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Healthiest Granola Bars: A Review

healthiest granola bars
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I’m looking at the nutrients found in common, popular kids’ foods and this month we are looking for the healthiest granola bars on the market. 

Granola bars are a convenient, on the go snack, but they aren’t always the healthiest options for kids. While some of these granola bars may be great options, others pay homage to the candy bar, packing a hefty dose of sugar and fat, and hiding under a “health halo.”  

Just look at the packages: healthy, nature, fiber, TLC, organic. These claims lure me to the box too…for a closer look.

How is a parent to know which are the healthiest granola bars to choose?  

The Nutrition Facts Label and the ingredient list on each package can help guide your choices.  First, scour the nutrition facts label to check for sugar, fat, sodium, and fiber;  then turn over the package and look at the sources of these nutrients on the ingredient list.

We’ve done some of the work for you.  

Randomly selected, kid-oriented granola bars:

BrandCaloriesTotal FatSat. FatSugarSodiumFiberCalcium
Nature Valley: Strawberry Yogurt1403.5 g2 g13 g110 mg1 g200 mg
Quaker: Chewy Chocolate Chip1003 g1.5 g7 g75 mg1 g80 mg
Kashi TLC: Chewy Trail Mix1405 g0.5 g5 g105 mg4 g0 mg
Hershey’s: Reese’s Sweet & Salty with Peanuts1709 g2.5 g9 g180 mg2 g0 mg
Kudo’s: Milk Chocolate Chip1203.5 g2 g11 g70 mg1 g250 mg
Trader Joe’s: Chewy Peanut Crunch1302.5 g0 g12 g150 mg1 g20 mg
Disney: Chewy Rainbow Chocolate Gems1204 g1.5 g9 g105 mg1 g20 mg
Cascadian Farm: Organic Chewy Chocolate Chip1403 g1 g10 g125 mg1 g0 mg
Fiber One: Chewy Oats & Chocolate1404 g1.5 g10 g90 mg9 g100 mg
Special K: Strawberry901.5 g1 g9 g95 mg0.5 g0 mg
Nutri-grain: Strawberry1300.5 g0.5 g12 g120 mg2 g200 mg

*Nutrition information obtained from

The Healthiest Granola Bars:

We looked at overall qualities, but you may be focused on a single nutrient such as sugar or fiber. In that case, it’s easy to see how each granola bar fares in nutrient categories compared to its competitor.  

Kashi TLC Chewy Trail Mix seems to be the overall best choice with low saturated fat, the least sugar, and a good amount of fiber. Although its calorie content is on the higher side in comparison to the chart as a whole, it is still a reasonable amount for a snack.

Pairing this granola bar with a 1/2 cup of milk would add protein and calcium to make it more nutritious, satisfying and filling.

If you are concerned with sugar content, aim for less than 9 gm per serving (a donut has 12 gm!). For fiber, go for more than 2 gm per serving (5 gm per serving is considered a high fiber item). Sodium a worry?  Shoot for under 200 mg per serving.

The Unhealthiest Granola Bars:

Hershey’s Reece’s Sweet & Salty with Peanuts seems to be the least healthy with the highest calorie, fat, and saturated fat content, along with moderate to high levels of sugar…but I bet it tastes good.

What are your criteria for choosing granola bars for your child?

Disclaimer: This is just a small representation of a single flavor from each of many popular brands on the market, not of all bars available.  Nutrient content may change with different flavor options within each brand.  The purpose of this chart is Nutrition Facts label education, and not specific brand recommendations.


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    1. Katy–nut free granola bars can be found with brands that specialize in allergen-free foods such as Energy foods, and Kashi. In my new sports nutrition book, i have a recipe for granola, of which could very easily be pressed into bars (it’s a skillet granola recipe–super easy and fast!)

  1. Great post! I always recommend the Kashi TLC bars – they are my fave when it comes to granola bars.
    Jessica Fishman Levinson, MS, RD, CDN