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TNC 032: Teach Nutrition to Kids with Healthy Eating Activities

healthy eating activities


We all want our kids to learn about nutrition. We can teach kids about nutrition through healthy eating activities. I chat with pediatric dietitian and author, Connie Evers, about how we can use healthy eating activities to teach children of all ages about nutrition.

What You Will Learn about Healthy Eating Activities:

  • Best ways to teach nutrition to kids
  • How to infuse nutrition education in schools and group settings
  • How to be creative with food experiences for kids
  • Why cooking, snack making, label reading and gardens are good platforms for teaching
  • Ways to teach the toddler, preschooler, child and teen about nutrition
  • How to tie learning to math, reading, and predictive outcomes
  • How to find the angle that motivates a child to learn about nutrition

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What We Discuss:

  • Connie’s agricultural background and upbringing and how it influences her work today
  • Her high school interest in food and science
  • Why working with children is so rewarding
  • Her experience with family meals and the clean plate club and how that influences her eating today
  • How Connie counsels children in her practice
  • Connie’s philosophy about educating children
  • Why she thinks modeling language for parents is important in the educational model
  • Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility in the picky eater
  • Fear of saying ‘no’ to a child and what happens when we allow natural consequences to occur
  • The fun thing Connie has done in nutrition education
  • The most difficult age to teach about nutrition
  • How she manages overweight children

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Links I Mentioned in the Show:

Connie’s website: Nutrition for Kids

Connie’s blog

Connie on Twitter
Connie on Facebook

Connie on Linked In

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