimate height, however, genetics, lifestyle and nutrition will play a factor in the end result.

Do you like The Nourished Child? Then join me on!

Last, last, last! Here are some other resources you may find helpful:

Eat Like a Champion – the online training course for parents and teen athletes. Get to know and understand the basics of sports nutrition for youth athletes. From carbs, protein and calories to pre- and post-workout snacks — it’s all here!

Nutrients for Kids, Advanced Guide – Wonder if you’re meeting your growing teens requirements for nutrients? This quick and easy guide will help you pinpoint the 7 most important nutrients for your teen plus give you food lists of each nutrient so you can incorporate them into your growing teen’s diet.

The Nourished Child Blueprint – Need a whole new system and strategy for feeding your family? This online program will help you do just that!

From setting up a balanced food system the whole family can live by to making sure you are feeding positively so your children develop a healthy relationship with food, The Nourished Child Blueprint covers that plus healthy habits including exercise, sleep, and more. 

Check out The Nourished Child for more helpful resources that will help you nourish and nurture your teen to optimal health and well-being.

This article was originally published in 2012; it was updated on September 12, 2020 to include more resources and data on height growth per year.

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  1. Hey i am 157 centimeters 13 years old girl I haven’t grow in over 2 years. I am concerned that I’m not growing anymore any tips abaut how to grow taller? Please.🤗

  2. my height is 154cm i m 15 .5years my father is 168 cm and mother is 152.5 cm and i have hairs on my legs and genital can i grow 175cm. Please reply

  3. Hi Jill – my daughter just turned 14 she is 5’4. I am 5’3 and my husband is 6’1. Do you think she will hit a growth spurt? She hasn’t gained any height in over a year.

    1. It’s hard to know for sure. Look at her growth chart and see if it has flattened a bit over the past year — if so, that’s a sign she’s slowing down. Also, timing of her menses factors in to this too. Generally, two years after menstruation begins, the height growth winds down.

  4. am 15 years 4 months n am 5’5 my dad is 5’5 my mom is 4’11 how many more inches will I grow before I stop growing

    1. Hey Jill, I’m a 14 year old female that’s 4/11 and 85lbs and I still haven’t had my period. My mom is 5’2 and my dad is 5’8. What is your best guess of when I’ll get my period and what height I might be.

  5. Hey Jill I’m a 13 year old male I’m 6″0 my dad is 5″9 my mom is 5″4 and my dads dad is 6″7 I think I will be over 6″5 or grater what do you think I could be in a guess

  6. Hi Jill. I’m 5’11 and 12 years old my mom is 5’4 and my dad is 6’4 how tall do you think I will be and do you think I’m done growing. I am a male

  7. Hi jill, I’m Indonesian and i’m only 5’7. I’m 15 and haven’t grown since I was 13.. i have grown beard and already shave frequently.. My dad is 6″2, and my mom is 5″7..
    I feel it’s not fair because my brother is 6″5.. I used to be the tallest in my class and now i’m just average, will I hit another spurt growth or grow any taller? I’m a boy btw.. Thanks

      1. Hello Jill, I am 16 years old, 5’2. My dad is around 5’10- 6ft however, my mother is about 4’11-5’0. I am always told I look about 10-12 years old due to my very young looking face, as I have no pimples and etc as well as my really low weight. (98 pounds) Sadly. I have arm pit hair (very little) and yes… I do stink at times.

        I’ve always had an issue with my weight, however, lately I’ve been on a really huge appetite, it could be from self motivation as I told myself to eat more and have gained 10 pounds since then, anyway, my voice is deep when I make it to be but my natural voice is quite squeaky.

        Am I going through a growth spurt? And is it possible for me to grow up to be about 5’7? (5 extra inches) by the end of highschool. -currently a sophomore-

        1. Hard to tell–it may be that you inherited your mom’s genetic likeness for height…you have signs of early puberty though, so you my still grow a bit.

  8. Hi Jill, I just turned 15 last December , I want to know if I’ll grow , I’m 5’5 and wear a shoe size of 9.5-10 , my dad is 5’11-6’0 , and my mom is 5’2 1/2 , my doctor told me I’m going through late puberty, does that mean I’ll bearly get my growth spurt? …..thanks Jill

    1. No, it doesn’t mean you won’t get it, it just means your starting later than average. You’ll still go through the full growth spurt, just at a later than normal time frame. Good news!

      1. Hi I’m Khiron I’m 16 In the 10th grade i play basketball my moma is 5’3 my daddy 5’7 I’m 5’5 an I grow slow do you think I’ll get any taller

  9. Hi Jill I’m 14 year-old girl going on 15 ..I’m 5’3 tall..My mom is 5’0 and my dad is 5’8..Is there any chance for me to be taller?

  10. Hi Jill! I’m 17 and I feel like i haven’t been growing or I’ve been growing slowly. I’m currently 5’0, will I get any taller or is this as tall as I’ll get (I got my period at 11 but they’ve been irregular ever since). If it helps my parents are 4’11 and 5’6 but on my mom’s side her dad is 5’8, her brothers are 5’8 and 6’0 and her mom is 5’4. I just feel like a child and it feels I haven’t gone through a growth spurt. The only part of my body that’s been growing consistently are my breasts but that’s it. I guess my question is, am I still growing or am I done?

    Thank you!

    1. I’m 14 years old I’m 5.7 171lb my dad is about 5.9 to 5 10 my mom is 5.5 my grandfather family is tall my grandmother family are average

  11. I am 16 years and 3 months and have grown around 4 inches(10cm) in the past 11 months. Is that good?? I am now 5ft 5 inches (166cm) and currently weigh around 50kg. Will I grow to 6ft taking into account that my mother is 5ft and 3 inches and that my father is around 6ft?? I am also UK shoe size 7(US shoe size 8).

  12. Hi Jill! I’m (female) 13 and i’m 151cm and my dad is 165-170cm and my mom is 164cm. I got my periods 2yrs ago. i’m afraid that i won’t grow anymore? will i stay this height? i feel like 151cm is too short :/

  13. Hey Jill! I first got my period at 13.5 and I was about 5’5 or 5’6. My 14th birthday is in two months. I am currently 5’7. My mom is 5’8 and dad 5’11. Thanks!

  14. HI Jill I am 15 1/2 years old (male) and I am 156 cm only while my father is 5”8 and my mom 5”4 and my brother 6”1. are there still chances for me to grow??

  15. Hi Jill, I’m 14 turning 15 (female) and I’m 5’3. My mom is 5’2 and my dad is 6’0. Recently I’ve been really hungry. Do you think I’ll stay this height or do you think I will still grow?

    1. Clearly most girls are done growing when they’re 15yr,
      but it very possible for some girls to grow more height even when they’re 15 yr. So yes it could be possible for you to grow, but you need to do physical activity and stretching if you wish to grow more.

  16. Hey Jill ,I’m 13 about to turn 14 and my mom is 5’7 and my dad is 6’2 . I am about 5’0 , I wanna know if I will get any taller or if I’m staying the same height,is there anything I can do to speed my growth spurt up or something . Thanks Jill!!

    1. Hi Jill! I am 12,9 years old and Im 1,60 cm My mom is 1,72 and My dad is 1,78, for about 6 months ago i was 155cm have i hit My growth spurt yet?

  17. Hi I’m Diana I’m 12 years old turning 13 this year and I’m 5’3 (162cm) my mom is about 5’7 and my dad is 1,80m, since I was 9 years I started to grow like a beast, at the age of 9 I was 1,30m but I don’t why I’ve grown so much, I’m always bullied cause I’m too tall but I think cause everyone in my class is 1,55- but I just want to know if I would grow more…

    1. I’m a 12 year old boy turning 13 soon, I’m 5 ft 6 and I’ve been growing since last month. Will I continue?

  18. Hi Jill,I’m Nicole. I’m 12, turning 13 this summer, and I have noticed that I am only 4 foot and 5.75 inches. It feels like I haven’t been growing at all. What’s going on?

  19. My dad is 6′ tall and my mom is 5’8. I just turned 13 and I’m currently somewhere between 5’11 and 6′ tall. I didn’t notice any considerable growth in about 4 months. Is it possible for me to grow up to 6’2-6’3?

  20. Hi Jill. I am 15 years old (Male) and I am currently 5’3 or 5’4. When I was in 8th grade I was 5’0, I am now in 10th grade and have only grown about three inches since. Will I still have a growth spurt and grow? My dad is probably 5’2 and my mom is around 5’1 or 5’0.

    1. Based on your parent’s combined heights, it seems like you are in the neighborhood of where you’ll be, height-wise.

      1. Hello, I am a 14 years old male. I am currently 5’3. My dad is 6’0 and my mom is 5’4. My brother is 6’2. Will I be able to catch up with my brother?

  21. Hello,my name is Samuel.
    I am a Healthy boy, but I am stop my growth at only 12 years old!!!!!!! So today, I am 20 years and I am not growth since this time… However,my dad it 6ft tall and my mum it 5ft4 1/ I am only 5ft8 or 5ft9 barefoot…What do you explain my exeptionnal case,because it is very critic for boy to stop at 12?

  22. Hi Jill. I am 11 turning 12 in 2 months. I’m only 4foot 10 (147cm) I used to get bullied by the bigger kids. I have grown around 7 or 8 cm this year. My dads 170 cm and my mums 157 cm. When do you think I will hit my growth spurt.

    1. I am 13 and I am of 4ft 9inch my father is of 5ft 6inch and mom of 5ft 2inch please tell me how to increase height

  23. Hi Jill. I would like to know if you could tell me if I will have a growthspurt soon. My dad I 5’11 and my mom is 5’8. I’m 4’9 but have never had a growth spurt and have been growing incrementally over the years. I am 13. Thanks and merry Christmas.

      1. Hi my name is Elijah and I am a 13 year old boy and I am 5’4” and from the time I was 12 I have grown 5 inches and have seen large changes in my body. My dad is about 5’10” and my mom is about 5’5” and I was wondering if I will grow anymore this year or if I will have another growth spurt and grow more and if so how much do you think I will grow?

  24. Hi Jill;
    Based on your replies to the comments, I feel that you’re probably very knowledgeable on the growth spurt! Anyway, I just turned 14 recently and I gained about 10 pounds. I had a growth spurt in fifth grade, which was only 3.5 inches. This past year, I noticed my hips widening and my waist has lost its curve. I’m only 5’1” and my parents are only 5’3” and 5’5”. I’m wondering whether I’m in a growth spurt or whether the weight gain is due to something else.

  25. Hey Jill, my name is Emily. I am 13 years old, I weigh 120 and my height is 5’5. I am very concerned about my appetite. I could usually eat 22 Oz steak and nowdays I can’t even finish a whole bowl of cereal. My stomache is telling me I’m hungry but if I eat a small portion of food I feel like I have to throw up. I want to gain more weight and I have to force myself everyday to eat more. If your kids have gone through something similar, and you know the solution please email me.

    1. Emily im 12 and like 5’3 or 5’4 and i dont like my hieght i wish i could of atleast been 4’10

  26. hi my name is makenson I’m an 16 year old male turning 17 in a couple of days I’m 5’3 my dad is 5’8 mom 5’2 or 5’3 do you think I could have a growth spurt soon.

    1. You need to get more nutrients in start drinking two cups of milk a day on in the morning and one in the night and eat eggs they help you grow taller too

  27. hello my name is deliah I am 5 feet and I am 12 years old. I started puberty around the age of 9-10 in the past year I have only grown 1 inch have I stopped growing. my mom is 5’5 and my dad is 5’8 have I stopped growing?

    1. Same but I’m 13 and 5’1 and my mom is a bit taller but since she has scoliosis she is at 5’5 right now and my brother is 6’0 will i grow more? Since when I was 10 I had a bit of a growth spurt i grew from 4’3 to 4’11

    2. I don’t think you’ve stopped growing. Your only 12! You still got years of growing. I’m 14 and I’m taller than my older sister who is 19 years old. She’s 5’0.and I’m 5’2.and I believe I’m still growing! My parents aren’t really tall. But yours are kinda. You will take after your parents so don’t worry. You will grow!

  28. Hi Jill i’m prashant from Nepal and currently i’m 16.4 years. My height is just 5.2 and i hit puberty like 1 year ago.My face is very clean and i dont have any hairs on my face. public hair started growing few months ago and i dont have hairs below my knee too. can you please tell me if i would grow taller or not?and if my growth spurt has just started…My dad height is 5.5 and mom is also 5.5
    family from Dad are taller beside my grandmother
    and likewise in family of my mom. Hope you will reply.

      1. Hey Jill I’m 16 and will be Turing 17 in may of next year I’m 5’5 and my mom is 5’4 while my dad is 5’11, also on my dad said the majority is 6’0 or taller while the girls re 5’9 and taller. I want to be 5’7 or 5’8 do you think I will be able to grow 2-3 inches before age 18. I usually grow an inch every year and I haven’t had my 2 inch growth spurt that everyone has been talking about. My 2 brothers the youngest one is age 13 at the height of 5’8 while the oldest who is 19 is 6’0, and my sister who is 21 is 5’10.

      2. Hii jill.I am 17 and 6’2 right now.My Father is 6’3 and i have the genetics of my father.I never had a growth spurt till now.Are there chances of me becoming 6’5 ?Pleased help

      3. Jill I’m 15 and turn 16 in April i am currently little over 5’8 ( 5’8.5 ) and was about 5’6 at age 14 my moms 5’2 my dad’s 6’1 my shoe size is 12 but my grand parents are pretty short ( grand fathers height 5’9 and 5’10-11)I barley have any facial hair nor armpit hairs do u think I’m done growing ?? Or how tall do u think I will end up being

  29. Hi my name is Kylie I was wondering if you could predict my height I’m almost thirteen (I have a little over a month to go) and I’m 5’3 my mom is also 5’3 and my dad is 5’8 also I think I have stopped growing 🙁

  30. hi jill my mom is 5’0 and my dads 5’3 and a half and im 5’3 and 3/4. my 16 yr old brother is 5’4. I started hitting puberty at 12 and now im 14 but i still havent had a growth spurt. On my moms side evertones 5’4 and under so is on my dads side except my uncle hes 5’6 so is my cousin. will i be able to be their height or taller.plz i need a reply

      1. Hi, my name is suhail I have gone through all the things mentioned above and I am 13 and 166 cm my dad is 178 and my mom is 163cm have I stopped growing I didn’t grow in 6 months and can you predict my height. THANKS IN ADVANCE

        1. I cannot predict your height, but given your age and your parent’s heights, I bet you still have some growing to do.

          1. Hi Jill! Im 13 and im 5’6 and a bit my mom is around 5’0 and my dad is around 5’11. Will i be tall or not. I dunno if tjis means anything but my shoe size is 9 in uk.

      2. Hey Jill I’m Zoe.i am 10 years old…i weigh 78 and am 4.7 in height.recently I have been hurting from the throat to my part.i am already on my period and I am eating a lot more than I used to/feel as if I could always eat, I am flooding and get new pants every 2weeks. I feel as if I am having grow spurts but I can’t define it.if you know the solution…call or text me at 4698164663

  31. Hi my name is Demari I am 16 years old and I am 5ft 8.4inches. I want to know at what age will I stop growing. I would also like the know if I will reach 6ft. Thanks guys.

  32. My name is Eric and I’m 14, I’m an abnormally short guy and I’m legit only 5’2-5’3 I haven’t hit my growth spurt yet and I’m wondering if I will at all and if there’s an estimated time for it.

  33. Hi Jill. I was wondering if you can predict my height for me. I just turned 14 and my mom is 5’5 and my dad is 6’0. Now, my mom is from China and does not have relatively tall parents, but my dad is from America and has parents on average size, like him. I’ve been one of the tallest ever since kindergarten, but this year I’ve slowed down, from last years height I only grew an inch. I think I went through puberty around 12 years old, and my voice is deep with my armpits having a few hairs in it. But, my hands are unnaturally large, wingspan is almost 6’2, and foot size of 12. All I’m asking for is to be over 6 feet.

  34. hey jill! im a 13yr old girl and i got my p… when i was 12 and 8 months i am 5ft 5 in height and my mother is shorter and my father is the average height for a male and i dont know why but i feel tall. i was always the smallest kid in class like i was tiny but i went on a summer holiday and after i got my p.. and i started to grow after a few months like from 5ft 2 and a half to 5ft 5 and i am only a few inches or cm taller then my friends but i dont want to be any taller can you help ?

  35. Hello Jill! My name is Isabella and I was wondering if you could help out with this question. I’m currently 15 and 5’5 (haven’t grown in 6 months, according to my recent visit with the doctors). My mother is 5’5 as well, and my father being 5’10. My period began back in 2014. Have I reached my maximum height? Thank you for your time.
    Isabella x

      1. Greetings, Jill! I’m a 16 year old female who is 5’0.5. I’m wondering when I’ll have my growth spurt and if it’s possible that when I gain height, my legs will grow longer as well? Hope to hear a reply from you!

