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TNC 030: Low FODMAP for Kids

Low FODMAP diet

Kate Scarlata, RD joins me on The Nourished Child podcast to talk about the Low FODMAPS diet for kids. We dish on what this diet is, who it’s for (and for whom it isn’t), and the best ways to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, in children.

Kate is a registered dietitian, mom, runner, author and low FODMAP diet educator. After a major intestinal resection, she is not only a health care provider but also a patient. She’s on a mission to spread global awareness of the low FODMAP diet for those who suffer with functional gut disorders.

What You Will Learn about Low FODMAP for Kids:

  • Which children could benefit from the Low FODMAP diet
  • The acronym “FODMAP” and what it stands for
  • Which foods cause various symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, pain)
  • Why the Low FODMAP diet should not be a long-term or permanent diet
  • The stages of the Low FODMAP diet (elimination, reintroduction, maintenance)
  • Which foods are hardest to reintroduce
  • The role of prebiotics and probiotics in maintaining a healthy gut
  • The nutrients parents need to watch for their children when following the Low FODMAP diet
The Low FODMAP diet is a temporary diet for symptom relief. ~Kate Scarlata, RD Click To Tweet

What We Discuss about the Low FODMAP Diet:

  • The importance of establishing healthy eating habits despite dietary restriction
  • Kate’s IBS Story
  • My IBS story
  • The variability of symptoms and response to the diet
  • How the diet is not “all or nothing” and why teasing out specific triggers is helpful
  • How to liberalize the diet with non-triggering FODMAPs
  • The future of dietary modification using a FODMAPs approach
  • How to include fruit on the Low FODMAP diet
  • How to include regular sources of fiber in the diet
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Links I Mention in the Show:

The Smart Mom’s Guide to Starting Solids e-book

Food Parenting PRO: A live workshop series for nutrition professionals

Low FODMAP diet resources (FODMAPS 101, Low and High FODMAP foods)

Low FODMAP topics and recipes

FODMAP Grocery Guide

Find a FODMAP educated dietitian near you

My GI Nutrition

Low FODMAP Central (handouts, guides, recipes by Nestle Nutrition)

Monash University Low FODMAP app

All about IBS

US Probiotic Guide 

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  1. Jill, There are many children who actually start growing and gain weight on the Low Fodmap diet because they are finally able to eat without being in pain, bloated, fear of GI urgency, gas pains, and etc.

    1. Absolutely Deborah! It’s important to have support and guidance from a nutrition professional who understands growth and development and the associated nutritional requirements, too, because I have seen cases whereby foods are removed from the diet but not replaced with nutritious alternatives, which can create problems for the child.