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As one of the best podcasts about child nutrition, feeding kids, kids health, and parenting, The Nourished Child® podcast has your back. 

From picky eating to overeating and youth sports to healthy meal prep, The Nourished Child® podcast has you covered with good food ideas, nutrition information, parental feeding advice, and everyday parenting tips to make raising a healthy child easier. 

With expert guests and practical guidance, The Nourished Child® podcast helps you navigate nutrition and the ups and downs of raising a healthy child, inside and out. 

Be sure to listen to some of the most listened to podcast episodes below! 

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Listen to the experts from Boston Children’s Hospital and the OWL program.

Dina Rose offers advice for navigating the touchy subject of sweets, treats and other goodies.

Author Debbie Reber chats about children with neuro-differences.

How to put love with limits into action at the dinner table.

Speech Pathologist and Feeding Therapist Melanie Potock discusses extreme picky eaters and how to help them. 

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