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I decided to pull together some of the most helpful nutrition resources that, in addition to my programs and books, will help you, as a parent, in your journey of feeding your child, or, as a healthcare professional, in your journey as an online health-based business owner. I will update this page as I find nutrition resources I think you should know about.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you purchase through those links, I will receive a commission. I use all of the products and highly regard them! I use them to help parents in my practice or they’ve helped me develop and grow my business.

Nutrition Resources for Parents

I am dedicated to helping you nourish your child in the best ways possible. From balancing food and meals to feeding in the most positive ways, this website is devoted to helping parents be the best feeders they can be so they raise healthy eaters.

I have loads of nutrition resources to help you!

Want to Raise a Healthy Child?

The Nourished Child Project

An online program to help you set up a nutritious food system, positive feeding strategy, and lifelong healthy habits so your child grows up healthy and has habits that will encourage a lifetime of health and wellness. This is an empowered educational program to help you nourish and nurture your child while establishing healthy habits and a positive relationship with food. This program is offered as a DIY, self study course, or as a LIVE group program. View the different options for enrollment here

Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School

The “bible” on nutrition for kids, covering food, feeding and child development at each stage of childhood. A paperback book available on Amazon.

Super Healthy Kids Meal Planning Service

Customize your weekly meal plan to reflect the nutritional needs of your family, get delicious recipes created by dietitians, and the support you need to be successful (email, video and printables) by being a part of PrePear, an online and mobile app-friendly meal planning membership! The Super Healthy Kids Team has you covered!

If you are struggling with the weekly grind of food shopping, planning, cooking and the overall inspiration and creativity that is required from being the family chef, this is a tool I highly recommend for helping families get unstuck around mealtime ideas and recipes. PrePear offers a FREE TRIAL to get you on the right track and support you along the way.

Nourish Healthy Weight Email Course

A free, 7-day email series reviewing what you need to know (and do) to nourish a healthy child.

The Nourished Child Project Workbook

The workbook that will help you plan a food system, use a positive feeding strategy and instill healthy habits—all to help you nourish your child, inside and out. The workbook is 130 pages and includes worksheets, planners, checklists, and more.

The Calcium Handbook: Over 100 Ways to Grow Healthy Bones

Are you helping your child grow healthy bones? This e-book details what you need to know! It includes food charts, food lists, and meal plans to optimize your child’s calcium intake.

Nutrients for Kids, Advanced Guide

Do you wonder if you’re hitting the mark with nutrients? Those important ones, like iron and vitamin D, that are critical to your child’s health, growth and development? Wonder no more. I’ve got a book full of the “need to know” information, simplified with food charts and nutrient partners that make keeping track (and filling the gaps) of your child’s nutrient intake a breeze. 

The Healthy Snack Planner for Kids

Snacks…they can make or break your child’s healthy diet and eating habits. Learn the key information about healthy snacks (the who, what and why), plan them with my weekly planner, and get inspired with over 85 healthy ideas!

Kids Cook Real Food

An online cooking course for kids so they can master 30 different cooking skills, while getting exposure to a variety of foods, gain skills (and confidence), and become more independent around food and cooking. Your child will get step-by-step guidance in the important life skill of cooking!

For Parents of Picky Eaters

Try New Food: Help New Eaters, Picky Eaters and Extreme Picky Eaters Taste, Eat & Like New Food

A 60-page guide outlining the step-by-step system I use with my pediatric clients as I help them build confidence and skills for trying and liking new food.

The ADHD Diet for Kids: Nourish for Your Child for Better Attention, Behavior and Growth

A program designed for parents of ADHD kids, this online experience will help you nourish and feed your child with nutritious food, feeding strategies that work, and help you solve any nutrition challenges you may be facing with your child. This program runs as a live group parent program, led by me. Launching June 2018!

For Parents of Athletes

Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete [the book]

The complete sports nutrition guidebook for parents of athletes aged 8-18 years.

Eat Like a Champion Sports Nutrition Program for the Young Athlete [the online program]

An online program for young athletes and their parents to learn about sports nutrition.

Fast & Healthy Breakfasts for Young AthletesEat Like a Champion is a sports nutrition program for young athletes and their parents to learn how to fuel the growing body for a competitive edge.

If you’ve got a growing athlete, you know how important a healthy breakfast is for him or her. I’ve put together 17 different grab-n-go healthy breakfast recipes suitable for young athletes. They’re chock full of protein, carbs and healthy fats. You’ll get over 25 breakfast combo ideas, too!