  36. Hi, my name is Raphael I am 16 and 2 months old, I have not really had a growth ‘spurt’ as such and have rather steadily increased in height from the start of puberty, at a rate of around 1 and half inches per year, also I have only started shaving around 2 months ago and my foot size has gone up from 12 to 13 as well as a hand size increase of around 0.5 inches from 8″ to 8.5″. Currently I am 6′ and weigh 90kg (Ive always been a quite heavy kid) is it possible for me to reach at least 6’1.5 if not 6’3. My mum is 5’2 and my dad is 5’11.5.

  37. Hi my name is Sophia, my family is on the taller side, mom is 5’11, and my dad is 6’2. I am abnormally tall for my age,12. I am 5’8. Many of my friends say that it is unnatural. I read through some of the comments, that after your first period you have 2 more years of growth, and I got mine 1 year ago and a few months, when would I stop growing. I know every person is different is different, but I don’t feel like normal towering over all the people in my classes. Would I generally have about 1 year of growing left?

    1. It’s hard to tell, but you may have just reached your height a little earlier than all your friends–they will most likely catch up! Don’t let it get you down–just know that everyone is different and the differences are what make us all unique! 😉

      1. Hi Jill, I just newly turned 13 and I am 5’1. My dad is 6’3 and my mom is around 5’4 or 5’5 maybe 5’6, I was wondering if I would reach at least 5’7 5’8 5’9 or if I get lucky 6’0 I want to be tall and very scared I’ll be short…?

    2. dont worry about it trust me i know people who are that tall if not taller at you age you will probably stop growing anyway because everyone is different there are no right or wrong in puberty its just people start growing at different stages depending on puberty so just relax girl!

  38. Hi Jill i’m 15 yr old guy and i am 5’6 and a half my dad is 5’9 and my mom is around 5’3-5’4 and my brother who is 12 is my height. Will i still grow because i only grew half an inch last yr. Will i be able to reach 6’0 or 6’2?

  39. Hi Jill, I am a boy and have just turned 16. Both my mom amd dad as well as my height is just 5’5. Will I grow tall? If not should I take calcium sandoz?

  40. Hi Jill! Just a quick question, how much do boys go during their growth spurts yearly, and after puberty is done? Thanks!

    1. Kids grow on average about 2.5 inches per year until pubertal growth spurt where they can grow up to 4.5 inches per year for ~2 years. It’s different for everyone.

  41. hi jill, i was wondering if its possible to get shorter from heavy lifting and not eating enough and if the height lost can be gained back in the future, i am 15

    1. You don’t get shorter; but you may stop growing/getting taller if you aren’t getting enough calories and overall nutrition.

  42. Hi. I’m only 13… I keep hitting myself everywhere everyday, and today I found myself spilling an entire bowl of cereal, and I didn’t even touch it with my arms! My parents say I’m growing, yet I’m only 4’7.5, and I’ve been pretty small my life. Yet my Dad is 5’11 and my brothers are 5’9, and the rest of my family is pretty big, though by 2 inches bigger or less…
    Do you think I have any hope of reaching their sizes?

    1. Genetics are on your side, it seems. Anecdotally, I have seen that clumsiness is pretty common during growth phases.

      1. Hey Jill, I’m somewhat of a unique case you might say. I’m 16 years old, I’ll be 17 in 6 days. My mom is 5’4 and my dad is 5’8. Now I stand at 6’1-6’2. I want to reach 6’5. I grow on average 2 inches per school year. My freshman year I was 5’8-5’9. And right now at the beginning of my junior year I am 6’1-6’2. Do you think it may be possible to grow those extra 3-4 inches?(I hit puberty when I was 10 if that helps)

  43. Hey Jill, I’m a 14 year old boy I will be 15 in a month from now. I was wondering exactly when I will hit my growth spurt, or how tall I will be. When I was in 7th grade, 2 years ago I was 5″3, then a year later 5″5, then around 5″6 towards the beginning of 2016, now I’m 5″7 9 months later I only grew an inch. My sisters are both almost 5″9, my mom is 5″5, my dad is only around 5″9, and my uncle is 6″8. My shoes are a size 11, and my hands are abnormally large but they have been large since around 7th grade. My shoulder blades have always been poking out. I have scattered hairs on my chin, some on my lip, lots below the knee, and a good amount on my armpits. This might just be because of my Turkish genes, since we are usually very hairy. I also have a lot of pubic hair. Not a lot of chest hair back hair or thigh hair yet. My mom is a doctor and so is my dad and they predict around 6″1-6″3. I don’t know when I will start growing, but I have barely grown 5 inches in 3 years. I’m on par with a good chunk of my age group, but I feel like I should be getting much taller soon. When will that time come? I also have had acne for about two years, and my voice is a little deep, nothing crazy though. I’m on the thinner side, 117-120 pounds. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jill please answer this, but thanks ?
      I’m thirteen and going to be 14 in 4 Months. I just got my first ever period ever last month. I am 5’4.75 (5 foot 4 and Three Quarters) .My mom is 5 foot 3. My dad is 5 foot 10 and a half. Quite a few of my relations are tall (like my grandparents from both sides of the family and cousins etc), but some of my relations are short too. But I want to ask if I am done growing because I just got my first period. I also wanted to ask if it’s possible to grow at least 3 more inches or not. thanks!

  44. Hey Jill, I’m 14, but I’m not exactly sure if I have finished my growth spurt or not, nor how tall I will be. I’m a boy, but am confused when I began puberty. I am going to assume I’m just on the hairier side, because I didn’t really have any other big signs for a while. I had hair in places, but still had some baby teeth, still didn’t have the growth spurt yet, and still had, and have a high voice at 12. At 14, I recently lost all of my baby teeth, still have a pretty high voice, but think I will be growing soon, or have begun. Idk if it was an accurate measurement, but I was 5’7.5 last month, and am 5’8 this month. Any hope to be 6’1 like my father? All of his siblings are between 6’0-6’2, but my moms brother is 5’4, while my mom is 5’5.5.

    1. You cannot “control” your height, you can only nurture you genetic inclination by eating well, getting enough sleep and living a healthy lifestyle. 😉

    2. I am 13 years old turned 13 two months ago I’m 5’2 my mom is 5’9 and my dad is 5’11 when will I grow I’m just wondering please respond.

    3. Hei Jill, im 16 and 5’9. I havent seen myself growing lately and im really worried, because my father is 6’3.

  45. hy jill i was just wondering, how much do you grow in a growth spurt, im 5’9 1/2 barefoot and im 18 years old, i grew 1 and a half inches after my 18 birthday,can i still grow taller. please reply it will be most apreciated.

    1. That’s great that you grew–perhaps you were a late bloomer? I’ve seen young adults grow into their early 20’s, but that is rare and not the norm…

  46. Hi Jill, I’m a 13 year old girl who hit puberty 2 years ago (when I was 11). My mom is 4’10 and my dad is 5’10, I’m currently 5’0… Will I grow taller? Or will I be short because of my mom? I really hope I’ll get taller…

    1. Sorry to bother you, but I really need your help. Have I reached my maximum height? I really don’t want to be 5’0 forever… But is my mom’s height holding me down? It would be much appreciated if you reply.

  47. Hi. I’m 14 years old and I’m around 5′ 3.5″. My mom when younger was around 5’7″ and my dad is 5’8″ but only because he stunted his growth as a teen. I have been anorexic for a while, almost out of recovery though, and I was wondering if there’s still a chance that I could make up that growth. I am now eating properly, and I really want to grow taller. I had my period when I was 12 1/2. What are my chances of growing tall???

  48. My height right now is 5 feet 8 and my mother in 5’5 while my father is 6 feet 3 and 15.5 of age.i haven’t seen growth in my height for the last 6 months do you think I can grow more

    1. Yes you can. You will likely grow about 6 feet tall. Not seeing growth for about 6 months means that either you grow very slowly or that you will have another short growth spurt. This happened to my son he grew a lot then stop then grew 5 inches.

  49. Hi I’m a girl & I’m 13, 14 in march. My foot grew a lot, was a 10 in july Or aug. Now 2day I find out I’m an 11 in wms. I got my per. At 10 yrs old so I’m wondering will I still get my growth spurt cuz I’m like “5.4” and I think I’m kinda short.

  50. Hi, I am a girl, and am currently 12 3/4 years. This year I haven’t really grown at all, but I used to grow at a steady rate. I am now 160 cm and have been the whole year. I got my periods when I just turned 10. My parents are 163 cm and 190 cm. Do you think I have any chance at growing any taller?

  51. hi I’m 14 in one moth 15 and I am 5’6 this year I grew so far 1 1/2inch last year I grew 2 inches and the year before 3. My mom is 5’3 and my dad is 5’11 so do you think I will become 5’8 in the future

  52. umm im 15 and im really curious because i was 175 at 13 but then because of the malnutrition i got because i didnt want to eat during summer vacation and kept playing computer for like 12 hours a day and 6 hours of sleep a night, my height went down to 165 i was wondering, can i grow back the height that i lost, i am currently 171cm

    1. Hi JOnathan,

      Generally, teens don’t shrink. I’m betting that perhaps there was a mis-measurement of your height before…it’s really common to get an inaccurate height measurement. That being said, I hope you are eating more nutritiously, sleeping and being active–make sure you take care of your precious body!

  53. Hi, I haven’t grow much. I’m the oldest out of my siblings, they are quite tall and are growing each year. However i don’t grow much. Last year i grew 2cm in october and the year before i grew 2.5 cm. This year i havent grown at all. I’m 16 years and 1 month old. I started my periods when i was 13 and 2 months old. I’m currently 156cm tall. My dad is 180cm and my mum is 161cm. Its only my grandma that is short. Will i still grow since i havent had my growth spurt of 5cm or more?

      1. Hi Jill, I’m a 14 year old boy, I am 5’8.5″ tall. I never had a growth spurt as ive only been growing around 2 inches a year for the past few years. However, I outgrew my mom and my dad within the past 3 years. When i was 11, i was 5’1, then at 12 i was 5’4, then at 13 im 5’7, then now im about to be 14 im 5’8.5. One dentist said my growth plates are about to fuse through a xray, however a doctor said a major growth spurt is coming. My dad is 5’7, mom is 5,2. I hope i reach around 6’1-6’3, but im not sure if its possible. My hands reach my knees, and my torso seems REALLY small and disproportionate for my height and body. Jill, will i grow past 6 feet and if not will i still grow?

  54. Hi i’m 13 and 5’8 already. I’m scared that I’m going to be too tall and not be able to wear heels. How tall do you think I will be when I finish growing

  55. Hi Jill! Sorry to bother you… I am a 14 and a half Asian male, 171 cm (last time I checked was summer). I grew 5 cm in the previous year but had my major growth spurt (9 cm) the year before that when I was 12 1/2. I always do exercise but sometimes get around 7 hours of sleep. I have good nutrition and always eat meat. My dad is around 5″7 and my mom 5″2, and one of my cousins on my mom’s side is 5″9 but I don’t know any particularly tall people in the family. My growth chart’s line predicts around 5″10, but since my family is short I’m not sure if I can reach that.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you!

  56. Hey jill, i just turned 15 two weeks ago and im 5’5 my dad is 6’2 and mom is 5’6 the majority of men are tall in my family, do i have any hope

      1. Hey im turning 17 on September 30 2016 and im 5 foot 5 inches and a half. My mother is 5.2 and my dads 5.8 he apparently didnt start growing untill his 17 to 18 years of age… im kind of curious on when im gonna hit a growth spurt if any at all

      2. Just turned 14 im 5’5 my dad is 5’6 and my mom is 5’5 am I done growing I started puberty at 12 years of age and my shoe size right now is 7.5 like my dads.

    1. Im 13 and everyone around me is hitting puberty, getting taller, stronger, getting flat stomachs, etc. And I still have a lot of belly fat, though not much anywhere else. When I hit my growth spurt (which I have not yet) and puberty (also have not been through that), will that change for me?

  57. Hi Jill. I’m 17 (and yes this is true) and I’m 5’3″. I had facial hair and other hairs growing in the past 2 years. However, I’m not sure if I hit a growth spurt. Most boys of my age are at least 3 to 5 inches taller than I am. In addition, I seem to only grow 1 to 1.5 inches per year. Do I have any growth problems, or do I just have to wait until I hit my growth spurt?

      1. Hi I am 14 I had my first period during April and didnt had until now, it started again September 18. I am currently about 5’5″-5’6″ my mom is 5’5″ and my dad is 6″feet tall, from my dad’s side everyone is kinda tall, and from my mom’s side not really. I really want to be at least 5’8″. Will I get there?

      2. Hi jill im 14 and 4 months ladt year i grew6 inches and i feel like im in an growth spurt at 14 too i have alrrady done 3 inches at 14 and im 5’5 my dad is 5’7 my mom is 5’4 will i be 6ft?

  58. hi jill .this is khushi.i am 13 years and 6 months and my mom is 5’3 and my dad is 5’9.I am 5’21/2 .I am a little plum but like that ok.I am worried.can you tell me my adult height?Can i be 5’5?

  59. Hi i really dont want to get any more taller im 5’1 rn i have had my period 2 times i get mine now tomorrow and mom said she grew 3-4 cm after she got hers do you think i will grow the same like i want to stay under 170 cm

  60. Hi, I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m about a quarter inch from 5ft 4 inches. My mom is 5ft 5 inches and my dad is 6ft 1 inch. Over the past 6 months, i had not grown at all. But recently i grew a quarter inch. I really want to be tall, do you think I’m done growing? 🙂

  61. I’m 6’1 and 13 haven’t hit a growth spurt my dad is 6’2 and my mom is 5’7 my voice hasn’t started cracking either how tall do you think I will be and when will I hit my growth spurt?

  62. hi jill , i’m 13 years old , female . i already had my period when i was 10 . my height is 4’9 1/2 . i think i stopped growing . last year , i was still 4’9 1/2 . all my friends have grown taller for a few inches than me . i stay up late until 12 but i still sleep for 8 hours . i also take growth supplements but it didn’t work this time . what should i do ?

    1. Based on what you’re telling me I suspect you have reached your full height. So…best to accept it and focus on taking the best care of yourself that you can–eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly, and love yourself! 😉

  63. Hi Jill, I’m 12 1/2 years old and only 5′ 1/4″ tall and my mom is 5′ 4″ and my dad is about 5′ 6″. Also my brother is full grown and 5′ 10″ tall. And my sister is 10 and she is 5′ 2″. Also I don’t have any signs other than the puberty and my joints hurt. Do you think I will get any taller? Cause almost all of my friends are taller than me and poke me about my hight but in a friendly way. Reply me back if you can. But it would be great if you could. Thanks!?

  64. Hi, I’m 16 next month and I’m a girl. I’ve noticed my appetite has sky rocketed recently! Literally hungry all the time. Could that be a sign of a growth spurt? Do girls get hungry too?

    1. Yes, of course girls get hungry too! When are you getting hungry? I would double check whether you are eating enough in the morning and mid-day–if not, that can make you really hungry later in the day.

    2. Hi I’m Larson. I’m 13 I’ll be 14 in January. I’m currentely 5.4 almost 5.5 and like 110 pounds. My dad is 6.3 and mom 5.5. I’m pretty average but most of my friends are taller than me. I’m worried that when I go to high school I’ll be really small. Can you just tell me when I will grow and how much I’ll grow? Thank you so much. I’m pretty worried about it.

  65. Heeeey jill I’m like 5’3 hoping I can be tall because I play basketball I really need to grow but my mom is like about 5’1 and my dad is 5’6 hoping I can at least be 6’0 or 5’9 but in my dad side of the family they are tall but in my mom they are short I’m really really hoping I can get tall is there anything I can do too help and I really don’t know if I hit my growth spur but please respond and help me !!?!??!?!?!

  66. Looks like you’re an average of your parents’ height right now; perhaps you will grow a bit more, but it depends on when you started puberty.

  67. Hi doctor. I would like to know when I will be done growing. I am 5’10” however my parents are 5’8 and 5’10”. Im 14 years 8 months. There are tall people in family but I can’t seem to predict my height. According to growth charts, I will be 6’1.5″ inches. I am aware that growth depends on puberty. I don’t have facial hair except moustache and I barely have any body hair except plenty of hair, arm and leg. Also can you please give tips on what to eat to grow taller. I don’t when I will be done growing or whether I am done growing at this stage. Also my voice is not entirely cracked and adams apple is not fully visible.

  68. I´m 13 in about 5 months, i weigh about 44kg, i´m about 5´1 nearly 5´2. My dad is around 5´11 and my Mum, around 5´7 or 5´8. Around how tall will i get and will i hit a growth spurt soon? Thx, Hanna.

