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Nutrition Prep School

The Nourished Child Project

Healthy eating is the backbone of a healthy child. And, after all, healthy eaters aren’t born, they’re grown! That’s what The Nourished Child Project is all about.

Here, you’ll get a food system, feeding strategy and a lifestyle infrastructure that will set your child on a healthy path. Join now to get free and unlimited access to useful videos and educational materials that will help you take your child’s health to the next level!

 Food Parenting PRO

Transform your practice with this 4-week nutrition series for professionals presenting the evidence and practical application of positive food parenting. Case presentations, discussion & mentoring included. Enroll today to get started with making the most of your counseling interactions with food parenting skills.

food parenting pro by Jill Castle

Eat Like a Champion

Raising your young athlete is a tough job. We make it easy for you with this step by step guide on how to grow healthy & strong athlete. Right from the diet, to the exercise & the game plan, we cover it all to transform your kid into a champion. Enroll for sports nutrition course for young athlete today!eat-like-a-champion-ecourse


THRIVE Mastermind for Pediatric Nutritionists

THRIVE Mastermind covers everything you’d ever wanted to learn as a pediatric nutritionists. This is a 6-month mastermind for pediatric and family-focused nutrition professionals who want to accelerate business growth, boost revenue and sharpen their influence.

thrive mastermind

ADHD diet
ADHD & Nutrition: Feed the Brain for Better Attention, Behavior & Calmness

ADHD and Nutrition is a course to help you nourish your child to the fullest, while promoting the behavior, attention and calm your child needs for optimal learning and daily functioning. I believe nutrition is a key component to eliciting the best health, learning and behavior from ANY child. But so often, kids who have ADHD can suffer from a poor diet, which in turn can affect their growth, learning and behavior. After many years of working with children who have ADHD, I have seen trends that I want to address as well as some of the insight and strategies I’ve used with my little clients over the years.

While nutrition won’t CURE ADHD, it sure can be a powerful change agent in helping your child feel better, function better and learn.