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TNC 045: TEDx, Turkeys & Table Manners

Thanksgiving table manners

Thanksgiving Table Manners

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we have a bunch of family in town. As our houses fill with relatives near and far, and the smell of turkey and other delicious food emanate from the kitchen, we can take a moment in all the chaos to be thankful for our families and the bounty we have been blessed with. I will have a wide range of ages around my Thanksgiving table, as well as a variety of nutritional needs. We will have two kinds of turkey, and gluten-free and vegan dishes available for this bunch. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!  

This episode is a short and sweet one all about how to get your children prepped for the holidays. You’ll notice that the pressure you feel when the holidays come around is also a high-pressure time for children. They will be hugging and dining with more grownups, usually, than they are used to. They will be expected to sit at the table longer than usual and will be presented with food they aren’t used to seeing. I’ll share my best tips for helping your children make the most of their holiday season, keeping in mind your sanity too!  

This is a season for celebration, not worry. Food and family often go hand in hand, so I want to make sure my listening family feels well equipped for whatever comes their way. Happy Turkey Day! 

The holidays are already a pressure cooker for many kids. Rather than putting more pressure, we need to lavish more love. Click To Tweet

What You Will Learn About Thanksgiving

  • How to battle the pressure kids and parents feel at the holiday table.  
  • Tips for making children feel comfortable around strange food.  
  • Table manners, especially around the holidays.  
Children need a lot of time to learn and practice their manners.   Click To Tweet

What I Discuss Regarding Thanksgiving 

  • My own Thanksgiving traditions.  
  • How to alleviate some holiday pressure.  
  • Increasing the frequency of family meals allows them to practice table manners.  
  • My Tedx Talk about the trifecta I use to treat my patients.  
  • Announcements for pediatric nutritionists, my Beta course on ADHD eaters, and my Eat Like a Champion course.  

Links Mentioned In the Show  

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Jill’s TEDx Talk on Youtube 

Email me if you want to be part of my beta ADHD course 

Eat Like a Champion course 

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