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Review: Best Lunch Box Ever

Healthy lunch box ideas for kids can be hard to come by. In this article, I review Katie Morford’s new lunch box cookbook.

Best Lunch Box Ever

Admittedly, I am on vacation and spending very little time thinking about the upcoming school year. However, I know when I return home, we’ll be well into August and the ‘get everyone ready for school’ tirade will begin.

New uniforms, clothes shopping (NOT my favorite thing to do), school supplies, and yes, lunch box ideas and supplies.

This year, I’ll be sure to consult with my son before I choose his lunch box (read this)!

Truly, though, it’s not the lunch box and baggies, containers and water bottles that challenge us 3 weeks into the school year…it’s the ‘what do I pack today??!‘ challenge.

My friend and colleague Katie Morford from Mom’s Kitchen Handbook has just released the cure to the lunch box blues–a lunch box cookbook filled with healthy lunch ideas for kids called Best Lunch Box Ever.

Katie has made an adorable video of the book and has wonderful reviews on Amazon and Publisher’s Weekly.

Not only is this book loaded with excellent homemade lunch ideas (for any age, really), what I like best is that it’s not just a book for moms–your kids will grab this book, look through it and tell you what they want in their lunch box. They may even decide to make their own lunch!

Seems like a win-win to me.

Best Lunch Box Ever

Disclaimer: Best Lunch Box Ever was given to me by Katie Morford.

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  1. Biggest Challenge — Variety of healthy foods that my daughter will actually eat and not return home untouched

  2. I had already “liked” Fearless Feeding on Facebook, which is how I find out about your site.

  3. My biggest challenge is providing variety for my 10 and 8 year olds lunches. While the lunches I make are healthy, they get tired of the same old thing and I get tired of trying to come up with ideas that will please everyone.

  4. Biggest Challenge – dealing with a picky eater who only wants peanut butter and jelly or cold pizza. Everything else comes home either untouched or barely eaten.

  5. Packing lunches gives me lots of anxiety. I have a picky eater who just seems to have no interest in eating and I need some ideas to make lunches more appealing.

  6. I just shared Just the right byte on FB and tweeted. I’m looking forward to this cookbook. I find it a challenge with my picky eater to find creative options for lunch that I know she will eat.

  7. I need help with preparing lunches that my child will eat.
    Sometimes I pack a lunch and the same lunch returns home.
    Just like with everything the tools and equipment you use makes a huge difference. Thanks for the many ideas.

  8. My biggest challenge is that I want to find vegetables to put in my daughter’s lunch that she will actually eat – instead of her leaving them in her bag to spoil.

  9. My greatest challenge is being creative with nut-free lunches, and also with just keeping up with the many weeks of packing food made from stratch….this cookbook sounds fabulous! 🙂

  10. coming up with creative and new ideas for lunches that are nutritious and good and not boring..

  11. My greatest challenge is doing them the night before and keep sandwiches from getting soggy.

  12. The biggest challenge is time in the morning, when I don’t have something pre planned, but I make it work.

  13. I liked Right Byte & Fearless Feeding. When my kids went to school, my struggle with packing lunches was figuring out healthy items the kids would actually eat & not just throw away, that didn’t take too long to make & would still be good by lunch time. Now that we homeschool, the struggle is making yummy healthy lunches that are fast enough to not take up a lot of our school time, and when we go to meetings & field trips, I still have the struggles I had when they were in public school.

  14. My 11 yr old daughter doesn’t like sandwiches, she doesn’t like dips, and she doesn’t like her food to be cold. She’s very difficult to feed and trying to find things that will fit in a lunch box and don’t need to be heated up is really challenging!! She goes to a small private school and packing her lunch is our only option. She loves most any meat, but wants it warm. We got a decent thermos and that helps, but I still struggle to make her lunch healthy and satisfying. On top of all of that, she is a gymnast and goes straight from school to a 4 hour workout, so I can’t depend on supplementing her lunch with a hearty after-school snack! I’d love to have another source of lunch-box recipes!

  15. My biggest challenge is figuring out and finding healthy foods to make and not repeating. The hardest part is trying to figure out healthy delicious lunches…

  16. I liked both bf pages.
    My daughter is starting kindergarten this yr… She is a very picky eater and I am trying just now to start eating healthier and more organic. She is not a huge fan of sandwiches..and definitely not veggies. Not only is she picky, but if it is not something she entirely loves…and even sometimes if it is… She can take up to 1 1/2 hours to eat the simplest of meals! I don’t have any idea what I am going to do about packing lunches!

  17. My greatest challenge is finding new and different items to pack so my son doesn’t get tired of the same things!

  18. My biggest challenge is that my daughter doesn’t eat very many things, so it severely limited what I can pack. I make sure I always pack a fruit and veggie every day, and much of the time I unpack those same fruit and veggies at the end of the day. Sigh …

  19. My son really doesn’t care about food, so it is really difficult packing a lunch that will entice him to eat.

  20. My girl doesn’t like cold, uncooked vegetables so I’m always trying to figure out some way to get them in there.

  21. I have a hard time packing lunches that have variety. My oldest daughter doesn’t eat much protein so I often pack bagels with cream cheese with fruit and maybe a granola bar. I need help with easy options for a picky eater. I follow Fearless Feeding on FB and love the advice I find there. I also just liked Just the Right Byte on FB too. This book would be a welcome addition to my kitchen!!!

  22. Trying to provide variety for my son when he is very picky about fruits and vegetables. I have more choices with fruits, for vegetables he only likes potatoes and Nori.

  23. I like that my kids like the same things in their lunch boxes everyday but I like introducing new foods at home! 😀

  24. things that can be eaten quickly, are liked, and will sustain through a long day, and are not sandwiches!

  25. My oldest just started preschool and is going through the “I hate that!”‘phase with food. My challenge is packing a lunch he’ll eat while tending to the baby and trying to get out of the house on time.

  26. Biggest challenge is pleasing everyone! The school lunches are horrible so I pack for all 6 of my kids every day. I’m that regard I’m not looking forward to school starting!

    I already like fearless feeding. Heading over to right byte now 🙂

  27. My hardest thing with packing lunches is finding the right balance between what she will eat and not waste.

  28. My children do not like sandwiches, which make packing a quick lunch so difficult! I have began making a better effort to add less processed and more real food to their lunches but some days the lunches look pretty lean. 🙂

  29. My greatest challenge is doing it every night! Now that I am striving to be healthy, it is not an option, though 🙂 I will make time.

  30. I shared the latest update (post on the Lunchbox book) on my FB page and liked Fearless Feeding on Facebook.

  31. My biggest challenge is variety- we get stuck in a rut with the same lunch everyday. Mostly because my son isn’t willing to try new things and when I mix up the variety he doesn’t eat it.

  32. My oldest starts school in 2 1/2 weeks, so I don’t know what I’m getting into yet! That book looks like it would be helpful!