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6 Homemade Veggie Dips: Help Your Child Be a Veggie Eater

When I was a child, I ate my veggies, because I was told to do so. My sister, on the other hand, stuffed her veggies behind the radiator when my parents weren’t looking.

While getting kids to eat their veggies is top of mind for many parents, we know that many children need a little help –in the most positive of ways—to eat them.

Tricks and tactics don’t work. Not in the long run.

Coercion and bribing, and hiding or sneaking veggies, will not give you the lasting results you’re looking for—a child who loves to eat his veggies!

But one thing that may move the needle is a dip. Kids love to dip their food. I’m not sure if it’s a mechanical process thing, or an independence thing, but most children I have known like to dip their food.

And, if the dip is nutritious, it’s a bonus!

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6 Homemade Veggie Dips

Kids love to dip. Try these homemade veggie dips to tempt your child to eat more veggies.

So Easy Cottage Cheese Dip: Blending high protein cottage cheese and herbs not only makes for a flavorful combination, it will also offer up a stick-to-your-ribs punch of protein. The result? Fewer requests for extra snacks.

Greek Yogurt Dip Three Ways: Greek yogurt also packs a protein punch, while offering versatility for unique flavor combinations.

Watermelon Salsa: What child doesn’t love watermelon?? Note how fruit and veggies are combined in this salsa, allowing for flexibility as a veggie dip, a stand alone spoonful, or a topper for corn chips.

Spinach and Tomatillo Guacamole: I was drawn by the unique blend of flavors in this dip—spinach, avocado and tomatillos. What a great way to also introduce some new foods and flavors!

All Natural Peanut Butter Dip: This dip blends peanut butter and cream cheese into a smooth dip for veggies and fruit. Yum!

And last but not least…

Homemade Ranch Dressing: Every single one of my kiddos loved Ranch dressing when they were young, and some still use it as their go-to salad dressing. This recipe is delicious! We use it for veggies, deli meat, chicken nuggets (of course!) and even fruit.

If making homemade dips is not your cup of tea, don’t worry! I happen to whole-heartedly agree with this post from Sally over at Real Mom Nutrition.

What’s your favorite dip to serve with vegetables?

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