Fuel Up with Dinner for Young Athletes

The dinner hour is a scramble for families with athletes, particularly because the dinner hour and practice or games often collide. Simplify your dinner time with 21 fast and nutritious dinner recipes for young athletes. With the dinner crunch in mind, these recipes maximize your efficiency, while minimizing your time.

For Parents of BabiesStarting solids guidebook for parents of babies 6+ months to one year of age.

The Smart Mom’s Guide to Starting Solids

Your first feeding decision is pretty straight-forward: breastfeed or use an infant formula. But what about later, when it’s time to start solids? Not so easy. And not so straight-forward. From a variety of first foods to the different ways you can feed your baby (spoon, whole foods, etc), the prospect of starting solids can be intimidating and overwhelming. My e-book will help guide you through this important stage of nutrition and feeding your baby.

Resources I Use in My Business

I get a lot of questions about which resources I use to run my business. To that end, I have compiled the tools and resources I use. I couldn’t do what I do without these tools.

Childhood Nutrition Books I Love


For The Nourished Child Blog


Who do I get my urls from? GoDaddy supplies all of them…and I have a lot of them! GoDaddy allows me link all my websites together by redirecting my urls to my main website.

I use this platform to run my blog, my other websites (Fearless Feeding and Nutrition for Young Athletes), and my online programs. can handle it all and has the power to handle a multi-tiered website.

Yoast SEO

Until I found Yoast SEO I was blogging blindly! That is, I was just throwing content up there and hoping someone would find it. Now, I am confident in my SEO efforts, mostly because Yoast SEO guides me along the way.


I create all my handouts, picture graphics for the blog, and freebies on Canva. Canva is an invaluable free resource. I use the business option for a small monthly fee.

Pixabay and Flickr Creative Commons

I source many of my blog pictures here. This is a free picture resource, but you must give credit to the photographer and Flickr. I make sure to do this on the photo itself.


I create my sales pages, opt-in pages, pop-up boxes, and registration pages using LeadPages. LeadPages has been a game changer for my business. 

For The Nourished Child Podcast


I use Libsyn to host my audio files. They need to live somewhere, otherwise, they will bog down your website (and other websites if you are on a shared system).

Blubrry Press

The plugin for that I use to publish my podcast on my website and link it to iTunes and other listening platforms such as Stitcher Radio and TuneIn. Click on the link and you’ll get a 30 day free trial if you use the promo code: NourishedChild

Blue Yeti Microphone & Headphones + Pop Filter

The microphone I use to record my podcast; I also use this microphone to record the audio portion of my videos for e-courses. I bought the headphones and pop filter as a package. [Click on the picture to find it on Amazon.]


I use Zencastr to interview guests for the podcast. (It’s free.) It connects me to my guest and records us on separate tracks which makes it easier to edit.

For My E-Courses

Wishlist Member

The course hosting platform I use to host The Nourished Child Project, Eat Like a Champion and The ADHD Diet for Kids. Other programs such as THRIVE: A Mastermind for Pediatric Nutritionists and Food Parenting PRO are hosted on this platform as well. I chose this platform because it integrates well with and allows the future possibility of a membership site. 


I host all of my check out pages and my affiliate program on SamCart. Love the look and flexibility to take payments for my programs and books, as well as the ability to create versatile payment programs for my customers.


My videos live on this hosting platform. Again, like audio files, video files need to live somewhere other than your website. I also use Wistia because it offers password protection for my videos.


I have used 99 Designs to create the logos for The Nourished Child Project and The Nourished Child blog and podcast. They access the designers for you, and the designers compete for the best logo award (which is the one you choose!). It’s a fun and creative way to cull ideas if you’re looking for a fresh brand design. (They also do many other design projects, like brochures, etc.)


I use Zoom as my primary video platform for teaching and running my group programs.

For Keeping in Touch with My Tribe

Active Campaign

This is my email service provider. I love the power and flexibility of Active Campaign!

My Ad Network


I just starting using an ad network, and Mediavine has proven profitable for me right out of the gate.

Disclosure: Remember, some of these links are affiliate links. That means if you decide to purchase one of the products I list here, I will earn a small commission. All commissions help support this website, allowing me to bring you the most up-to-date information and resources for childhood nutrition and feeding.