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Young athletes edge out the competition when they know what, when and how to eat.

So, if you could help your young athlete perform his best, wouldn’t you?

Excelling at sports requires more than being born with a natural gift, participating in long hours of training, or purchasing extra lessons.

It also requires an understanding of food and its ability to enhance athletic performance.

Food is the fuel that makes your young athlete’s body go and grow.
You already know that eating well is the secret to future health and optimal growth for your young athlete. Did you know that a proper food plan can help the athlete focus on the field, have more endurance, and recover faster? 



  • Know which foods are best for fueling a growing, athletic body. 
  • Create a plan for eating and drinking so your athlete is energized and focused for a game. 
  • Have a plan for promoting your athlete’s healing from grueling workouts.
  • Know without question you are promoting healthy growth for a health future.
  • Understand how food influences your child’s athletic performance.
  • Nail the timing of eating so that your athlete feels great at game time. 
  • Feel proud about how your child fuels his or her athletic performance. 
  • Know your child is doing everything he can to power his performance for himself, and his team.

The Truth of the Matter

You just want your athlete to take some ownership for his nutrition. To make the right choices when it comes to fueling his body. And when you’re not around.
You want him to make the right food choices. You want her to eat healthier meals. You want them to snack strategically…not all afternoon and into the night. And you don’t want to see your child eating candy, pizza or other unhealthy foods before, during or after a game!
There is no way your athlete can do all this without knowledge of sports nutrition.
And, in the sports world, the LAST thing young athletes learn (if at all) are the key strategies for fueling their bodies.
But an understanding of sports nutrition is the secret ingredient to a competitive edge.

Don't fall prey to popular thinking...

“I’m so active, I can eat whatever I want.”
“I’d better drink special shakes – all the other kids are drinking them.”
Truly, it does get confusing when you listen to the sports nutrition buzz around you. Quick fix dietary supplements have you believe that they are essential to fueling the athlete’s body.
On the other hand, eating whatever you want – junky foods, fast food, snacking all day long – seems justified by the simple fact that athletes exercise (more than most).
Neither of these approaches are beneficial. Or even true.
Yet, they are common beliefs that anchor typical eating habits in young athletes.
I know it can be overwhelming to know what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat when you're a young, growing athlete.

I’m Jill Castle, Author of Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete

Not only do I have decades of professional and practical experience in the field of pediatric nutrition and youth sports nutrition, but I’m also a mom who has raised four young athletes — so I know how tough it can be. I’ve spent years helping other athletes and my own children use food as a competitive advantage in sports performance.
In my book Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete, I translated complicated sports nutrition research into simple fueling strategies and advice for young athletes.
My mission is to make it easy for young athletes and their parents to use wholesome food as fuel for growth and sport. I want to empower athletes to eat for performance.

Eat Like a Champion Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes is the first step.

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Eat Like a Champion Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes

Getting young athletes to eat for performance isn’t easy.

Getting them to eat a decent breakfast can be a battle. Starving athletes come home and raid the refrigerator before you get the chance to start dinner. Busy practice schedules have you running through the drive-through or ordering take out too many nights to count. And the peer pressure all athletes feel to drink fancy sports drinks, load up on protein, or adopt other questionable eating practices leave you filled with doubt and concern.


  • Skips meals
  • Is hungry all the time
  • Eats most food at the end of the day
  • Eats a lot of sweets, and/or other unhealthy foods
  • Is experimenting with supplements, shakes, powders, etc
  • Is dieting or following a “special” diet to lose or gain weight
  • Wants to be better in her sport but nothing is working
  • Doesn’t drink enough or the right beverages
  • Doesn't eat a balanced, healthy diet
  • Wants to learn how to fuel his or her body for sport, properly (or doesn't seem to have a clue about what, when or how to eat for sport)

An athlete’s success partly relies on the foods and fluids he eats every day, when he eats, and how he manages training sessions and game day with food.
Unless your athlete knows how to fuel for sport, she will miss an easy opportunity to excel.


Eat Like a Champion Sports Nutrition Course for Young Athletes is your answer.


I’ve witnessed how incredibly powerful my program has been in the lives of hundreds of athletes. I would love to see the same results for you!


Eat Like a Champion is a computer-based course that gives you and your athlete the flexibility to study on the schedule that fits your life — whether that’s at 5 a.m. before the kids wake up, during a lunch break, for a few hours late at night, or on a Sunday afternoon.
This program fits into your crazy, busy life instead of you reorganizing your life around it.
Join now, and you’ll receive free and unlimited access to a series of online videos, educational worksheets, and printables all packaged in an easy-to-navigate virtual classroom that will help your athlete transform his eating and optimize athletic performance. The training is available online, 24/7, so you can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.


Eat Like a Champion is a four-module course including complete access to 18 video lessons, 13 printable worksheets, access to two e-cookbooks, and bonus audio materials. You’ll have lifetime access, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Module 1: The Athlete’s Fuel 

In this module, you and your athlete will learn:

• What it means to have a healthy diet
• The function and purpose of the major nutrients for sport: carbohydrates, protein and fat
• How to calculate daily energy and major nutrient requirements
• Which food sources deliver which nutrients
• How to balance them in the daily diet  

Module 2: No Nutrient Left Behind: Supporting Players
In Module 2, you'll learn about:

• The role of vitamins and minerals in sport
• Where to locate vitamins and minerals in food
• Calcium and vitamin D, the bone building nutrients
• The important role of iron in the athlete’s diet
• Where to source important micronutrients from food
• What to do if your athlete has a deficiency in his or her diet  

Module 3: Hydration
In this module, you will learn:

• How dehydration can rob young athletes of a great performance
• How much fluid your young athlete needs
• How to spot dehydration  
• Several ways to check hydration status
• The criteria for choosing a sports drinks
• The lowdown on energy drinks and how to manage them  

Module 4: Game Plan
Here you’ll take everything you’ve learned about food as fuel and put it together into a meal and snack plan. You’ll learn:

• How to balance all foods at mealtime
• What constitutes a power snack
• The best timing of eating (before, during and after exercise)
• What changes need to be made for competition days  

But wait, there’s more!
You will also receive two e-cookbooks: Fast & Nutritious Breakfasts for the Young Athlete and Fuel Up! Dinner Recipes for Young Athletes. Additionally, two bonus audio recordings with Olympic athlete Dan Walsh, and sports nutritionist Nancy Clark. 

Power the Young Athlete’s Performance with Nutrition

What’s it worth to understand how to fuel your athlete? For your young athlete to know what to eat, when to eat and how nutrition is tied to performance? To know exactly which foods help him or her do well, whether it’s on the court or field, in the pool, or on the ice?
What’s it worth to feel energized, focused and ready to play against your competitors?
Are you ready to fuel up and take your athlete’s performance up a notch? 

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Here's What Folks Are Saying

“What an incredible experience! Jill’s information was not only extraordinarily thorough, but tremendously well researched. Her approach to nutrition for young athletes made real connections that the athletes were able to employ right away. Parent and athlete feedback has been VERY positive…”