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My Favorite Cooking Tools

As a working mother, I am always trying to streamline and work faster in the kitchen, while keeping food quality and taste a top priority.  And to be honest, while I like to cook, I often find the joy of cooking lost during the work week.

To my delight, I acquired four new gadgets over the holidays that have brought the joy back into my kitchen! Perhaps one or more of my favorite cooking tools will bring you happiness and good food to your family too.

French press for coffee

Bodum Chambord (The Original French Press)

I love my morning coffee! And often I am a single-parent not wanting to go through the process of making a pot of coffee (at least not while I am waking children, making breakfast and packing lunches). This Bodum Chambord has been a quick and delicious alternative, allowing me to make one or two mugs of coffee at a time.

I was doubly-delighted when I figured out I could use my hot water spigot instead of boiling a tea kettle of water! Recently, my husband and I decided that our new french press made the best cup of coffee we’ve ever made at home. Starbucks ground coffee helps. Now who doesn’t want a good cup of coffee fast?

Cuisinart 7-Quart Dutch OvenDutch oven - my favorite cooking tools

This was a gift to myself this year. I have always wanted a dutch oven (for many years), but was too intimidated by the high price. One day while passing through TJMaxx, I spotted this dutch oven, at a very reasonable price.  I scooped it up, and haven’t looked back.  My only regret is that I didn’t purchase one sooner.

KitchenAid Auto Lift 4-Slice Toaster

I received this Christmas gift from a family member and frequent house-guest. He (my dad) was probably as frustrated with my old toaster as I was! To me, toasters are a tough purchase.  I have bought many: they typically under-perform or they break.

This toaster, though, has been working great for our family.  There are no levers to jam, and getting the right ‘toast’ is easy and accurate.  Everyone has been pleased over and over by the performance of this toaster–and when the family is happy, I am happy.

Breville Smart Grill

Another holiday gift, this cooking gadget has truly made dinner faster and healthier. I am wowed by the ease and quality of this product. I have grilled fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, veggies and paninis in record time.

Adding to its efficiency, is the easy clean-up–the griddles can be removed and tossed into the dishwasher. I, like you, am interested in fast and convenient, and this product hits the nail on the head.

What products help you get through the week?

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  1. Great gadgets! My personal favourite is a combined rice cooker / slow cooker / porridge cooker / steamer. So much versatility in one package.

    I held out on getting a rice cooker for ages but actually it’s really nice having one less thing to concentrate on when you make stir fry or curry

    1. I have a rice cooker also…have had one for over 10 years. Just upgraded last year to a Zojurishi–brown rice still takes some time, though. Thanks for reading!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your blog!
    Does your smart grill drain fat too? I own a george foreman grill – couldn’t not survive without it! To make clean up even easier, I’ve created a way to make a fat collection tray out of foil (takes 5 seconds). Goes in the trash when I’m done! =)

    1. Wow, thanks! I absolutely LOVE that you said that! Yes, the smart grill has a built in drain that is easy to remove and wash. Last night I made hamburgers, and instead of open-face grilling, I pressed them (like a panini) and it only took 3 minutes! Talk about fast!

  3. I have been wanting to buy a dutch oven for a long time now..and this was the push I needed to go ahead and do it! I will start browsing the home good isles of discount stores asap!

    1. Once you get it, you’ll love it! We have a running joke in the house–the food tastes so good because of the pot! “It’s the pot, Mom!”, say my kiddos.