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Whole Lotta Love for Whole Grains

whole grains

I want you and your children to eat more whole grains—I really do.

Besides the whole grain health benefits for children, including heart health and a slew of other positive associations (like weight management), whole grains should be an important part of your family’s diet.

Today, nearly everywhere you look, you’ll find products touting whole grains. If you need a refresher on why whole grains are good for you and your family, read this.

What are whole grains, exactly?

Whole grains are those “foods made from the entire grain seed, usually called the kernel, which consists of the bran, germ, and endosperm. If the kernel has been cracked, crushed, or flaked, it must retain nearly the same relative proportions of bran, germ, and endosperm as the original grain in order to be called whole grain” — USDHHS and USDA.

Why is there a push to get Americans to eat more whole grains?

According to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, most children do not meet their daily need for whole grains. Below you can see a comparison of what kids ARE eating versus what they NEED to eat.

1 to 3 year olds 0.37 ounces 1.5 ounces
4 to 8 year olds 0.41 ounces 2 ounces
9 to 13 year olds 0.48 ounces (boys)0.34 ounces (girls) 3 ounces2.5 ounces
14 to 18 year olds 0.26 ounces (boys)0.33 ounces (girls) 3.5 ounces3 ounces

1 ounce = ½ cup cooked brown rice or other grain, 100% whole grain pasta, cooked hot cereal (oatmeal), 1 slice 100% whole grain bread, 1 very small 100% whole grain muffin, 1 cup 100% whole grain ready-to-eat cereal

If you can get beyond the grocery store wheat bread, there’s a whole new world of whole grains waiting to be tapped. If you want to dive into more information on whole grains, visit the Whole Grains Council website, it’s a great resource. Look for the Whole Grains emblem to help you navigate good sources.

I’m giving away some whole grains to help you and your family eat more!

Mestemacher Bread: German bread at its finest. The Mestemacher bakers create all natural whole grain breads, low in fat and cholesterol and high in fiber. Hearty and filling, these breads are delicious alone or with a yummy spread. I love it with raspberry jam! We are offering 2 loaves of multigrain bread and 2 loaves of Fitness bread to one lucky winner!

Attune Foods: Makers of Uncle Sam and Erewhon cereals. Uncle Sam is loaded with red winter wheat berries and flaxseeds, and will super-charge your morning with 10 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein per serving! I enjoy blueberries on top for a little natural sweetness. Erewhon (pronounced Air-wahn) is made with brown rice—a healthy “krispie” cereal, and organic. One winner will receive a prize pack containing an assortment of 4 boxes of cereal!

Dr. Kracker: The king of whole grain crackers, offering a wide variety from which to choose. One winner will receive a 4-pack of Crispbread crackers including Seedlander, Seeded Spelt, Klassic 3 Seed and Pumpkin Cheddar.

HomeFree Cookies: A whole grain “treat” with the added benefit of being peanut, tree nut, egg and dairy free! They also offer wheat and gluten-free options. I can testify that my son’s friend (who has multiple allergies) loved them! One winner will receive a box of cookies and coupons to purchase cookies from their online store.

Here’s How You Can Win!

1) Mandatory Entry: “LIKE” Fearless Feeding on Facebook and leave a comment here saying that you did it. If you don’t have a Facebook account leave a comment saying what you NEED from a child nutrition/feeding book (you can do both of these things).

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Four lucky winners will be chosen using Good Luck!

PS—> Maryann is giving these away too! You can increase your odds of winning by visiting her site.

The winners will be announced on Just The Right Byte’s Facebook page. This giveaway will end Thursday, February 23rd, at midnight. You must be 18 to enter. Shipping of product only within the US.


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