  69. Hi Jill, I’m 15 and I’m 5’0, I have long legs, short torso, my shoe size is a 6 in women, I have long arms that almost reach my knees, and my fingers are long also. My question is that will I be growing taller to fit into my arms and fingers, my mom is 5’2 and my dad is 5’6!

  70. hi Jill, my name is Roy, and I’m twelve years old, my birthday is on December, and I am about 6ft 1inch, I want to knw if I’m gonna grow more than this, and my foot size is 10+

  71. Hi! I’m 5’5 and 17, My mother used to be 5’4 (Her uncles range about 5’6-5’10), My father used to be 5’11 (His uncles are 5’10-6’4) and now they’re 5’3 and 5’10. I ride my bicycle almost every day.

    1. Hi, Jill. Im 16 and 5’9, but im
      Worried because everyone is taller than me. My dad is 6’3, and mom 5’6. Most people in my family are tall. I have to shave my beard sometimes

        1. Hi again Jill, thanks for responding. I got another question. What could my final height be?

          1. It’s hard to tell, but if you can check in with your pediatrician and check out your growth chart, that will give you a better idea. It’s really hard for me to make that estimate…;)

          2. Hello Jill. I was wondering why i only have grown 4-5 cms in like 2 years. Im 16 and 5’9. Dad is 6’3.

        2. Hi Jill, I’m 12 and I’m 5’5 but I’m a gymnast… Gymnasts can not really be tall, do you know how long a growth spurt could last ?

          1. Also my mum is 5’6 and my dad is 5’8 so I’m not really sure how tall I could get?

        3. Hi Jill, so I’m 15 1/2. I haven’t really grown at all in the last two years or so and my dad is 6″0 and my mom Is 5″6 or so. I’m wondering if I’m gonna grow again. There have been signs of growth spurts for a while but it’s been too long now. I really feel I need to grow and it seems like I should. Over the last few months I have been getting more sleep if that means anything but please help. Thanks!

          1. It seems unusual that you have not grown in the past 2 years, particularly given your age. I would check in with your doctor, soon.

    2. Hello Jill, i was wondering why i only have been growing 5cm in 2 years. Im 5’9 and my dad is 6’3. Im 16 between.

  72. I’m 14 I’ve already been through puberty I’m 5’6 my doctor when I was in 7th grade told me that I was going to at least get to 5’11 but now my doctor says that I won’t grow any more and my mom is 5’5 and my dad is 6’1 and has far has my body goes I take more after him, and he says that he hit a grow spurt in 6th grade then when he went into high school and all I want to know is if I will grow more or not please get back to me when ever you have the time.

  73. Hi i am 15yr old and 5.6 in height my dad is 5.9 and my mom is 5.3 I have pimples my voice is cracked and have long legs I started swimming and exercises 3 days ago.when can I see the results

  74. Im 13 i weigh 149 lbs im 5ft 5 inches i am 13 in men shoe size my mom is 5ft 4 inches my my dad is 6ft 1 inches when will get my growth spurt

  75. I’m 13 now and I’m “5”3 1/2″ and I go through the cycle of Menstrual since I was 10 and now I’m worried about growing up and how I’m smaller than most the girls in my school and my appetite has changed a lot I’m hungry every 1-2 hours but I ignore it sometimes am I going through my grows spurt at 13? Please tell me I’m really confused at this age and I go back to school in 2 weeks.

  76. HI I’m 15.5 years old and 5″5 no armpit hair, but I’m starting to see dark hair on my lips. I grew 3 inches this year, so am I done growing or am I still gonna keep growing . P.s my shoe size is a 10 and I’m hungry on the hour like you said

  77. Hi I am Lily.I am 13 years and 8 months.I am only a little bit underweight.I have two of these sights bigger bones and a wider body,but barely.My signs are very small.I have not really changed much compared to lots of people.All these girls are towering over me in my grade.I am scared I won’t grow tall.I have been barely growing.Also I have not had my grow spurt yet or a first period .My mom is 5″8 and so is my dad.My brother is full grown at 6″3.I exercise well,eat well,and sleep well.My question is there a way to figure out when you actually get your grow spurt and are there ways to figure out how tall you can be?Also I am wondering if there is a pissibilty I could be taller than 5″8?

  78. Hey I’m 15 and 5’8″ and used to be one of the tall guys in elementary school, at age 9.5 I was 4’8″ or something, and I’ve grown about 1.5″ or 2″ in 9 months, which is about normal, so I don’t think I have hit a growth spurt yet, but I am definitely showing a couple of these signs, I just changed shoe size after about 4 months and I have a little sting in my knees, but I don’t have any hair on my arms or legs, so I don’t know if I’m a late bloomer because I have a bit of a deep voice and that’s it. And I should probably also note that my mom is 5’5″ and my dad is 6’0″ so will I probably at least get to 6’0″?

    1. I’m a 14 year old girl, I’ve been skinny all of my life but recently I’ve been gaining weight mostly in my stomach and thighs. Is this normal or do I need to start a diet?

      1. No diets, Raegan! They don’t work…research shows that dieting ends up causing more weight gain in the long run! You are probably just “filling out” and getting your womanly figure. It’s all good! It’s supposed to happen — if you aren’t active every day, start going for a walk or ride a bike–something you enjoy doing to move your body in healthy ways.

        1. Jill, I’m currently 13 and a half, I started my first menstraution when I was very close to 12. I’m 5’3, my mom’s 5’4 and dad is 5’7. Any more chances of me growing taller?

  79. Hi I’m a girl 13 5’0 1/4. I would like to know if I would get any taller because I feel very small in my grade considering I haven’t grown in a year. My mom is 5’1″ and my dad is 6’1 will I get any taller? I’m also wondering if I’m underweight I’m 89 pounds and I eat normally.

  80. My son is almost 15.4 yrs old started his growth spurt at about 14.7 yrs old. Acne, voice change, hair on his lip and lower legs are now noticeable. No armpit hair. He started his growth spurt at 5’4.5, now he’s 5’8.5. Dad is 6’1 mum is 5’4. He’s been in the later side in developing vs his peers and 50% on the growth curve pre spurt. What’s your guestimate as to his growth potential over the next few years? Will his centile trend up? Also both parents were on the later side of average, fathers family has tall relatives, mothers are average to short.

    1. Hard to tell but i bet he has more growing to do. Centiles can trend up, but not always. It’s a wait-and-see proposition and just reassure him that he is loved no matter what!

  81. I am a 16 year old boy,i am only 5’4, my father is 5’6 but my mother is 5’4.I have a little bit of hair in my armpits but no facial hair.My voice is still childish but it sometimes breaks a little bit. My height was stopped for almost 3 months from september 2015 to january 2016 but now after 7 months time period(i turned 16 years this 5 july) my height has grown almost 2 inches and still increasing.I want to ask that am I at the peak of growth spurt or it is just the beginning and how long a growth spurt could last and how much height was increased during this period?I also want to ask what are the signs which show my growth spurt is over, is it some fine facial hairs growing in the chin area or just developing a moustache or beard?Also is my voice change from childish to adulthood compulsory?

    1. I also want to add that my legs are longer than my father but my hands are very small compared to him.So will my legs grow even longer?BTW my legs have been proportionately longer than my upper half since my childhood.I have also got a small head.

  82. Is it normal for a 13 y/o boy to not have grown at all in a year? What could be causing this?

    1. Inadequate nutrition could cause this; hormonal inadequacies could also be a cause–have you checked with your doctor?

  83. Hey Jill PLZ reply I read your whole text above.. I am 13 years old boy will be 14 in half month & currently 5.1 feet and my mom is 5.3 and my father 5.5 feet.. I wanna reach till 5.8 can I reach it. I wanna know whether I am in puberty and till what I would end up.. And what should I do to reach 5.8.. Thank you plz reply Jill…

    1. honestly , it doesn’t matter really about your parents . my mom is 5’5 and my dad is 5’8 . I’m 6 ft and 230 pounds at 14

  84. Hi my name is Jakob. I am a 17 year old 5’3″ male. I’m scared I will not grow much taller. My mom is ~5’2″ and my dad is ~5’7″. I eat a lot but I’m still scared that I will not grow much more. I’m aiming for 6’0″ (aim high hit low).

    1. I am 13 and am 5’2 male and I already past my mom but my dad is 5’10 would I reach at least 6’0

  85. Hi I’m Archie and I am 13 and I have lots of pimples and they hurt a lot! Can you please help me get rid of them!

    And also stop them altogether. I wash my face every night and I use face makes, cream and nothing works?

  86. Hi my name is Julie I am 12 years old and I am currently 5’9 and still growing. I have terrible knee pain and stay up all night. Is this bad?

    1. No, but i would make sure you didn’t injure yourself–growing pains are more like aches rather than sharp pain–check with your doctor to be sure.

  87. I’m chuck I am 16.9 years old and I am 6’1 recently I have noticed a kind of soreness in both my knees especially when I bend them. Does this mean I’m growing? because the my doctors say I still haven’t hit my growth spurt.
    Btw my dad is 6’1 and my mother is 5’10

  88. i turn 13 next month and im 5’6 , mom is 5’6 and my dad is 5’9 . do u think ill be 6′ ?

  89. Hi, I just turned 17 on the 17th of July and I’m exactly 5 foot 11 inches. I’m a male and weigh ~190 pounds, and I am overweight and relatively fat as I do not have a ton of muscle. I was 5 foot 9 inches last year and started puberty at around 13-14 years of age. My mother is 5 foot 11 inches and my father is 6 foot 4 inches. Also, my armpit hair is somewhere in the lower end of middle, it’s not bushy but it’s definitely noticeable. Will I fill out and be able to pack on more muscle soon? And do you believe that I am near the end of my growth spurt? I don’t think my doctor ever estimated what height I would become.

    1. Hard to really know–given your parent’s height you may grow a bit more. Boys tend to fill out once they reach their full height.

  90. So I’m almost done with my teenage years. I’m 18 almost 19.. Female.
    I weigh 123 pounds and I’m 5’4
    I’ve had acne for the past 4-5 years and I got my period around 13-14years old.
    My diet isn’t bad, I don’t get my period because I’m on a form of birth control called the depo shot.
    But before I got it regularly, I just wanted to know if you could help me with knowing how long till I too have clear beautiful skin?
    If possible, thank-you

    1. You may want to discuss with your doctor–the hormones in the birth control may be contributing to your acne.

  91. Hi I’m 13 normal weight and a girl. I’m the tallest in my grade at 5’6.5 am I growin too fast( also I’m normal weight with an hourglass figure)?

  92. i am 15 years old.i am not growing taller for 2 years .i mean I am 5.4 feet for two mom is 5.2 and my dad is 5.5. and i already have almost all the signs that u talk is it possible for me to grow 5.10 feet by the age of 18…please reply

  93. I’m 12 and a half years old. I started puberty at 10 and I’m only 4′ 8″
    I have been growing at about 2-3 inches a year for a few years. My period is expected to come in 5-7 months. I wear 4-5 in shoes (USA)
    My mom is 5′ 4″ and my dad is 5’3
    will i grow more?

  94. Hi my name is Alton and i’m 12 years old i wanna know around what time you would hit your spurt because i feel small my cousin is a year old and when he turned 13 his voice changed and he is 5’9 i want to be 6’2 at max but i don’t want to be to little i wear a size 9 mens?

      1. Some later means when at age of 23? I’m Surender age 23 my height is 5’5 only feeling bad to stand around my friends because they are almost 6′. Is their any possibility to grow my height ?

        1. It’s most likely you’ve reached your adult height. Don’t feel badly, it’s not about how tall you are, it’s about your presence in the world. 🙂

  95. I’m a 13 year old girl and I’m 4’11, almost 5’0. My mom is 5’2 and my dad is 5’8. Do you think I’ll grow taller?

  96. Hi Jill my name is Vivian and im 5’3 and im 14 gonna be 15 in aug 14 and i still havn’t had my growth spurt yet and my moms height is 5’5 and my dad is 5’7-8ish and do you know if I either already had my growth spurt already cause it seems that i’m always short and i want to be around 5’10-11

  97. Hi my name is Keegan. I am 17 and have been for about 4 months. I was wondering if there was a chance if I could hit my growth spurt because I’m 5’5 and my parents are 5’5 and 5’9. My brother is 6’2 and I as wondering what the chances were that I hit a big growth spurt soon. My brother also hit his about this time when he was my age. Thank you.

    1. Hey jill, im 12 years old and im 4″11 and I havent hit my growth spurt yet but most kids in my class have .im a 7th grader and my mom is 5″6 and my dad is 6″0 do I have any hope

  98. Hi, my name is Angelica and I’m a 12 years old girl. I start puberty at the age of 10, back then I was just 5’1 at that age. But now as I turned 12, my height changed to 5’5. I was just curious about my height, does this mean I have gigantism?.

    My mother is just 5’4 and my dad is 5’7. I have other relatives from my dad’s side who are also tall.

    I’m not overweight, just the normal size.

    1. Hi Jill
      I’m 13 and 5 months and 5’4. I haven’t grown since April and I have put on weight (I now weigh 7 stones 4). I haven’t started my period. I have a bigger appetite as well. Why haven’t I grown since April? Am I getting ready for a growth spurt? I’ve also noticed that I have just sprouted a few thin armpit hairs and my breasts have grown a little. Please reply 😉 how much can a girl grow in a growth spurt?

  99. Hi! My name is Scott.

    I’m currently 15 and a half years old. I’m 5’6 and I entered puberty at around 12 years old. I haven’t noticed

    Before puberty, I was about the same height as my friends. Now, some of them are taller than me but only by a couple of inches. Maybe the had their growth spurt earlier than me if that is possible.

    I am pretty self conscious of my height and I hope to reach 6’0 if it is any way possible!

    Would it be possible to get a growth spurt in the middle of puberty, or will I ever get one? I have searched the internet for some information on this topic but it doesn’t seem to give a valid answer.

    My mother is 5’1 and my father is (about) 5’8 – 5’10 (and this might not be helpful at all) my shoe size is 11 (UK size)

    I really appreciate the time you took to read this and please help me out!

    Thanks so much!


    1. It’s hard to tell if you will grow some more–your pediatrician should have a growth chart of your growth, and that can give you some insight, but based on your parent’s height, you may be done.

  100. Hi Jill, I’m not sure whether I have stopped growing or not. My height is 156.5cm. My mum is 158cm and my dad is 177cm. I will turn 16 in exactly a week. I started my periods at age 13 and 2 months old so, 6th October 2013. When I started my periods I was 152.5cm tall and since then I’ve only grown 4cm. My friends started their at age 11 or 12 but they are still growing. I grew about 0.5cm last month. Do you think I can grow taller? I started puberty really early as I started growing armpit hair at age 7/8 and breasts at 11.

      1. Im 15 and im 5’4 1/2 and i where a size 9 my mom is 4’11 and my dad is 6’2 i reach puberty at age 12/13 how tall will i be

  101. I’m Lindsay, I’m a 13 year old teenage girl and I’m turning 14 in October. I’m currently around the height of 5’1-5’2. I have started snacking a lot more, staying up later than usual, and sleeping in later than usual. My dad is 6’4 and my mom is 5’5, I was wondering if I would grow to be around my moms height or a little taller. Could you help

  102. Hi, I’m 15 and a half and I’m about 5’11 and weigh about 168lbs. My mom is 5’9 and her brothers are 6’8 and 6’11 . My dad is 5’7. I’m hungry a lot, and my bones pop a lot, I also where size 12 in shoes. How tall should I expect to be?

  103. Hi, my daughter is 12 years old, (she’ll be 13 at the very beginning of August, and she weighs 115.5 pounds, and she is 5’1 inches tall. She just went to her doctor last week. She’s been having trouble with her stomach, and she’s on medication now. I’m not sure if 115.5 pounds is overweight, but I weighed about 90 pounds when I was her age. What should I do?

    1. She may be getting ready to grow taller; many girls start to get a little pudgy just before their growth spurt.

  104. I’m 13 and I have been having pains in my knees and I have been getting pimples bad. But I have started my period a few months ago. I am 5.4.

  105. Hi, I’m Todd.

    I am very concerned about my height. I’m almost 18 years of age, and I think I’m only 5’6. I’m not sure, I’ll have to get back to you on that.

    My mom is 5’4′, and my father is around 5’8”.

    Do I still have time to grow, or would you say I probably shouldn’t hope for any more growth?

    It’s a bit awkward because even my sister has had several growth spurts by now. She’s only 12, and she’s an inch taller than me. I really hope I have time to grow.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    1. Given your age, my bet is that you’re done growing…however, some individuals will still grow a bit into early adulthood.

    2. Jill is incorrect males continue growing until the age of 21 but growth significantly slows down.

      1. Nathan–not all males continue to grow to 21 years; those that do tend to be late bloomers and represent a small portion of the population.

