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Teen Nutrition

Teen nutrition can be complicated as teenagers exert more independence over their food choices and eating patterns. While you know the nutritional needs for teenagers is higher due to their rapid growth and development, it isn’t always important to them.

In today’s world there is pressure to eat healthy, be slim and trim and maybe even use a diet for teens. All this can increase the risk for eating disorders and more problems.

I sort through much of these challenges and more in my nutrition articles focused on the teenager.

Popular Teen Nutrition Articles

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Protein can help teens meet their needs for growth, teen sport, and keep their appetite in check. Try my 8 breakfast ideas for the teen.

Some teens want to go vegetarian, or vegan. Here’s what parents need to know to make this a healthy transition.

This 3-part series will help you recognize the signs of an eating disorder and get the help your child needs.

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