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Essential Nutrient Guide for Kids Book

Is your child getting enough essential nutrients? The right ones? Do you know which foods to include in the diet to ensure optimal growth and health?

Essential nutrients for kids ebook

Your child’s body requires over 40 nutrients for proper growth and development.

Learn how to target and include the 7 most important nutrients so your child has optimal growth and lays the foundation for a healthy future.

NUTRIENTS FOR KIDS will help you:

Quickly learn WHICH essential nutrients are the most important ones to pay attention to and include in your child’s daily diet.

Close the gap on any missing nutrients with high quality food sources.

You Will Learn:

  • Which essential nutrients are often in short supply for children
  • What foods work best as sources of priority nutrients
  • How nutrient partners can help your child easily match his needs
  • The important functions of nutrients in the growth and health of kids
  • When to add a supplement

Why Your Child Needs Essential Nutrients for Health & Growth

As a childhood nutrition expert, my professional approach to ensuring families provide quality, essential nutrients to their children is simple: through food. 

In this guide, I outline the most important nutrients for children at each stage of development, including simple ways to plan for nutrients during the day, targeting real food. 

This downloadable, E-book offers food lists for each important nutrient and easy ways to pair foods to ensure optimal nutrient delivery.

End the questions and the worry!

You’ll quickly learn which nutrients to pay attention to, where the nutrient gaps lie, and how to fill them.