  106. Im 5’6…my dad is 6’1 and my mom is 5’6. Im 16 and a half. why am i not growing?

  107. Hi, I’m 14years old and a girl I’m 5 feet 1inch. Can I be 5`5“? And how can I be taller?

  108. Well I’m 17 years old and turning 18 in a few months and in the past few days I’ve been eating more than double than before. And the thing is I’m almost 6 3 and weigh no more than 190 but in shape so is this like a second growth spurt or just something weird thanks

  109. Im a 14 year old boy i turned 14 on April 4th my voice is squeaky when I try to scream and when I go woo or who loudly not in a deep voice but in my regular voice but higher its squeaky I can talk fine though

  110. I’m 16 currently and im around 5 ft 4 and my dad is 5 ft 6/7 and my mom is 5 ft 3. Is there a chance i can have a growth spurt?

  111. Hi,
    I am 16 years old I have had my period since 8th grade and I am a Junior now but I still haven’t grown in height like I’m really short, like my mom, but I’m 4″11 I think and I weigh 85 pounds, my breasts aren’t big and I don’t have a big butt. Am I normal, should I go to the doctors, should I be worried, am I going to stay like this forever, am I just a late bloomer?? Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,

    1. You are probably going to be like your mom, especially since it’s been awhile since you started your period. 🙂

      1. HI, I am 15, 6 ft 1/2” I am having pains in my back and knees and starting to get pimples, does it mean i am hitting other growth spurt?

  112. Hi, my daughter is 11 and is turning 12 in November. She had already been getting a few pimples here and there when starting 5th grade. She then started producing underarm hair and public hair a during 6th grade. She is currently about 5’1 or 5’2 and has been that since February. She hasn’t started her period yet and I’m not so sure if she had her growth spurt. Her father is 5’9 and I am 5’5. I want her to be atleast my height but she wants to be 5’10. I’m a little worried about her and I want to know what is the best what for her to boost her growth. Please give me feedback!

  113. I’m 17 and 6ft I just want to know one last thing how do I lose the baby fat in my face I’m barley pushing 120 pounds but I just have baby fat in my cheeks still how do I lose it?

  114. hi I’m a 12 year old girl & I got my period March 2O15 ( if that helps…) and I’m half a in. from being 5’7 , am I finished growing ?

    1. If your height is very close to your parents height, probably, unless you have not had a growth spurt yet. A growth spurt is when you grow 4 inches plus in a year.

  115. Hi, I’m a 13 years old girl and I’m 5’3. What are the chances for me to be 5,6 or taller? I got my period last year if that helps. Also my mom is 5,3 and my dad 5,9. I don’t know if I already had my growth spurt.

  116. I just turned 15 I’m almost 5″10 my mom is 5″4 1/2 and my dad is 6″1 1/2 will I get 6 ft!

      1. hi i am a 15 year old boy and i am about to turn 16 in december 2 and my voice still have not changed yet what do that mean and my doc said by me having a blood disorder it may take longer but can you help if you can my pls thanks

  117. Hi i’m 14 years old in i’m a male about 5 feet 0 inches and i didn’t hit my growth spurt yet but i grow 3 inches most of the times I play basketball in i want to make it to the NBA i at least want to be 6 feet if God make me see those days but how much inches do you grow when you hit your grow spurt please reply back as soon as you can thank you

  118. I am 5’5″ and 127. I have BDD, and an eating disorder. I went from 125 to 126 then 127 in a matter of a week. I am terrified that I am getting fat, but my mom is convinced that im growing. Is it normal to gain that much in such little time? I also went from 5’4.75″ to almost 5″5.5″, very recently. I am just scared and am refusing to eat. Btw, i am not in an eading disorder treatment anymore i got discharged, but is that normal still to gsin that much in that amount of time?

  119. Hi, I’m a 14 year old girl and about 5’7. I got my period just after my 14th birthday in October 2015… I have been experiencing really bad cramping and muscle spasms in my legs for over a week non-stop. I saw a doctor and I have vitamin D deficiency, but I’ve grown at least one inch in this past year. I don’t want to get any taller because I already tower over most people… Btw my mum’s about 5’8, my dad is 5’8.5 and my 17 year old sister is 5’4. Do you think I’m done growing? I’ve got pretty long arms and legs, and my feet are reasonably big…

  120. Hi Jill,
    My daughter is 14. She got her first period at 12 and 3 months. Now she is 14 and 2 months. She is 5 ft 3. I m 5ft6 her dad is 5 ft 10.
    Her growth chart shown that she can reach 5ft 5 at 15 years old. But she has been one or two cm below her growth chart since her first period.
    I am wondering if she can really reach her maximum growth potentiel as per gowth chart? All of her friends of the same height have not yet their period and now they, one by one, start to grow taller than her. She said she doesn’t like how she is. Is there any chance for her to gain at least one inch more?

    1. Some kids have grown beyond the 2 year window after menses, and some even experience a latent surge in growth, exceeding their predicted height. It’s hard to tell what your daughter will do in terms of growth, but the good news is she can wear heels…:)

    2. Hi Jill I’m a 5’6 male and I turned 15 on May and I was wondering I can reach 6’1 my dad is close to 5’6 and my mom is 5’2 and I wear 10 and a half in men’s shoe size I haven’t grown more than two inches I started at 12 and my dad had a tall relative that is 6’6 and his parents are 5’5 and mom is 5’1 and my dads brother reached 6’2 I got a bigger foot than my dad cause he wears 8 1/2 in men’s shoe size and I have a longer arm spand than him by a lot and I feel like I haven’t grown a lot cause I have always been shorter than the other people in my class and I haven’t got a big growth spurt or 2

      1. Primarily, your height will reflect your parent’s height. Since you are 15, you probably still have some time to grow…

        1. Hi Jill im a 5’2 female and im 14, i was just wondering if i’d still grow. My dads height is 5’5 and my moms is 4’9 and someone predicted my adult height and he said its gonna be 5’6 i dont know if its true.

  121. Hi! My son is 12 3/4 and is 5ft 5in. He grew 5 inches in the last 12 months! The growth calculator says he will be approx 6ft – 6ft 1. My question is, has he hit his biggest growth spurt, and what will his average yearly growth be? Will he have another big growth spurt? Thank you!

    1. Hi I am a 13 years old boy and I am 5’8 1/2 and my mom is 5’2 and my dad is 5’6. How is this possible? Please reply

      1. Hey, I’m a girl (turning 14 in July) I’m 5’6″ and my mom is 5’8″, and my dad is 6’2″. I’ve learned that you can grow taller because of your activities, and your diet. It also comes from your genes. My mom’s parents were pretty short (5’2″ to about 5’6″) but she was taller than them. My dad’s parents were pretty short too, (5’3″ to 5’7″) and he’s really tall, but that’s because he did long and high jumping (pole jumping) when he was a teen, and that helped him get taller. Plus, you’re growing up in this generation and society, we can be more healthier or not based on the things we have available, while your parents aren’t that tall because they grew up back then when there wasn’t much technology that came out in the 21st cane they (2000ti now) and when it did, they already got out of their major growth spurts. If I’m correct, you could probably grow up to be about 6’0″ tall. Don’t worry about it, since you’re a guy you’ll grow tall anyways. Also don’t worry, cause you’ll be pretty popular and sports will come to your advantage. I hope that helps 🙂

  122. Hi! I’m a 15 year-old girl, turning 16 in August, and I’m stumped.
    My dad is 5’11. My mom is 5’9. And here I am, the tallest of my three siblings, at 5’6. I wear a size 10 in shoes and have long arms, so I feel like I’m supposed to grow taller.
    What I always blamed my shorter demeanor for was my struggle with insomnia, but recently, after a change in diet, it has lifted almost completely! In fact, last night I slept ten and a half hours, more than I have slept in years!
    I already get plenty of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D and calcium. Also, I exercise regularly and eat healthily.
    My question is, with a change in sleep patterns like this (going from >4 hours a night to 8+) is it possible for me to still grow taller?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, I have come to talk about my daughter. She turned thirteen last week and she is 5’2.5 .She started her period when she was 11 1/2. I am 5’5 and my husband is 5’10. Do you think that based on my daughter having already started her menses she will grow any more? Thanks 🙂

  123. I’m a girl. I’m 14, nearing 15 in about 4 months, and I’m about 5 feet tall. I haven’t had a growth spurt yet, and I’m short compared to everyone else. Will I get taller?

    1. My mom is 5’6 (her side of the family is quite average height) and my dad is 5’11 (his side of the family is quite tall).

    2. Hi Jill! I am 13 and 4 months today. I am 5’4. My parents aren’t very tall, my mom is 5’3 (she has growing problems as a child so she is still much much shorter than her parents) and my dad is about 5’11 and his parents are quite tall. I weigh 98 pounds. I haven’t started my period yet. I play a lot of basketball and in basketball, height is an advantage. I was wondering, since I have had no period yet, if it is possible for me to grow 5 inches to 5’9 so I can do well in this sport? Thanks 🙂

    3. Hello. My name is Fiona and I am 13 1/2. I am 5’8. My mom is 5’6 and my dad is 6’2. I got my period when I was 11 1/2 and I have already had a big growth spurt. Do you think I am done growing or will I be able to expect half and inch or an inch more of growth? Please reply soon thankyou 😉

  124. Hello, my name’s Mira. I’m 13 and soon to be turning 14 this August, my dad’s 5’5 1/2 and my mom’s about 4’11, i’m 5’3 and as i usually see posts such as ‘used to be shorter-now i’m taller’ thing all over the Internet, i’ve wondered, what about being tall at first and now, the shortest?

    My parents aren’t that tall, but my actual goal is to grow until i’m finally 5’10, is it possible to grow taller than my parents? I used to be the tallest in preschool, now considering my height now, do i still have a chance to grow taller than them? I’ve been feeling insecure about my height recently, most of my friends have been growing taller and some of them are already as tall as me! 🙁

    I just wanna know if there’s still a chance for me to grow taller than 5’3 or is it time that i’ve finally stopped growing..? 🙁

  125. Hi im 15 right now and im 5’6. The tallest my brothers got was 5’9. Im not sure how taler my parents are but My mom looks like she is 5’4 and my dad looks 5’9. Will i be 5’9 like my brothers?

  126. Hi Jill, will I still grow? I’m 5’10 , 15 years old, but my dad is only 5’7 and my mom is 4’10. I wear a size 12 shoes while my dad wears only a size 10. I also notice I have longer arms than my dad. Will I still grow? :/

    1. By the way, I was 4’11 then I grew 3 inches 1 summer at 12 yrs. old 4 inches in two years then 3 inches in this summer. I’m turning 16 this coming two months from now, will I still grow?

  127. Hi I’m a 16 1/2 year old female. My parents have both shrunk with age but at my mothers tallest she was about 5’10-5’11 and my dad at his tallest was about 5’9. I had my first period almost 4 years ago and I think I’m still growing! I’m guessing I’m 5’8 now. And my friend who has always been taller me is now just shorter than me! And she started puberty way later than me! Why am I still growing? And how much more do you think I’ll grow?

  128. Hi I am Joey and I am from the Philippines. I am a boy, currently 14 years old and my height is about 5’3. My dad is around 5’2 and my mom is around 5’0. Lately, I have noticed a slight decline in my diet and the rate of my growth. I just wanted to know if growth spurt is still ahead of me?

  129. Hi I’m 12 and I’m reaching 5 feet I’m like 4.9 feet or “4,8” feet but I’m shorter than everyone my dad is 5,11 will I grow to be very tall cause almost all the stories I have heard were that the short kid always becomes the tallest in the log run will I be really tall or short by at least 8th grade

  130. hi there ! i’m 12 years old going to be 13 in July . my height is only 4’9 1/2 . my mother is 5’2 and my father is 5’9 . i think stopped growing months ago because my height is still the same . will my height still increase ?

    1. You still have some time to grow, I think, given that you are only 12–boys tend to grow quickly between 14-16 years, but this can vary based on genetics and diet.

  131. Hi there I am 12 and I got my period on december 18 2014(i know it’s quite early) was like 149cm that year and now I am 155cm. Is it normal? By the way I seem to have stopped growing because my friends who used to be shorter than me ( somewhere between 3 cm to 5 cm) have grown taller than me:-( My mom is 162cm and my dad is 167cm( im Asian)I hope I can grow at least 5 cm taller cause I don’t want to be short@_@ And I’m wondering if my growth spurt has started because recently I get hungry like every half an hour. I am also loosing weight though, have I started it or it’s not normal? I’m also a 200m and 400m athlete, can running help me grow too?

    Sorry I’ve got too many questions?

    1. You will want to make sure you are getting enough calories and nutrients, especially since you are an athlete. Check out my book, Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete–it covers all the nutrition concerns for athletes ages 8-18 years.

  132. My daughter will be 12 in 3 months and she just got her period. She is only 4ft.6inches and only just started puberty. I am 5’6″ and her dad is 5’11”. Will she grow more? I am worried about her early menarche since I was 18 at menarche.

  133. Hi I’m Angel and I’m a boy. My height is 5’9 and I’m 15. My dad is 6’2 and my mom is 5’3 am I still going to grow or am I done growing?

  134. Um hi im 13 and im 5,2 i used to be taller than my best friend but know she’s taller than me both of my parents weren’t very short people but I’ve been short for a long time when will i start growing more cause im always made fun of for my height

  135. Hi, I recently turn 14. I am 5’9 and still have a boy’s voice and barely any armpit hair. My father is 6’0 and my mother is 5’8. I was told by my doctor that I may reach 6’3 is that possible? I know I’m going to grow more, about how much taller do you think I will get?

  136. My name is Jack and i’m 16 years old and 6’1. I’ve already had a growth spurt because i used to be the smallest but now i’m the tallest, but i want to grow to 6’3 or 6’4. Will i have another growth spurt? and if so when?

  137. Also my grandmothers brothers were 6’5 and 6’6 and my great grandfather was 6’5-6’6

  138. Hi there! I’m a 14 years old girl and I don’t get enough sleep. In fact, I sleep very very late. Sometimes, I might get an 5 hour of sleep. I know it’s not good for my health and I’m trying to change it. However, my height is now about less than 5 inches (I’m really little :c) and I really want to grow up. Do you think that my bad sleep affected my size because of puberty? What do you suggest me to be able to grow a little more please!

    1. Eat balanced, healthy meals and get at least 7 hours of sleep–and exercise most if not every day!

  139. Hi i’m a boy and 5’5 and 16 years old. My dad is 5’7 and my mom is 5’2. I have little hands and feet. My feet are 9 inches and my hands are 6.3 inches. My hands are just as small like my mom’s hands. I have hair on my chest and stomach and other places. But i don’t think that i hit a growth spurt yet because i haven’t growth more then 2 inches a year sense i became a teenager. I haven’t grew in 4-5 months. My family on my mom’s family are over 6’5 and my dad’s family is both short and tall. Do i continue to grow or have i stopped growing.

  140. Hi, Appreciate your effort with this website and was wondering if you could help me out as well. I recently turned 17 and I’m a male. I’m 5’10 (177.5cm) but my doctor said i should be taller by now. Ive grown only 1cm in the past year. So was wondering if theres still growing for me left to do and if it is possible for height growth to pause and then come back. My brother is 6’3 btw.

    1. I think it depends on whether you’re a late bloomer. You can also check with your doctor and your growth chart to predict your ultimate height.

  141. Hi! I’m 14 and I got my period about one year ago. I’m about 5’4 my dads 6’1 and my mom is 5’1. I’ve been eating a lot lately and I have pains in my knees and heels. My feet are bigger than a lot of my friends but I’m short compared to them. Do you think I could reach 5’6? Thank you!

  142. I am a sixteen year old boy turning 17 in 5 months and my mom is 5’2 and my dad is 5’10. I’m 5’7 do you think I will grow to be my dad’s height?

  143. I’m 5’4 . My dad is 6’4 . My mom is 5’10 . Do u think I will be tall than my dad? I’m 12 years old.

  144. Hi, I’m Lily and I’m 13 years old. My mom is 5’5 and my dad is 5’9. I am 5’7. I started my period at about 12 years. Will I still grow? I’m uncertain as I haven’t been through that much of a growth spurt.

  145. Hi, I’m 14 (male) and I think that I might be hitting my big growth spurt, but I have a problem. I am eating LESS than normal but every so often I will eat a bunch and I was wondering if this was normal or not. If not, it’s not a huge deal, I’ll wait it out because I might be wrong about my growth spurt but if it DOES happen, why does it happen? Thanks.

    1. Generally, your growth spurt will trigger a bigger appetite. Make sure to listen to your body, and try to figure out the signs of hunger. You should try to eat every 4-5 hours and not skip meals. 😉

      1. Hello im 12 and im 4’9. My dad is 5’5 and my mom is 4’10. Do you think i will grow anymore or will i stop growing?

  146. Hi Jill, I’m 15 and only 4’11. Do you think I will grow some more? I don’t know the heights of my mother and father since I’m adopted. But my half brother is 17 and he’s 5’8 and my other half brother is 5’9 . We only have the same mom . Please help, thank you .

