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TNC 002: Putting Food in Its Place

Putting Food in Its Place

Food abundance. We live in a world where food is everywhere…from online recipes and cooking shows to the ever-present food options everywhere your child goes (school, doctor, church, sporting events)….it’s hard to figure out the right nutrition and food balance you should strike for your child.

Should you be uber-vigilant about food? Or should you be relaxed –or even lax about what your child eats?

Today on The Nourished Child podcast, I am exploring food. What it can and should do for your child. Specifically, how it should fit into your child’s life, what you should focus on most, and where it’s okay to let go. Most importantly, I’m talking about the food balance you can strike for a happy, healthy and nourished child.

You’ll learn:

  • The role of food in kids’ lives
  • How to use food groups at meals and snacks
  • How to strike a healthy balance of food for your child
  • How to handle sweets and why they have such a stronghold in children’s diets
  • The realities of 21st century food and what that means for your child and his eating
  • And…is “healthy” food all that it’s cracked up to be

Helpful Resources:

Food groups and serving sizes from

Starter portions sizes for kids

The 90:10 Rule for balancing indulgent foods

Why infants and young toddlers shouldn’t be eating sweets

Why rewarding with treats is not a good habit

Eating in the absence of hunger

Healthy food doesn’t guarantee a healthy child

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