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The Calcium Handbook for Kids

Learn about calcium for kids, how it helps your child grow strong bones, the sources, including foods high in calcium, vegan calcium sources, and calcium supplements.

This is the guide you need to make sure your child gets enough.

The calcium handbook helps you choose foods high in calcium so your child can grow healthy bones.

Calcium Helps Kids Build Bones

Quickly learn how to include calcium foods in your child’s diet, whether he eats a regular diet, has food allergies, is a picky eater, or follows a special diet plan.

The Calcium Handbook includes everything you need to know to help your child consume plenty of calcium in his diet, and what to do if he can’t get enough. Hint: supplements.

But it also reviews all of the important roles calcium has in the body, plus emphasizes other lifestyle factors that help build healthy bones.

The Calcium Handbook will help calm your worries about whether your child is getting enough.

Learn About Calcium Rich Foods

  • Get the details on calcium containing foods and how much they contain per serving
  • Learn how much your child needs each day through each stage of growth and development
  • Strategize other ways to build strong, healthy bones, including exercise routines
  • Review sample meal plans that provide the right foods to meet your child’s daily requirements
  • Get extensive lists of animal food sources and vegan calcium foods
  • If you decide you need a supplement, there are supplement options included

Let Me Teach You about Calcium Foods for Kids

I’m Jill Castle, MS, RDN and as a childhood nutrition expert, I’ve showcased everything you need to know about growing healthy bones and the role calcium foods play in the process. You’ll find handy lists of foods, from both animal foods and vegan calcium sources.

My lists and sample meal plans will help you methodically create a calcium rich diet for your child. I even review supplements in the event you need them (and I help you know when you do need them!).

With rates of osteoporosis increasing, the calcium your child consumes each day makes an impact on his or her bone health.

Let The Calcium Handbook help you grow strong, healthy bones!

Peak Inside the Book

Chapter 1: The Role Calcium Play and How it Helps Kids
Chapter 2: How Much Calcium do Kids Really Need?
Chapter 3: Physical Activity & Other Factors in Bone Development
Chapter 4: Special Populations and Calcium
Chapter 5: Calcium Food Facts
Chapter 6: Calcium Foods & Supplements