    1. I’m not sure–I would take a look at your growth chart with your pediatrician. You can look at your historical pattern and predict any more growth and get a good sense of ultimate height. All the best!

    2. Hello i just turned 18, and about 5 ‘5 to 5″6. I’ve been around there for almost four years. I have only grown shoes sizes ( growing two sizes in the last 2 years 7 – 9 uk) and my hands have also grown a bit about 3-5 cm i reckon in the last 2 – 3 years. I’ve got a bit of facial hair and quite some body hair. My voice is still on the softer side and my legs are longer than my upper body. Is there any chance of growth or am i done?

  147. I’m 5’11 about to turn 16 my dad is 6’4 and my mom is 5’8 do you think I have a chance of reaching the same height of my dad

  148. Hey thank you so much for being so kind and taking so much time to answer these questions!! I’m 16 and got my period at 13 and a half, but I’ve grown the most within the year or so despite that I should’ve supposedly stopped growing in height at 14. I’m a little over 5’5″ and just a few months ago I was shorter than my mom and now I’m taller than her, and do you think I could potentially still be growing height wise? My mom is 5’5″ and my dad is 6’2″.

    1. In theory, you should have been growing up to 15 1/2 years, give or take. You may get a little bit more growth, but I bet you’re close to being done.

  149. Hi Jill! I was wondering if I could grow to be 5’10. My mom is 5’6 and my dad is 6′. My family is more on the average to sort of tall side. My brother surprisingly grew to be 6’9″. I am currently 12 years old and 9 months and already 5’6.5. I haven’t gotten my period yet, and I am slightly of the chubby side ^_^.

    1. I have a feeling you have more growing to do–hard to say how much but since you haven’t had your period, there is def opportunity for more.

  150. hello I am 14 and I just got my period this year. I am 5’0 and my legs arms and back etc. have been hurting lately and somedays I have been more hungry then I normally am. if I am having a growth spurt, what should I be eating? and how long does it normally take to grow during a growth spurt? And if u even think that I am having a growth spurt, will I be taller by the end of summer? my mom is 5’4 and my dad is 5’9, I think that I will make it to 5’4 possibly. PLEASE RESPOND :))

    1. Yes, you will probably still grow. Eat healthfully–all food groups–balanced. Get 7 hours of sleep at least and stay active. Don’t be a couch potato! 😉

  151. Hi My daughter is 2 month away from her 12th birthday. She got her period when she was 11 1/2 yrs old. She only grows an inch 3 month after her first period. Will growing stop after the period? Her father is 5’11 and I am only 5′ 2″. She is 4’11 now. Will she grows any taller after puberty started?

    1. Theoretically, she should be in a growth phase until around 13 1/2 years, provided she gets an adequate, healthy diet, plenty of sleep and good amounts of daily exercise.

      1. Hi I would like some input, I’m 15 6’1 and 260lbs I would say I’m quite big for a kid my age but that’s not the question. The question is will I get any bigger? My dad is 6’1 and my mom is 5’5 and I’ve noticed some hair growth under my chin but nothing compared to my brother and my shoe size jumped to a 13 and almost a 14. People tell me my growth is done but my doctor insist there is more

      2. Hi I’m Dan, I am 15 and 5’5 I am turning 16 on 4th of july, I was 5’1 last September 2015.. My mom’s height is 4’10 and dad’s height is 5’8.. My 2 brothers have the same height with me,they are 20 and 19 years old and they were smaller than me when they’re at my age..Would I reach 5’9 or taller?

        1. Maybe! Looks like you had a peak height growth last year with about 4″ which is average for your age/growth spurt for boys. I’m optimistic.

  152. Hey, I need your input on this, if you don’t mind. 🙂 I developed an eating disorder a few months after I turned 14. This ordeal, that I had to undergo, involved eating nothing but a cup or two of steamed broccoli a day. Severe restriction was going on, and this lasted throughout the whole of the following year. I’m turning 15, as of current- turning 16, this August. Everyone in my family is REALLY tall (but I’m REALLY short, in comparison to them). I’ve been eating exorbitant amounts of food since about March this year (it has been 3 months), and I’ve increased my intake of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids by a rather significant amount, in hopes that I will grow. I lost my period twice during the whole phase of disordered eating, but now, I’ve got it back, and am suddenly starting to have a lot of pimples on my face. Do you think that if I keep this up, I just might grow up to be of the height I was meant to be?

    1. Sonal, I’m not really sure, but i am hopeful for you. An ED takes a toll on your body, but I have seen young women get healthy again, both physically and mentally. You are doing everything you need to be doing, based on your description, so keep up nourishing yourself, and surrounding yourself with a supportive network. 🙂

  153. Hi. I am a girl. I’m turning 14 in July. I haven’t yet started my period. Not sure about puberty. I’m 4ft 6 inches. I am an Indian. My parent and brothers are tall. Not sure how tall. Some People say I gained a little weight but I dont think so. Could u plz tell me I am gonna grow any taller. Also I haven’t grown any taller since a few years.

  154. Hi, I’m 13 and my height is 4’11. My mom’s height is 5’0 and dad’s height is 5’10. I am female. People my age always tells me that I’m short for my age but all I can do is smile or laugh at them cause I don’t know what to respond!!t My period started when I was 12 years old. I am a skinny girl. And I haven’t gain any weight so… Will I grow taller or not?

  155. Hi, my son is 14 turning 15 in month and half. He is 6’2″, Dad is 6’3″, I am (Mom) is 5’4″. Do you think my son will grow more? He hasn’t had a big grow spurt so far. He started to have facial hair last Fall. He didn’t grow last summer. Will he grow this summer? Thank you.

  156. I’m 15 turning 16 in June and I’m kinda short I’m 5 foot 6 and I have really long arms and legs and people always talk about how my hands are so big but I’m still short and never have hit a big growth spurt. Do you think I will grow to be tall or will I have a unproportional body my whole life?

    1. You may grow some more, since you haven’t noticed a growth spurt–maybe you’re a late bloomer? You will likely fill out as you get older, too, and everything will likely balance out.

  157. I’m 15 y.o. Athlete. 5’8. Mom is 5’5 and dad is 5’11. Will I be 6’2?

  158. Hi I’m 4’9 and I am 13 my mom is 5,2 and my dad is 5’8 am I short for my age and how tall do u think I will become

  159. I’m Paulino I’m 20 years old and I’m around 5’8 and I’m getting cramps on my calfs and my knee hurt so much and my back does too. What does that mean

    1. It could be related to exercise–would check with your doctor if it’s really bothering you.

  160. Hey! I am 14 years old and 5’0. My mom is 5’5 and my dad is 5’9. My older brother is 5’11 to 6’0. I got my period later than my mom, at almost age 13. I only get it a couple times a year. The last growth spurt I had was before starting middle school. I used to weigh 88-90 lbs. and very recently gained 5 lbs. I run long distance in track. Do you think I may be in a growth spurt? I haven’t grown or gained weight for a while. I am really nervous because most girls are usually at least their mom’s height or close. Do you think I am just a late bloomer? Could I maybe grow a few inches? Is it possible for girls to get their growth spurt at about my age? I have usually been a little bit smaller and petite, but not a lot. Thanks! 🙂

    1. I’d say you have time to grow; generally girls grow for 2 years after they start their period. Given that you are a runner, I would make sure you’re getting enough calories to sustain a healthy weight and a regular/monthly menstrual cycle.

  161. I m 19, 5’7″ , my dad is 5’9″ & mom is 5’5″. I never had a growth spurt and look like a 16 yr old. For some time now I have a great amount of pain right below my knees and sometimes thighs, tired, my hunger has increased , gained some weight & also have started getting acne (never had it before). And I got a 3.7 on the Tanner’s chart… Do u think that it is possible that I am going through a growth spurt?pls do reply!

  162. Hi I’m 17 and 5’7 last summer I went from 5’5 to 5’7 so I was wondering if I’m still growing due to my age and well I do eat hella a lot and started to grow facial hair as well my voice is deep but still getting deeper and yep my mom is 5’1 but idk my dad so I can’t say if his tall or not and I do weightlifting and football and had acl surgery like a month ago idk if that’s any help well any would help it gets really annoying having my cousins calling me short because they are about my height and younger or taller than me.

    1. Hi, my daughter has been experiencing pain near her knees and sometimes on her thighs since about the beginning of April. She has also become extremely hungry and had gained a bit of weight. She grew 1cm in Two weeks. She hasn’t had a period yet. Are these signs that she may be starting a growth spurt? Is it possible to grow 5 inches in a year?

      1. Sounds like it! It’s possible, but most kids have peak growth of about 4 to 4.5 inches (and that’s for boys). The good news is the growth spurt happens over the course of a couple of years.

    2. Hi! My daughter is 13 and 7 months and is about 5’1″ or 5’2″. She got her period when she was 11. I, her mom, am about 5’2″. My husband is about 5’8″. Is it possible that my daughter could grow a bit more or is she done?

  163. Hi my name is Andrew, I am 14 and I am about 5’4 and my knees have been hurting recently and I have been extremely tired recently can you please give me some feedback? Thank you

      1. Well, that’s exactly what has been happening to me recently, except I’m 15 years old and around 5’8″, so that gives me some hope. I have been having some aches in the back as well.

  164. Hi! I’m 13.5 years and I’m 5’8.5 – 5’9 (F). I started my period Feburary, 2015. I was 5’5-5’6 then. My arms have always been very long and so have my legs. I am a size 9 in shoes. My dad is 6’0 and my mom is 5’6. Everyone on my mom’s side is average to tall. I’m not so sure about my dad’s. My sister (she’s 10 and will be 11 in less than a month) is 5’1 and I was 5’4 at her age. Do you think I’m done growing? If not, how much do you think I’ll grow? Thanks

  165. Hi my name is pu am from india. Am 20 years and very recently I will be turned 21 years but my height is 5feet 2inchi. Is there is chance to grow more taller. My father height is 5.7 inches and height is 5.1 . actually my short height cause is our family problem and diet problem .

      1. I’m 15 years old and 5’8 my moms 5’3 or 5’2 and my dads 6’0 will I most likely be the same height as my dad, cause I have the same build as him and I was taller than him at his age?

      2. I’m 6’5 and I’m 14 and I’m a freshmen…. How tall will I be by senior year??

        1. Not sure! Anything is possible–you are pretty tall for a 14 year old–you may have had an early growth spurt or are genetically inclined to be tall.

  166. Hi, I am a 14 year old Boy and my height is 5′ 2″. I have been experiencing growing pains near my knees for a few weeks now. How tall will I grow and what types of things should I do that focus on me growing and getting taller.

    1. I’m not sure how tall you will be eventually, but making sure you eat mostly healthy foods, get enough sleep and stay active will help you reach your potential height. Feel free to read some of my other blog posts on teens and healthy eating, sleep and exercise.

  167. I’m 13 girl my height is 5’3 and I’m 111
    And I started my mensturation at 11 in 6th but when I was 5th I was 4’11 So did you think I stopped growing or what? Will I have a growth spurt or Nah or at least growing a bit by the way I eat and sleep healthy
    Thanks <3

  168. I am a 14 year old girl, turning 15 in 4 months. I’m 5’0 but my friend who is as tall as me claimed that she was 5’2, it’s weird. I maybe short compared to Americans but I’m Asian and there are quite a lot of girls who are shorter than me, even some of them are older than me. My mom is less than 5’0, my dad is 5’8.
    I hit my puberty at age 9 or 10 and I think I had my growth spurt at around that age. I’m 4 inches taller than 11 year old me. And I’m 7-8 inches taller than 9 or 10 year old me. I thought I stopped growing at 13 but I noticed that I grew 1 inch last year. And I seem to have grown 0.5-1cm since a few months ago. Is there any chance I can get 2 more inches? Can basketball or volleyball or that kind of sport help me grow taller because I saw this girl who grew 4 inches after she joined a high school volleyball team. She was 5’7″ at 14 and 5’11” at 17. But I don’t need 4, I only need 2 inches. And I know identical twin brothers, one of them plays basketball and the other doesn’t and the one who is a basketball player is so so much taller than the one who is not.

    So, do you think I will get 2 more inches at least?

  169. Hii. i am 14 and 5’1. my dad is 5’8 and mom 5’5. and i have not started with my periods. so i was wondering that will i grow taller 5’9.

    1. Hard to tell how tall you will be but it sounds like you will have more growth, based on not starting your menstruation yet.

    2. Hello, I’ve come to ask about my daughter. A model scout saw her and say she has potential to model but is below height requirement (Sorry about my English) . she is thirteen and two months and is 5’4″ or just under and hasn’t started period yet.I am 5’10” and my wife is 5’3″ . I’m not sure if she has had a growth spurt yet but is it possible for her to grow to about 5’9″ in the next 2 years or so? She is most concerned. Her feet were growing and recently she has gained a bit more weight.

      1. It’s hard to predict exactly how tall your daughter will grow, however, since she hasn’t started menstruating yet, there is a good chance she will grow more.

  170. Also, how much will weight affect my final height? I get all of the nutritional stuff I need, my family sits down to eat dinner every day and we have vegetables and all that stuff. I just have problems with making the right portions to eat. I don’t gain a lot of weight from eating junk. So again, how much will me being overweight affect my final height?

  171. Hello, I am a 14 year old boy. I’m overweight but not very. I am currently roughly 5’7. I have a voice like a child though and I could be called a woman on the phone. My 15.8 year old brother is 5’9-9.5, he started puberty earlier when he was my age, he already had a deep voice. Will I grow taller than him?

  172. Hi I’ll be 14 in 12 days and I got my period at 11 I’m currently 5’2 and stayed this way for 1 year now I believe. My pediatrician said I would either stay 5’2 or grow to the max of 5’3 sometimes I heard pediatricians can be wrong. Do u think I’m done growing?

  173. Hi. I’m Zahra, age 12. Starting yesterday (4|9|16) I’ve been constantly hungry. I’ve already gotten most of what puberty wants to hit me with, so the only thing I need now is to grow up to about 5’7″ (I’m currently 5’2-3″). (I did grow another inch very recently.) So being hungry pretty much every hour is a sign of having a growth spurt?

  174. Hi my name is Chris, I’m a 15 year old boy. I’m 5’7 and i was wondering if i could hit 6ft or even 6’2. My dad is 6’3 and my mom is 5’6. My dads side is dutch and are all huge! My uncle is 6’6 and my grandfather is 6’2. My moms side is african and they are all 5’5-6’7 (the ones that i have met) i’m cycling, playing football/soccer, get 7-10 hrs of sleep and eat pretty well. I still haven’t hit my growth spurt either.

  175. Hi I’m my name is Anna and I just turn 16 on March 31 and I first got my period at 13 of October in 2013 my mom is 5’4 and my dad is 5’5 and I’m 5’1 is there a chance I am still growing and my mom told me I haven’t had any growth spurt yet?

    1. It seems based on the timing of your period and your current age that you may not grow much more, but you never know. 🙂

  176. hi i’m soumyadeep i’m 5’5″ and my age is 16.Shockingly my legs are 3’8″ and my torso(upto my shoulders) is 1’4″.I’m taller than my my father and my grandparents from mother’s side were (grandpa about 6’2″ and grandma about 5’8″).One of my brothers from maternal side is 6’6″.Will i grow atleast 5’9″.

  177. Hi jill, im 14 years old and im 5’11 to 6′ both my mom and dad are 6 ft. im only 14 but i had a growth spurt in 6th grade. i barely have any armpit hair, arm hair, or leg hair but my dad has alot. what im trying to say is i dont really think im that far into puberty but im already 5’11. my voice has changed but not much. so i want to know do you think i will grow more? and based on my parents height how much more ? if you had to make an estimate?

  178. Hello Jill im 16 and im 6’4″. my father is 6’2″ and mother is 5’10”. Do you think i have a chance of reaching 6’5″ or 6’5″ i like playing basketball and i like skating at the park. My shoe size is 11 and sometimes i use a 11.5 or a 12. My older brother is 6’7″ and younger sister is 5’11”.

  179. Hello Jill I am 16 well just turned and I have yet to see any growth since I was in 6th grade. I am 5’1 and I want to know if there is any hope for me because I haven’t had a growth spurt yet at all. Thank you.

  180. Hey Jill so my height is 5’2 and I’m 13 turning 14 in a couple of months will I still be able to like grow? My dad is 5’5 and my mom is 5’4 and I got like my period when I was 11 years old. Will I like still be able to grow or am I done growing? My grandpa is like 5’6 or so.

  181. I’m 4’3 I get bullied and called short all the time how can I get taller in a few days

    1. If you are 4’3 I don’t think you are at the age of puberty or any of that stuff. Also how old are you? And genetics play a role in how tall a person can be.

  182. Hi I’m 14 and 6 foot, I haven’t been worried till now but I’m seeing that I haven’t grow much over a year, am I done growing?

