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On-the-Go Eggs [5 Ways]

We love eggs in my household. For me, it’s one of the few breakfast items that will stick with me longer than a couple of hours. This, I know, is due to the protein content of eggs, and probably the fat content, too.

So I eat eggs for breakfast often. My husband and kids eat quite a few eggs on a weekly basis, too.

Avocado & Egg Toast

Am I worried about how many eggs we eat? Nah. Most of us have normal cholesterol levels, and recent evidence (yes, I know, it changes all the time) suggests eating an average of one egg a day is safe.

If a child has a high cholesterol level, I may reign in the eggs, but more often than not, I am asking families to scale back on fried foods, chips and other processed snacks, and dessert items, as these tend to be the bigger contributors to total fat intake and cholesterol levels in children.

Here are 5 favorite egg breakfasts for my crew, but I know there are many more ideas and recipes! Let me know your favorite in the comments below.

Avocado Toast with an Egg (pictured above)

My kids love avocados. In fact, I have at least one child who would list avocado as one of her favorite foods on the planet. She’s been known to pack up half an avocado as a snack for car trips and flights. Believe me, she gets teased by her friends for lugging an avocado on trips!

It’s not uncommon in my home to make avocado toast for breakfast, lunch or a snack. It was in this vein that I had a eureka moment—why not put an egg on top?!

So, there you have it. Probably one of the simplest breakfasts to make!

Toast a piece of bread. Smash some avocado on top. Fry an egg (I use non-stick cooking spray) and lay it on top. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, or our favorite, Tajin.

breakfast egg wrap

Breakfast Egg Wrap in 5 Minutes or Less

Morning meals in our house have to be quick. With three teens still at home and little time to sit and eat, I have to be ready to put something in hand as they walk out the door. This breakfast egg wrap fits the bill. Feel free to stuff in some fresh spinach, or sauté some onions, mushrooms and chopped green peppers while cooking the eggs.

egg bagel

Egg, Ham & Cheese Bagel

This little recipe was inspired by our local bagel shop, who sells quite a few of these bagel sandwiches on school mornings. Hot tip: When making this at home, wrap the bagel sandwich in tin foil immediately after assembly. The sandwich stays warm and the cheese melts nicely.

Egg Sandwich

Easy Egg Sandwich

I don’t frequent McDonald’s very often, but I consider this egg sandwich along the same vein as an Egg McMuffin. Think of it as similar, without the extra oil used in cooking, potentially. I use non-stick cooking spray and cook the egg over hard to minimize any oozing from the yolk.

egg in a hole

Egg in a Hole

A beloved egg breakfast when my kids were younger, make sure to leave the egg yolk a bit runny so your child can take the circular piece of break and dip it into the yolk. That’s the best part!

What are your favorite, fast, family-friendly, on-the-go egg breakfasts?

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  1. What about microwaving eggs for those students that don’t have a stove as in college?