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TNC 042: Milk Alternatives: Which Milk is Best for My Child?

Milk Alternatives: Which one is best for my child?

Milk Alternatives: Which is Best?

Take a walk down the dairy aisle and you’ll see a lot more than cow’s milk. You’ll see plenty of milk alternatives: soy, almond, rice, hemp, and oat…the list goes on and on! If your family is dairy-free, these milk alternatives are becoming an important decision.

You want what is best for your child, and especially for the little ones, drinks are often an important source of nutrients and calories. But where do you start? I know that choosing cow’s milk or milk alternatives is a personal and powerful decision.  

To make the best decision for your family, you need to understand milk nutrition. Especially for families with younger children, it is essential to know your alternative nutrition so you can ensure the rest of your child’s diet compensates for the protein and calcium deficits.

It’s time to make an informed decision that upholds your child’s nutritional needs and personal preferences. Let’s dive in!    

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What You Will Learn About Milk Alternatives: 

  • Know your milk! What is even available?  
  • Understanding the nutritional value of cow’s milk.  
  • The best options for lactose intolerant children.  
  • Understanding the cancer risk of soy milk.  
  • Know your nutrients! I break down each alternative and compare it to dairy milk.  

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What I Discuss: 

  • The nutritional needs for children at different developmental stages.  
  • Dairy milk is not completely meeting your child’s growth requirement of  Vitamin D and Calcium.  (Hint: your child needs other sources)
  • My filter for deciding which milk is best for my family and my client’s family.
  • What’s in my fridge! 
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  1. What about goat milk? Our daughter is lactose intolerant or has an intolerance to protein (my husband has this). We give her unsweetened vanilla soy milk and goat milk.