  183. I am 4’10 and 13 years old and people my age call me very short. I got my period when I was 10 so I guess I started puberty at about 8 and I’ve been growing very slowly over the years (3cm every year). Even if I started puberty at about 8 years old, people say that I look younger than my age and some girls that are my age that started puberty at about the same time that I did look quite older than I do. Why is this? Also, my parents are 5’1 and 5’4 and my brother (who is 18) is 5’6. Judging from that, I don’t think I have much left to grow but what do you think my height will be and how much time do you think I have left to grow?

    Thank you!

  184. Hey jill ! Im 16 yrs old ! Im 5.3, Just turned 16. My mom is 5.2 and my dad is 5.4. im in 12th standard ! My overall growth is very slow. I look small as compared to others of my age ! When i will stop growing and what will be my growth ! Plz answer ! Thank uh

  185. Hi Jill I am a 16 year old boy turning 17 May 31 I am about 5’6.5-5’7 I am able to grow a stubble on my face almost a beard about 2 centimeters long and my voice is pretty deep. I think my dad is about 6’0-6’3 and my mom is about 5’5-5’6. My younger brother (by 2 years) is about 5’10 and my older brother who is 2 years older than me is about 6’0-6’3. As of right now I get about 8-9 hours of sleep. I’m not on the healthiest diet but I am trying to change that. I weigh 177 lbs and I play basketball. Is it possible to grow to 6’3 or at least 6’0 at my age if I get my diet better and exercise more like cardio and everything like that? Please tell me there is still hope because I hope to at least be 6’0 by the time I’m in college. Could there possibly be a growth spurt coming?

    1. both of these last two comments are mine and also, I am still growing acne a lot on my face and on my torso area does this mean im still in puberty or does that happen either way because I do have a lot of acne.

      1. my son’s are very tall in my dad says we have 7 foot giant’s in our family my son’s are only 18 and 16 in the 16 year old is taller then the 18 year old

  186. Hi Jill I am a 16 year old teenager (male) turning 17 on May 31. I am about 5’6.5 or 5’7. I have been able to grow a very stubble like beard since I was about 15.5 and I was just wondering is it possible that I will still grow? I wanted to get to 6’3 at most or at least 6’0. I have heard about so many other people growing 5-8 inches in one year and I was just wanting to know if I would still grow any? What do you think? Is there still hope. Because I have been told that you can still grow till about 21 or 22.

  187. Hi – I am 12.5 yrs (M), and I am 5’5, having grown 2.5 inches in 6 months. Am I in my growth spurt yet, and, if so, when will I stop growing?

  188. Are feet and hands correlated at all to height? My dad is 5’10 and wears size 9.5 shoes. I’m 5’6 and I have size 10.5-11. My hands are also a good quarter inch bigger than my dads, they just recently grew noticably. But My feet for some reason haven’t grown in like 9 months. I’m currently 15 and a half and I read that approximately 2.5 years after your feet grow really you’re then supposed to have your vertical growth spurt. Average feet growth spurt 11.5 and height spurt 14 (2.5 years apart). Well my feet didn’t start growing fast until around 13. So should I expect a growth spurt soon because I’m 15 and am about 1.5 years later than average on growth and such? I’m not sure if I’m in one right now or not because I haven’t grown a whole lot in height but I’ve gotten more acne, bigger appetite, and my hands have recently increased in size. Also I took a test and found out that I am 3.4 on the tanner scale. I have a baby face, little facial hair, and recently put on a little weight. My doctor said my expected height was around 5’9 give or take some but it just didn’t seem right considering my bigger feet and hands than my dad. Please help

    1. Sounds like you could be in a growth phase, and since you’ve talked with your doctor, he/she is probably right in the prediction of where you’ll end up.

          1. Thanks, How much weight do you gain before a growth spurt? I just recently gained around 5 pounds, and I read that you gain weight before the big growth spurt?

  189. The summer before 6th grade I grew 2 inches fast from 5’1 to 5’3. I then hit puberty in 6th. I then grew normally 2-1 inches a year I am now 5’7. Turned 15 3 months ago and since then grown almost half an inch. Am I even going to hit a growth spurt?!

      1. Hi Jill,
        I’m 12 years old 6 months and 5’6 (I am a boy). My dad is 5’6 and my mom is 5’5. My brother is 5’8 and sister is 5’8 will I be taller than them? Or be as tall as them?

        1. Good news, your pretty tall for your age. Unless you finished your growth spurt and puberty you should be a lot taller than your brother, most likely 5’9-6’1. So around 5’11. All depends on if you hit your growth spurt already

  190. Hi i’m 15 (girl) i started my period January 2015 and they have always been quite heavy. I’m 5ft7 currently, my mum is 5ft10 and my dad is 5ft11, my brother (18) is 6ft4. I have recently (in the past year or so) put on about a stone and a half in total and since i have always been very skinny i have been feeling quite self conscious about it. I eat very health and do lots of regular exercise, is this a sign that i am about to grow or is there something else.

    1. Maybe. Often, there is a bit of weight gain before an increase in height–keep up the good work with healthy eating and regular exercise! That’s great!!

  191. hi i just turned 14 and really want to model i am kinda skinny and 5’7 my legs are really long compared to the rest of my body! is there a chance i will still grow because i would love to be atlas 5’8!

  192. My daughter turned 12 just about 3 weeks ago, she’s about 4″10, the upper part of her body is fine, but her legs are quite large. My husband is about 5″6 and I’m 5″2, she started her period when she was 9, and her pimples started growing when she was 8, I was told by her doctor that she lacked vitamin D and her destined height will be about 5″3. Is she going to grow taller?

    1. I’m not sure Sarah–I would check with your doctor and look at her growth chart. Did she receive vitamin D supplementation when you were told she lacked vitamin D?

  193. Hello Jill, my 9.5 year old son is 52.5 inches tall with a bone age that shows 11 months advanced. He has pubic and armpit hair that I noticed around age 8. He feet and arms have grown a bit and so has he. His dad is 5 feet 7.5 and I am 5 feet 4 inches tall. As parents we both have family members that are tall and short stature. Can you tell me his possible adult height? His chart shows a average growth of about 2 to 2 and a half inches per year.
    I really look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. For his age, growth of 2 to 2.5 inches per year is the average; when he hits his growth spurt (around 14-16 or later for boys), he could grow up to 4.5 inches per year. Your child’s growth chart will give you a good idea to how he is tracking with growth–you can follow the curve to age 18 years and get a reasonable prediction.

  194. Hi, i am 5’11 and am 16 years old. i exercise daily and eat between 3-5 times a day. my mom is 5’7 and father is about 5’11, my mom side is very tall my uncle is 6’4 my cousins are 6’1, 6’2, and 6’5 and i have a cousin who is 7 feet tall, my dads side uncle about 6’2 and the rest are girls. is it possible for me to grow to about 6’2 or even 6’4. thank you.

  195. I’m Zach and I’m 14. my height is 5’1 my mom is 5’2 my dad is 5’8 well I grow as tall as my dad or taller

  196. Hi Jill I am 5ft 2 and I’m 14 years old. My father is 5″8 and my mother is 5″4. My birthday is in May. I was just wondering how much taller I will get. Also, I have osgood schlatter disease which is a pain in your knee from your bones growing faster than your knee or something like that. Do u know anything about that?

    1. Hi Dennis, as a 14 year old, you are likely to grow more–many boys are still growing at age 16 and 17–don’t worry, just get sleep, eat well, and stay active!

  197. Hello Jill I’m currently 15 years old I will be 16 in April my dad is 5’5 and my mom is 5’0 my moms side of the family is really tall but my dads side is short I got my period when I was 12 and I grew over 2 inches so I’m 5’2 right now and my brother is only 12 and he is 5’4 and my sister at my age was only 5’3 and her final height was 5’8 is there a chance I’ll be 5’6 at least I’ve been having knee and back pains is that a sign of a growth spurt? I would really like to hear your thought on this thank you

  198. Hi,
    I just turned 12 a week ago and got my period during the summer of 2015. My dad is 6’0 and my mom is 5’3. Do you think I will grow some more? And about how much?

  199. Hi, i’m 5’5 and i started to grow last year and had my period last year too (2015 like in january). I’m 15 but last year i started to grow and base on my mom words “I’ts because of swimming”. I just want to grow to 5’7.5 or 5’8. My mom is 5’1 or 2 and my dad is 5’6. Is there a way that i could pull up to 5’7 or 8? By stretching or else? What should i do? I’m desperate! Thank you so much ! x

    1. Hard to tell Annie, but perhaps you’ll grow a bit more…based on your parent’s heights, though, you may be done.

      1. Hi i am 5’5 and wear a size 11 and i just turned 12 in november my dad is 6’4 and my mom is 5’4 how tall will i be??

        1. Not sure how tall, but you’re tall for an 11 year old now, so I bet you’ll be close to your Dad’s height.

    2. Hi im brandon and i was wondering how tall will i be. Im 5’5 and i just turned 12 in november. My dad is 6’4 and my mom is 5’4. How tall will i be? I think maybe 6’5?

  200. Hi , I’m 16 I am 6’0 in a half I wear a size 11.5 or 12 in shoes and my mom is 5’3 some of her side of the family is tall and some short my dad is 6’1 all of his family tall. I have an uncle he is 6’8 and the my other 2 uncles is 6’4 and 6”1 my grandad is 6’4 I eat a lot and I’m a basketball player I stretch everyday I workout some days I eat oatmeal and drink milk every morning I get 8 hours of sleep do you think I still have a lot of growing to do ?

  201. hey there
    i just turned 14 this year and i am 5″3″(i am a girl).my mom is 5″1″
    and my dad is 5″8.5″.my brother are also tall both are above 5″8.5″.
    do u think i will grow more? my grandfather use to be more that 6 feet

  202. Hello, Jill.

    I am currently very self-conscious about my height (for no good reason), and I was wondering what you believe my chances of growing are. I am 5’11, and fifteen with a birthday in December, making me the youngest in my class. I am worried being 15 consequently means that I won’t grow any more. I am taller than my brother was at my age (He is now 6’1). My other brother is 6’5, my father 6’6, and my mother only 5’3. What do you think? Will I be taller?

  203. Hey, I’m not sure wait my size is but its defiantly VERY short, probably around 5ft, I’m 13 years old, soon to be 14 in June 27, but I haven’t grown for years, my feet grow,
    But my body doesn’t seem like it does, i started my period near the end of 2014 on my graduation day, but it wasn’t regular, or a bit heavy until last year, my dads a bit short, but my mom is average, do we have another growth spurt when we’re 14 or 16-17 or have I stopped?

    1. Hard to know–i would check with your doctor who can pull up your growth chart and give you a better indication.

      1. I’m 6’0″ and I’m only 12 about to turn 13 and I had a growth spurt last year and 2 years ago will I still grow because my dad is 6’2″ and my mom is only 5’5″

  204. Hi I’m an african american girl I’m 5’5 I just turned 14 on Feb. 7. My mom’s 5’3 and my dad’s 6’0 or 6’1. I got my period in 6th grade November 26, 2013 I was 11. How tall do you think I will be.

      1. Hiya Jill, I’ve come to ask you about my daughter. I’m her mom, and I am 5’3″ . My husband is about 5’9″ or 5’10”. My daughter is abut 5’2″ and 1/2, so she’s pretty close to my height now. This online height calculator said her adult height would be 5’4″, but she’s almost my height now and hasn’t started her period yet… Might her adult height be close to her dad’s height?

        1. Btw , she’s thirteen. She turned thirteen about one month ago… Her feet are growing dramatically too eh! Its a shame… No more tiny little ballet shoes :/

  205. My daughter is 13 years old turning 14 next month. She started her first period in the summer of 2013 but it didn’t get regular until around the time of the summer of 2014. She’s currently 5’2 and anxious about growing. Her brother is 5’10 and her mother is 5’4 while as her father, I am around 5’8. Her voice has changed either which is something all the other kids are going through. Will she grow taller?

    1. Maybe a bit more; take a look at her growth chart, and you can predict when her growth is tapering off.

  206. Hi. I´m a girl that is going to be 17 in november and i´m wondering if i will grow taller? I´m 5″7 right now, got my period at 13. But i have really big hands and shoe size 9, it looks really weird despite my height. My mum has the same shoe size. I also have the same body type as my mum. Recently I´ve noticed some pain under my knees, is that a sign? I´ve never had any grow spurt, i´ve only grown maybe 1 inch a year since i was 10. My mum is 5″11 and my dad is 6 feet. Is there any chance i can still grow?

    1. Given your age and when you started your period, you are probably at your adult height. But you never know, growth while it is predictable, can also be unpredictable!

  207. I have an almost 11 year old son (10yrs and 10 months) this is his growth pattern in the past few years. at age 7 was 121cm, at age 8 was 128cm, at age 9 was 133cm, age 10 was 137.5cm and now just before he turns 11 he is only 140.5cm. is this normal? his growth was not steady. each year he grows less and less. especially from his last birthday he only grew 3cm. he is a very active boy. he does swimming squad training 4 times a week, each session last 1 hour. he has been doing this for a year now. he is not over weight nor underweight. Should I worry about this? do i need to include any supplement in his diet? i would like to hear your thoughts about this.
    Many thanks

    1. I would discuss this with your doctor–based on his measurements, it appears his growth pace has slowed down and that could be related to not enough calories and protein, or other hormonal imbalances–check with your pediatrician.

  208. Hi I’m a 15 year old boy worried about my height. I’m currently 5’6.5, my dad is 5’10 , and my mom is 5’3. I recently have grown about half an inch in a month 5’6 in February. I have a lot of the symptoms for a growth spurt, I recently got a lot of acne, my hands have grown, and I feel like my shoulder bones are bigger somehow. My voice cracks at awkward times and I don’t have facial hair, and my shoe is size 10-11. Do you think I’ll grow more??

  209. I’m 14 5ft 3, would i still grow? I play Baksetball, I do Swimming, Yoga, Stretching day and night before sleep, I have a proper diet, I drink a lot of water and Milk day and night and Yogurt also and Vitamins i sleep 9hours. My dad is 5ft6 my mom is 5ft1 and my Grandfather is 6ft 5, is it possible i can reach 6ft like him?

  210. Hi, I’m a 16 year old female about to turn 17 in a few months at 5’1. My mom is 5’0 and my dad is 5’5 – 5’6. I would like to know if I’ll grown anymore or stay the same height. I grew pretty fast as a young child and haven’t changed in height since I was 14. Will I go into another growth spurt or not? Thanks 😀

    1. There’s only one big growth spurt, and at your age (almost 17), you are probably at your adult height.

      1. I’m 13, just turned it about 3 months ago. I’m 5’3 and my mom is 5’5. My father is 5’9. the strange thing is my sister is 17 and we’re the same height. when she was my age she was like 4’11. I really want to be a model when I’m older. I’m going for 5’8. or if I’m lucky 5’9. My dads side is short, but his brother was 5’11. my mothers side was on the tall side. And I’m catching up to my moms height.

  211. Hi Jill, my son is 14 years old and his height is 62″ I am concern about his foot size, it has not growing for the past one year, is this means that he stop growing? I am 5ft and his dad in 6′ 2″ Hope to hear from you. Thank you

  212. Hi. im 16 turnng 17 on may 9.. im tall. i think im 6’3 height.. and.. i have a prob. in my age at 15 i already have a growing mustache.. ang still, ihave a little bit of beard.. what should i do..?? do i have to shave it..?

  213. Hi. I am 14 year old girl and just 5’2. I really wanna get taller. I started my period at 11 years of age. Has my growth spurt ended? Please reply soon.

  214. I’m 5’6, 16 year old male. Turning 17 in April. My mom is 5’2 and my dad is about 5’8 or 5’9. I’m still growing and I think I’m in my growth spurt. How tall do you think I’ll be? And my shown size is 10 btw lol.

    1. My son is 5’8 and 14. I am 5 6 is dad was 5’8. So it will probably will be 5’6

  215. Here’s a strange one. I am 5″ 9 inches and my parents are the following: as for my dad he is 5″ 8 inches and my mum is 5″ 7 inches. I am actually taller than both my parents and I was wondering whether this is normal? Will my height shrink when I go older? Thanks?

    1. Good news! Your height won’t shrink. 🙂
      As far as being taller than your parents, that can happen, but I cannot explain why…perhaps a tall ancestor?

      1. Hi, I turned 16 on February 28, and my problem is feet.
        My dad is a 9 and my mom a 5, and I am a 7.5, It hasn’t grown since I was around 14 but I am taller than both my parents. Do you think my feet will grow more.

    2. Expected height is between your parents plus 2.5 inches so you’ll probably be even taller than your parents at 5’10 adult height. Or taller, depending on when you hit puberty and who’s genetics you got.

      1. Yes, that’s what the informal predictive equations say, but there’s always a chance you won’t follow the equation. Check your growth chart to get a better read on what your body will do, as an individual.

  216. Hi, I am an Asian girl and I am 16 years old and 3 months. I am 5’1… My mom is 5’4 and my dad is 5’8.8 . Since I was five years old, I have always been one of the shortest in class until now. I am not sure whether I have gone through my growth spurt because I don’t feel any pain in my legs or any knee pain unless if I run…. then yeah I do feel the pain at the back of my legs. I did have a huge appetite for food since I was 10 until I was 14 but now… Not really though. I have been stretching three times a day everyday. Can I still grow taller? Have I finished growing?

    1. Growth in girls tapers off 2 years after they start their period; if that’s the case for you, you may very well be finished growing.

      1. Thank you! Actually now I am always hungry and I just feel like eating a lot of delicious food?…

  217. Hello I’m a girl and I’m 13 years old. I’m am worried about my height in grew from 4″10 to 5″3 in a little over a year and I want to stop growing but I didn’t get my period yet ;( is there anything I could do to stop growing or get my period so I stop growing? My mom is 5″7 and my dad is 5″9 please help me. Thank you

    1. Nature marches on, and you cannot–in a healthy way– stop your growth. I would just love the skin you’re in and go with the flow!

  218. Hi i turned 15 4 months ago. I’m just under 5ft 11 at the height 5ft 10.8 and I started my growth spirt at about 13 and a half, since then I have grown approximately 6-8 inches and recently have slowed down, however my body has not seemed to grow as much yet and it was mostly my legs that had the growth spurt after my feet and hands, when I look in the mirror my legs are longer than my body by a noticeable amount, they are a 34 inch inside leg (UK) and from the hip bone down to my feet it measures over 3ft, I’m wondering am I still having a growth spurt and I’ve just stopped for a bit and then my body will grow or have I completely stopped my puberty growth now and won’t grow much taller? My mum is 5 ft 10 and my dad is 5 ft 11 (just under 6 ft) and my dads mum is only 5 ft 2 and his dad 5 ft 7 and my mums mum is also one about 5 ft 3-4 but her dad is 6 ft 5 and my uncle (my mums brother) is 6 ft 3 just about. How tall will I be and what stage of growth am I at? I also think I was a little late starting puberty, I started around mid way through 13 yet all my friends started a little before and now I have cought up to most of them in height. Sorry this was so long I just wanted it to be as detailed as possible, thank you.

    1. You’re probably slowing down because the “peak” of your growth has passed. That being said, you could still gain an inch or two over the next couple of years. Your body will start to fill out now, probably.

      1. So my doctor was right she said I’d be about 6’1 when done growing plus I have a lot of tall people in my family it’s really kinda hard to guess people’s height ain’t it I could grow probably 1 inch more or I could grow 3 we’ll just have to see what happens

  219. Hi I’m jadyn I’m 15 I’m about 5’10 and I’m in wrestling , track so I’m pretty active I have a large build my doctor said I could reach 6’2 if I took care of my self which I am doing well at this season in wrestling I lost about 20 pounds so do you think I will reach 6+ feet before I’m done growing

  220. Hello I’m an Asian girl..I’m 14 years old and 5 feet. I was wondering if I could get taller. I had a growth spurt when I was 11 and grew for about 4 inches. Will I have some growth spurts at 16 or 17? mum is 5’0 and my dad is 5’8..

    1. Hi Jouny,
      Most girls your age have completed the majority of their growth at this point, but it is possible that you may grow another inch or so. Best to check with your doctor and look at your growth chart. 🙂

      1. Im owen, 5’5 14 dad is 5’6 mom is 5’5
        I started puberty at age 12
        im in 8th grade
        I have a lot of acne, no noticeable facial hair haven’t shaved face.
        Height calculator said I would be 5’10.2 Doctor said I would be around 5’8 but maybe 5’7 closer to my dads height and because I have really noticeable acne.
        My dirty blonde hair is now brownish.
        Am I done growing and will I have another growth spurt
        also a prediction on my future height?
        And please don’t say your doctor knows best.

        1. I also grew 2 inches in the last year
          I also had noticeable acne last year and It seems to get better and then worse then better
          Also do you think when my acne is done I am done growing?

  221. Hello ! I have almost 15 years (and I am a girl) and I’m 5’0 tall. I’m the shortest person in my class and my foot number is the same since I was 10 years. Will I not grow? (My dad is 5’3 and my mom is 5’0, but my grandmother and my uncle are high.) Please help me !!!!!

    1. Emma,

      You will probably follow close to your parents in height, that’s what happens most of the time. Don’t worry–great things come in small packages! 🙂

  222. Hey there, I am 15 years and 5 months old. My height is 5’2 right now which is equal to my Father he is 5’2 also on the otherhand my mother’s height is 5’0. My late Grand Father was taller than my father. Mostly things you mention about growth spurt are matching to me. Is there anychance to be 5’6 or 5’7 untill adulthood. Thanks

  223. I am 15 years and 4 months and have grown 4 inches(10cm) in the past year. Is that good?? I am now 5ft 1 inch (156.4cm) and currently weigh 39.6 kg

    1. During the teen years, boys grow an average of 4-4.5 inches per year at their peak growth (which lasts about 2 years).

  224. My feet have grown from a size 6 UK in June 2015 to a size 10/10.5 UK Feb 2016 is this normal?
    My shoulder blades stick out aswell :-(.
    When willnmy feet stop growing and my height increase

  225. Hey Jill, it sounds like it might be helpful to post the equation for predicted growth to help these concerned kids understand what is normal for THEM 🙂 A boy who has parents that are 5′ and 5’7 will most likely be 5’6″. There’s nothing to do or worry about, we get our height from our parents. Whether the growth spirt happens early or late corresponds with puberty, 4-6 inches rapid growth then an inch or 2 slow growth…however the numbers still apply- use the equation. There is only a swing range of 2 inches taller or shorter than your predicted height. I’ll give an example: my son is 15 and hit puberty late, no growth spurt yet and is 5’4″. I’m 5’7 and my hub is 6’1. Son is predicted to be 6′ however the normal range could be 5’10”-6’2″. Here’s the equation the doctors use (however bone scans are extremely helpful in showing the complete picture).

    Add the mother’s height and the father’s height in either inches or centimeters.
    Add 5 inches (13 centimeters) for boys or subtract 5 inches (13 centimeters) for girls.
    Divide by two.

    1. Thanks, yes, Amy this is the equation that is posted online, however, I feel that these kiddos need to check in with their pediatrician, as so many factors can influence growth. I agree that the equation could be helpful, but it is easy to find just as many cases that don’t work out this way–where a child follows one parent, genetically, rather than a combination gene pool effect. Or even when a child picks up recessive traits, like short stature from a grandparent (as is the case with one of my kids!).

    2. That formula is not without its exceptions. One of my friends (he is a boy) should be about 5’10” or 5’11” according to that prediction. He’s 6’1″ already at 15 years old. Your Gray prediction method is not infallible.

  226. Does taking height supplementary pills help you grow taller? I’ve searched for Peak Height, but still don’t know if it’s a reliable medicine. I’m 14 and have barely reached 5’3. Do you suggest me to take pills?

    1. I am not familiar with “height supplementary pills;” real food/good nutrition is generally enough. My recommendation would be to talk with your doctor if you have concerns, but given your age, you are still in the window for growth.

      1. Hi I started my period in December I am 11 and I am 4″8 and about 85 pounds and I don’t know if I will still grow

  227. Hi I just turned 13 2 months ago and im 4’11 and all my classmates are like 5’1 – 5’5 and their really tall and im like the shortest. my mom is like 5’5 and my dad is 5’7. my grandpa is really tall though but my grandmother is short. will I grow taller and did I hit my growth spurt yet? thank-you in advance.

    1. Hard to say how tall you’ll be, but you’re still pretty young for a growth spurt. It will probably get started in the next year, but you should check with your doctor and he can give a better prediction based on your growth chart.

    2. Sounds like you’ll be 5’8″ or 5’9″. Grandparents don’t factor in, just your parents 🙂

  228. Hi, I am a girl and I turned 14 in December, I’m 5″2 but I want to make it to 5″6/5″7. My mum in 5″3 1/2 and my dad is 5″7. Do you think I can grow anymore and can I grow to my desired height? Also, do you have any tips on what I can be doing to grow taller. Thank you so much!

    1. Hard to tell, Tulsi. You can check your growth chart at the doctor’s office and see how you are growing overall. In the meantime, make sure to eat mostly healthy food, sleep well, and stay active–this helps your body be as healthy as it can be!

    2. According to the growth prediction your guess is right on! You could easily be 5’6″ or an inch taller or shorter. Get lots of sleep- quality sleep in complete darkness. Eat tons of vegetables and whole foods, take a multivitamin and drink a small glass of milk 2 times a day. (I’m not a fan of milk at all but these are all things prescribed by my doctor who specializes in growth). Do some running or other exercise at least 3 times a week and stretch after you’re warmed up to help control growing pains.

  229. Hi! I’m a 17 year old girl and I’m only 5ft 1! Is that normal!? My mum is 5ft 4 and my dad is about 5ft 11/6ft! I’ve always been the smallest in my class and stuff and I hate it! I even have small hands and feet! I’m a shoe size 3 and have been for the past 2 years!! I don’t know if I’ve actually had a growth spurt! I mean I remember having a pain in my leg for about a week when I was about 10 or 11 before my puberty had even started and I had to limp everywhere but I don’t actually remember growing or anything so I don’t know if that was a growth spurt or not! My brother has just turned 5 and my hand isn’t really that much bigger than his and he’s already a little higher than my waist in his height!! He’s also a kids size 9 in shoes!! I wasn’t that size until I was about 9 or 10!! My diet isn’t that great, I don’t sleep that much and I never really exercise apart from walking into town! I also have a lot of mental issues like Anxiety and Depression and stuff so I guess that’s probably why I’m not really growing! So is it too late for me to grow anymore now because of my age or can I still grow some more?? I hate being small!! 🙁 Also, is it true that sleeping with a light on at night can affect your growth?? Coz I also sleep with a light on as I just can’t sleep in the dark as I feel like I can’t breath!

    1. Your growth plates have likely fused by this age, so more growth isn’t likely possible but you can visit an endocrinologist to discuss. Your height is not normal (for you) and you may want to know the reason why- your endocrinologist can help find out the cause. If it were my daughter I would recommend seeing a specialist asap. Good luck!

  230. My son is 11 years old and he measures 5’10” and taller than all the students and most teachers at his school. I really don’t notice the height difference until I see him next to his classmates. He is almost a foot taller than most of them. Are there boys who stop growing at a younger age? Or are we most likely to see a very tall young man ahead of us.

  231. Hey,I’m 15 and of 5’2 inches.. I’m the one who is  regularly having pain in my legs..So is it a sign that I can grow more talll or the pain is because
     oƒ weak bones.  I am an individual who is currently involved in lots of 
    physical exercise like running, hanging skipping and etc.Will these 
    factors contribute to my height because I want to have height upto 
    5’6 inches

  232. Hi,
    I’m slightly worried about my height. I am 15 years and 3 months and only 5 ft exact. My shoe size has grown 2 sizes from UK size 4 to 6 this year which has never happened before. But I feel that my peers are towering giants to me at 6 foot.

  233. Hey Jill, im 17 and my birthday was back in november. My mom said that i looked taller than before the winter break and i was 5″10 before the break. I was as tall as someone that was almost 6′ the day after my mom said that, and im pretty sure my doctor said when i was younger about being 6’3 at some point. My Grandfatber (on mom and dads side), Dad, and Uncle were all above 6′, is there a chance i could still be growing? I seem hungrier lately, and that i have gotten more tone from doing nothing. I was wondering if i am in the ranges of becoming 6’3, that is almost 3 inches for the year or if im even still growing. Thanks!

  234. Hi, im 17 year old male. a couple years ago I got a bone age test and it was 2 years behind. Im 5″8 I’ve been growing 2.5 inches per year consistently . When i was 15 I wore a size 9 in shoes now i wear a size 13 in shoes and my voice started cracking 5 months ago and i have a upper lip hair but u can barely see it. based on my bone age test I was predicted to be between 6″2-6″4 am I about to go through a growth spurt soon ?

      1. I am 5foot 5 and I wear a size 10.5 11 and my hand are 9.5 inches and my dad is 6foot and mom is 5,6 will I grow to be taller then 6 foot 2

  235. Hey, so I turned 12, 2 months ago and I’m 5’7. Before I turned 12 I grew 3 inches. I have calf pain and pain somewhere near my hip. Could this be a growth spurt?

  236. Hi Jill in 22 December I turned 17. I am 179. My dad is 180 and my mum is 168 cm. I have a deep voice and I am not very hairy you know I am but not like a monkey ? I have facial hair but its not full. I have wide shoulders but that is genetic but I did 2 and a half months workout but not doing squats that would effect on my growth. Can I grow more and if so how many cm ? I am sorry for my cabacubu english. Tell me if you need any other informaton. ☺

    1. Flavio, I bet you’re growth is slowing down since you’re 17–but check in with your doctor and look at your growth chart. You can see if there is more growth to be had, or not.

      1. Hey. I’m 13 and 5’2. My dad is 5’9 and my mom is 5’6. My foot size has grown about 2 sizes in the past 5 months but I’ve only grown about 1 inch. Is this the start of my growth spurt? I’m getting a few pimples and I have had alot of highwaters. Thanks!

      2. Hi,

        I just turned 16 and i am really hairy. I have hair everywhere and also on my face. Its not too thick but i have a lot of facial hair. I am currently 5ft 7 or 8 and i am not sure if i can grow any taller. I am ever so slightly taller than my father. However everyone else from my mother’s and father’s side is well over 6 foot. My mother says not to worry as my uncle was around my height at 17 and then grew to 6ft 3. I also have a bit of male patter baldness. However i dont have a deep voice and there is no increase in muscle mass. Wil i ever grow again ?

        1. I’m a girl and I just turned 17 2 weeks ago and I’m only 5’2. My mom is also 5’2 but my dad is 5’5. I have no memory whatsoever of having a growth spurt because I didn’t experience any pain at all. I eat a lot but also have a high metabolism. The only sport I play is basketball. Is there a chance that I will still have a growth spurt? Maybe like grow 1 or 2 inches?

          1. And is there something I can do to help me grow a little more? My sleeping habits aren’t the best since I’m a Junior in High School and school can get stressful with deadlines and such. I sleep about 10-11 hours on weekends (but I tend to sleep at like 1am-2am) and on weekdays I sleep for about 6-7 hours (I sleep at around 11-12pm).

  237. Hi im 15 years old male and im only 5.3 in height . My mom is 5.4 and my dad is 5.7
    Will i grow longer and what can i do to help it and what is my predected final height ?

  238. hi i am 16 and my height is 182cm can i grow more like 6 to 7 inches i want to be at least 198 cm can i grow ?

  239. hi im 5 6′ and i just turned17 my dad said he was small like me and had his growth spurt late like 17 and turn to 5 11′ i do look a lot like my dad same body type will i end up being like him with late growth spurt as well?

  240. I just turned 13. I have been eating like crazy but I’m not getting full, just like it says in the reading as a sign of a growth spurt. I haven’t been growing much in the past year though. I am in 7th grade and I am now
    5′ 7″ tall. At the end of may 2015 I was 5′ 5″.
    My mom is 5′ 5″ and my dad is 6′ 3″. I am the tallest person in my class and I’m wondering if I have already hit my growth spurt because everyone else in my class is at least 5′ 4″ and under

    1. Given your age, you will probably still grow. Gaining about 2-2.5 inches each year is normal before the growth spurt hits. Looks like you might be tall like your dad.

  241. Hi my name is Atem and I’m 15 years old and I’m 6’3. I have some concerns with my growth habits. What can I do to increase my growth at this point

    1. Growth is part genetics and part healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. Be sure to eat healthy foods most of the time, get enough rest, and stay active.

  242. hi im an 11 year old boy im 4’9 (145.2cm)
    and i grew 10 cm from age 10 to 11 could this mean im going through my growth spurt because my dad started at 11 and my brother started at 10 and my mom started at 9

  243. I am a 13 year old girl and 5’4″ in the eighth grade and I look like my dad and have literally no qualities from my mom. My dad is 6′ and my mom is 5’4 I think I will be around 5’6″ or 5’7″ does that sound at least accurate?

    1. Alexis, it’s hard to be sure, but based on your age, I bet you still have some growing to do. Be sure to get good sleep, eat mostly healthy foods (and lots of different kinds from all food groups), and stay active–then you can grow to your full potential.

  244. I’m 15 years old boy, and my height is 5’5. My dad is 5’6 and my mom is 5’3. How much will I grow? Still I have chance to grow more or not?

    1. Neil, check in with your pediatrician and look at your growth chart–you can see how your growth has been going over the years and get a sense of where you’ll end up!

  245. I’m 15 and 5’7″. My dad is 5’10 and my mom is 5’6″. Do you think I’m going to reach 6 feet at least. When I went to the doctor I turned 14 and I was 5’5″ and he said it was normal. I hope I get to 6’1″ at least.

    1. maybe malcolm…a lot depends on genetics and good nutrition. as a 15 year old, it’s likely that you are still growing. make sure to eat mostly healthy foods, get enough sleep, and stay active!

  246. I’m 15 and 5’1 my dad is 5’7 and my mom is 5’3 my mom’s brother is6’6 my dad’s brother’s are over 6′. So i haven’t grown much is there still hope for me? How much taller do you think i’ll get? it sucks being 15 and 5’1 lots of disadvantages. Btw i’m a boy, voice cracked basically most or if not everything in pubrity i’ve been through except a growth spurt is there something wrong with me? Back when i was smaller i was the shortest in my year and the children in my year were short but i was just short so they seemed tall to me. back when i was about 11. Awaiting your reply Thanks .

    1. Edit : my voice is really deep people think i’m a man or my sister’s dad lol, my sister is also taller than me and recently had a little growth spurt now she’s as tall as my cousin who is a tip taller than my mom. Oh back when i was 11 i suppose i was shorter than 5’1 but i’m not sure how much shorter but i know i wasn’t over 5′ yeah i was 4′ something.

    2. Hang in there Tyler! Check with your pediatrician and take a look at your growth chart–that will give you the most reliable insight to where you are in your growth.

  247. I’m a female, 14 years old and almost 5’5″ I’ve got pretty big feet, recently gotten many pimples, been a Rollercoaster, and eaten more than normal , my dad is 5’10” and my mom 5’1″ do you think I’ll grow up more? Do you have any tips? Please…

    1. Hi I’m 15 5’6 and my dad is 5’11 my mom is 5’2. I don’t apply to many of your symptoms, do you think I can still grow?

  248. My 11y/o stretches constantly. He has no other signs of puberty at the time. Is this normal or his way of getting on my nerves?

    1. You’re funny! Probably not puberty yet–I’ve not heard of stretching as a symptom! Give it another year or so, I am betting…

    2. Don’t be a paranoid git it’s just something he likes to do, not a way to “get on your nerves” *eye roll*

  249. Hey, I am around 5″8.5/5″9, 16 years old, my parents are 5″9 (dad) and around 5″3/5″4 (mum). I’ve only had 1 visible growth spurt in my life when i was 14 and that wasn’t too noticeable anyway. My older brothers, 24 and 26 are 5″7 and around 6 foot/6″1. Any idea if i have any further chance of growing? Thanks

    1. Check with your pediatrician and check out your growth chart–if you’re flattening on the curve, it’s a sign your growth is slowing…

  250. Hi! I’m currently 13 turning 14 in February. I’m 5’4 1/2 and I started my period a year and a half ago. My mom is 5’1 and my dad is 6’4. My sister is a year older than me and she is 5’2 1/2. My mom said she was done growing in 6th grade but my dad said he didn’t grow till his Senior year. I am get hungrier everyday. Am I just gaining wait from maturing? Do you think I will grow anymore?

  251. Hey, I’m 13 5’10” so I’m already pretty tall but I’m heavy too, about 200. Not really that fat just a little chubby. Anyways, I was wondering how tall you’d think I’ll be eventually. My dad is 5’11” and my mom 5’8″

    1. My dad is 5’10 and my mom is 5’7. I’m 18 and currently 6’1 and my older brother’s 6’2. You’ll probably hit 6’3-6’4ish but you would have to lose fat so theres less strain on your body. Your body’s gonna be more encouraged to grow when there’s less weight pushing down on you constantly. Muscle will help support your bones so make sure to go hard in the gym too.

      1. Hi I am 14 and I am 5’5 and my dad is 6 foot and my mom is 5’6 will I be taller then 6 foot 2

  252. Im 14 and 5’6 and my dad is 6’0 and i wanna be at least 5’10 and ive been eating a ton and gained a ton of weight and havent grown in a while. Should i worry?

      1. I’m 5’7 18 years old. I started some stretching exercises to grow 3-6 inches my target is to reach 6 foot is it possible? I’m on a healthy diet but taking away two days of each week eating junk food and the rest of the week eating healthy food and working out in the gym. so is it possible? my parents are both short 5’4 each!

  253. im 14 and im like 5’1, my voice changed but t since that im not growing as much will i get taller any sooner

  254. Thanks for the info. My daughter who turned 10 in September has grown almost an inch since her physical in October, making her 5foot 2inches. Her dad is 6feet, and im 5foot 5. She hasnt started her period yet so i know theres still tons of growing to do. The grocery and clothing bills are killing me! Any details on talking in sleep during these growth spurts? She used to do it randomly but lately its almost every night….

      1. Hi I just turned 15 today and am 164cm. my dad is 171 and my mom 160. I have only grown 1 cm since January 2015. I eat alot and am skinny but I do sleep around 12 during the holidays could this be the reason why I’m not growing? I usually sleep around 1030 on weekdays

  255. I am 17 years female 5’2,my.mum is 5 feet,my dad is 6’0 my elder sister is also my height,i dnt tink i ave had any major growth spurt it was just little increment…My dad also hit his major growth spurt in his late teens,will I also go through the same process

    1. My doctor told me that females finish growing faster than males. He said males usually stop growing at 21 and females at 16. There is a slight chance you could still grow, though. A SLIGHT chance. Don’t worry about your height. I would love to be your height instead of 5’10” that I am

  256. Hey! I’m really scared about my height! I turned 16 early October and I’m 5’2 ish around.. My mom is 4’11-5’0 and my dad is 6’1 am I done growing?! I want to make it at least 5’6

  257. Hi I’m 11 and I’m 5’2 or 5’3 and I’m think I’m going through a growth spurt I’ve been moody,very hungry, my feet and hands are big and there is only a couple people taller then me in class. Also my mom is 5’9 and dAd 5’11 and then the rest of my family Is short and I don’t know about my moms she was adopted and I like my height now

  258. So I’m 13 turning 14 in March I’m about 5’6 is there a chance I’ll grow anymore in anyway my siblings say I’m entering a growth spurt, Any Tips

  259. I’m Jessica and I just turned 13 haven’t got my period yet and I’m 5 feet will I grow anymore? My mom is 5’5 and my dad is 5’8 do u think I will be 5’7?

  260. Hi I currently have just turned 17 and I was wondering if theres any chance I can still grow, I’m 5’9, my dad is 5’10 and my mom is 5’2.

  261. I’m 14 and I am 5’5 and 3/4. My dad is 5’6 and my mom is 5’3. Is it possible for me to grow taller than my parents? Or am I done growing? The only tall people in my family are my parents cousins. They are around 6 feet.

  262. Hi, I’m 11 (not exactly a teen… YET) but I am 4’11” and not growing at all. My younger sister who is 10 is now taller than me. So are all of my friends! My parents always pick on me about it, Is there any chance that I will grow anytime soon?

    1. Marie

      part of your growth is genetics–not sure what your parents heights are, but yours will reflect them. You’re still young and may grow more!

    2. Hi I have the same problem as you! My parents are tall enough and im 11.My younger brother who is 8 is about the same size as me!! Will I ever grow!? My friend has had her period too and I haven’t.Shes also taller than me!

  263. I’m 13 and 4’11 and my mom is 5’0 and my dad I say is about 5’5 will I grow any taller

    1. Kid don’t worry I’m 13 too and I’m the same height as both of my parents and my doctor said I will be over 6ft. It’s totally possible to outgrow your parents, don’t worry I know a lot of people who are 13 who are shorter than you so just give it time and all should work out

    2. I’m 13 and I’m 5,0 My mom is 5,2 and My dad is 5,8 do you think I will grow any taller threw out my high school year in going to be a freshman next year 2016 My friends are taller then me…! I want to be 5,10 When I get out but I believe in myself that I probably will be tall as my dad

  264. Im a 12 and a half year old girl im only 4’8!!! and my knees were hurting bad for two days and mostly at night i dont know if im growing or its just pain my parents are also really short they are both 5’2 and i have long legs and a really skinny body so do u think im growing

  265. Hello I’M 14 years old and I’m 5 feet 5 or 5 feet 6 inches tall. My feet size is 9 inches so am I’M in the growth spurt or will I get it later

  266. Im 5’7 and 15 years old. My mom is 5’2 and my dad is 6’0. Do I have a chance of being 6’0 or taller. Pls respond?

    1. Not sure. Your best bet is to check in with your doctor and look at your growth chart–you will get an idea of how tall you will be and when your growth will finish.

  267. I am 15 and im 5’6,my father is 5’6 and my mother is 5’7,will i remain on this height forever or will i have a chance to grow at least to 5’8 ?

  268. I’m 14 and 5’5 and I want a growth spurt I’m drinking two glasses of milk everyday and sleeping 8 to 9 hrs everyday thinking it will pay off will it ? My mom was short but my dad was really tall I don’t get why I’m not growing as much will I grow more or not ?

  269. Hi, i’m 14 year old guy and around 6″4 tall, my dad is around the same height and my mom is around 5″8. Is this height normal? Also I often get pain in the knees, this usually occurs after my rugby practices and during car rides that last more than 30mins-1hr, is this normal and if not what should i do?

  270. I just turned 16 and I’m around 5’10, 5’11. My mom is around 5’3 and my dad was 6’4. I haven’t really grown at all in the past year and my desired height is around 6’2, 6’3 do you think this is possible. Also I haven’t really hit a major growth spurt yet I don’t think so let me know what you think and if there is anything I can do to help grow taller naturally it’d be appreciated. thanks

    1. It’s hard to tell, but you could check in with your pediatrician and view your growth chart–when it starts to level off, around 17/18 or before or after, is when the growth spurt comes to a close.

      1. Hi, I’m a 15 year old girl and I am 4’9, I know i’m quite short for my age. My dad’s height is 5’9 and my mum’s height is 5’4. I don’t think i’ve had a massive growth spurt, is there chance I’m going to grow more? I really want to be at least around 5’7 but i don’t think would.

  271. Hi I’m 13 and a girl. I get cramps and my kneecaps hurt a lot. I already had my period this th, am I on a growth spurt?

  272. I’m 15 and 5’7 is this normal for my age?? My dad is 5’11 and my mom is 5’3. Everyone on my dad side is tall and my moms brothers are kinda as well. Will I get any taller? I was 5’4 earlier when I was 14 in February did I hit my growth spurt already? Also I went to the doctor and he said that my knee’s are fusing which means I’m still growing and one of my legs is almost don’t but not that close yet. Is there a chance I would be the same height or taller than my dad?

    1. Hi I’m 15 I am 5’9 My dad is 5’11 my mom is 5’8 . I just am getting a tiny bit of hair underneath my arimpits and legs . I also have big hands and wear a size 12.5 shoe . Do you still think I could grow 2-4 inches?

      1. You could check with your doctor and look at your growth chart–it will give you an idea of where you are at in the growth process.

  273. Hi. Im 13 and I have a brother that’s 16. Both of us are 5’3 and havent seen a growth spurt in a while. My dad is 5’9 and my mom is 5’1. Will i hit a growth spurt anytime soon? Or am I done growing because my brother is the same height?

    1. Cam, you may still be growing, just based on your age. Your brother may grow a bit more too, but given the stature of your parents and his age, he may be near finished with growing. Time will tell.

  274. My sister is about to turn twelve and says that for the past week ger legs have been hurting at night. She even sleeps with a pillow under her legs. She matured pretty fast and is eating alot. She already has stretch marks on her sides that she got recently. Does this mean anything?

  275. I’m 13 and a girl. I recently went to the doctor’s office and I gained four pounds. I’m a skinny girl and I am moderately active (soccer 3 times a week and run once a week). My legs also hurt all the time (near the joints the most). I’m also ALWAYS hungry and eat a lot. Is this a growth spurt or just me getting fatter?

    1. You are the perfect age for growth–and you are playing a sport which can make you hungrier. It’s okay to be hungry–try to eat fruits, vegetables and “real” food most of the time. 🙂

  276. I’m 14 and I’m and my voice changed and I’m growing hair on my body, but I don’t think I have been on my growth spurt. When do you go through your growth spurt? Is it before in or after puberty?

    1. Steven,

      The growth spurt for boys varies on its timing, and is largely related to your genetics. You dad and mom should be able to give you insight as to when they went through puberty. In general, boys enter the growth spurt around age 14 and it can last for a couple of years. Everybody is different regarding when they start.

  277. Hi, My 8 year son has started running funny about a month ago – it’s like he’s traling his right leg behind him and he’s lost speed plus he looks exhausted when he’s running. He has been told by his football academy that he is going through a growth spurt and he will align himself within about 12 weeks. Do this sound right to you?

    1. The traditional growth spurt is during adolescence. Your son seems young for that at 8 years old. I would check in with your pediatrician to make sure he hasn’t experienced an injury of some sort–perhaps it’s just a pulled muscle, but I would double check, especially since it’s been going on for a month now. Is he complaining? Or is it just something you’re noticing?

      1. Thanks for getting back to me. I took him to the Doctor after a couple of weeks and he checked over his legs and feet but couldn’t find anything. My Son had complained here and there for a couple of weeks about his heels and thighs aching but since then he hasn’t mentioned any pain (and this was about a month before I took him to the Doctor). He has grown a lot in the past 6-12 months and people that don’t know him at first think he’s about 11 years old. His running is getting better in general but when he gets tired, he looks really awkward and that’s when he starts dragging his foot a bit.
        Like i said before, the coach at his academy thinks it is a growth spurt but I just want to get other opinions. What’s your thoughts?

        1. Good that you had the doctor check it out. If you are still unsettled about it, you could always see an orthopedic doctor who specializes in sports–young children can have things going on with their heels (Sever’s disease)–again, it could be growth spurt–they are typically short-lived (couple of weeks)–maybe just keep an eye on him…

    2. I’m 15 and 5’7″. My dad is 5’10” and my mom is 5’6″. Do you think I will get to 6 feet at least.

  278. Recently I’ve been noticing that I am more hungrier than usual and I want to eat more of my favorite food/snacks. Is it a growth spurt?

    1. Hi Anna,

      Perhaps. It depends on your age, and making sure you are truly hungry, not bored, or emotional. If you are truly hungrier, then follow your appetite, and be sure to listen to your fullness too, which tells you when to stop eating.

  279. Im 13 and 5’3 or 5’2 and my mom is 5’1 and my dad is 5’11 will i stay this height or will i grow tall like my dad?

    1. Look at your growth chart, which you can find at the pediatrician’s office. That’s how they track your overall growth.

  280. I’m 14 and Around 6’1 and can feel when I grow, and my feet suddenly grew and my voice started changing so I assume I’m going to grow more soon

  281. I recently turned fourteen and rather short for my age….. The previous night I had a constant, sever pain in both of my knees for quite awhile, though pills helped with the pain.
    Is this a normal sign of a growth spurt?? (I sure hope so…)

  282. I am 13 and quite short for my age . I have been having pain in the back of my legs also in my shoulders. is this the sign of a growth spurt ?

    1. It may be. I would make an appointment with your pediatrician to check it out and make sure nothing else is going on!

    2. I went trough a bunch of pain on my growth spurt but just know that you will look taller after its over and it lasts like a week

  283. My daughter is 2 months shy of her 11th birthday. She’s naturally tall and slender (lucky girl). She’s always been quite an eater, which is surprising given her slender frame. Because clean eating is a high priority in our home, she’s always been allowed to eat freely (i.e. she can eat when shed hungry and stop until shed satisfied).

    I can tell she’s going through a growth spurt right now because her appetite has gone through the roof! It’s actually to the point where I’m having a hard keeping up grocery-wise. She also suddenly eats like her food is going to run off her plate! She just shovels huge bites of food in her mouth. We’ve had to have more than a few refreshers on table manners.

    However (finally getting to my point), she’s also been having knee pain, mostly behind her knees. I wonder if actual “growing pains” are a real thing. She has particularly long legs, so it would make sense to me that they’re growing quickly and causing a bit of pain. I’d like to know if others’ kids have experienced the same thing.

    1. In my experience, I have seen kids with growing pains, especially in the knees. But, to be sure, I would run it by your pediatrician. 🙂

      1. Jill; I logged on to read about my son’s changes lately to see if he’s in a growth spurt and indeed he fits the signs.. He is 16, very hungry, grumpy, and more tired lately..and all of a sudden his clothes look too small and he has to shave frequently! Our daughter was fully grown by around 14; after she went to high school we didn’t see any more physical growth just emotional changes.. But, with our son we weren’t sure what’s going on and since he’ll be 17 in the spring, I think this could be his last spurt toward man-hood he’s already 5’10 but who knows maybe 6’0 is in his future!

          1. Hi my name is Ezra and im 6,0 I broke my leg and afterwards my doctor said my growth plate is closing and I might only grow 2 inches will I grow taller than that cause I’m only 13 and that would offset everything in my basketball career