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Eat Like a Champion: Sports Nutrition Course for Young Athletes

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The Athlete Diet Plan: Learn What & How to Eat

If you could help your young athlete perform his best, wouldn’t you?

Excelling at sports requires more than being born with a natural gift, participating in long hours of training, or purchasing extra lessons.

It also requires an understanding of the athlete diet plan.

Food is the fuel that makes the young athlete’s body go and grow.

The athlete diet helps a young girl playing soccer -- Eat Like a Champion sports nutrition class.

You want your athlete to take some ownership for his nutrition. To make the healthy choices and the right ones when it comes to fueling his body for sport.

And you want this to happen when you’re not around.
Yes, you want your young athlete to master the athlete diet.

Sports Nutrition Courses: Teach the Teen Athlete to Eat

  • Understand the athlete diet and know which foods are best for fueling a growing, athletic body. 
  • Learn how to create a plan for eating and drinking so your athlete is energized and focused for a game. 
  • Have a plan for promoting your athlete’s healing from grueling workouts.
  • Know without question you are promoting healthy growth for a healthy future.
  • Understand how food influences your child’s athletic performance.
  • Nail the timing of eating so that your athlete feels great at game time. 
  • Feel proud about how your child fuels his or her athletic performance. 
  • Know your child is doing everything he can to power his performance for himself, and his team.

An understanding of sports nutrition is the secret ingredient to a competitive edge. Sports nutrition courses can give your athlete a leg up.

Boys playing football, fueled by a healthy athlete diet. Eat Like a Champion sports nutrition class.

A Game Changer (Literally)

Nutrition knowledge is incredibly powerful for the lives of hundreds of athletes. I would love to see the same results for yours!

How It Works

Eat Like a Champion is a computer-based class that gives you and your teen athlete the flexibility to study on the schedule that fits your life — whether that’s after practice, during a lunch break, for a few hours at night, or on a Sunday afternoon.
This program fits into your teen’s crazy, busy life instead of him reorganizing his life around it.
You’ll get free and unlimited access to a series of online videos, educational worksheets, and printables all packaged in an easy-to-navigate virtual classroom that will help your athlete transform his eating and optimize athletic performance.

The training is available online, 24/7, so your athlete (and you) can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

What’s in this sports nutrition class?

Eat Like a Champion is a four part class including:

  • Complete access to 18 video lessons,
  • 13 printable worksheets,
  • Access to two e-cookbooks, and
  • Bonus audio materials.
  • You’ll have lifetime access, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How the Nutrition Course Breaks Down:

Part 1: The Athlete’s Fuel 

In this module, your athlete will learn:

  • What it means to have a healthy diet
  • The function and purpose of the major nutrients for sport: carbohydrates, protein and fat
  • How to calculate daily energy and major nutrient requirements
  • Which food sources deliver which nutrients
  • How to balance them in the daily diet  

Part 2: No Nutrient Left Behind: Supporting Players

In Module 2, your athlete will learn about:

  •  The role of vitamins and minerals in sport
  • Where to locate vitamins and minerals in food
  • Calcium and vitamin D, the bone building nutrients
  • The important role of iron in the athlete’s diet
  • Where to source important micronutrients from food
  • What to do if there is a deficiency in his or her diet  

Part 3: Hydration

In this module, your athlete will learn:

  • The best hydration drinks
  • How dehydration can rob the young athlete of a great performance
  • How much fluid young athletes need
  • How to spot dehydration  
  • Several ways to check hydration status
  • The criteria for choosing a sports drinks
  • The lowdown on energy drinks and electrolyte drinks and how to manage them

Part 4: The Athlete Diet Plan

Here your athlete will take everything learned about food as fuel and put it together into a meal and snack plan. Specifically:

  • How to balance all foods at mealtime
  • What constitutes a power snack
  • The best timing of eating (before, during and after exercise)
  • What changes need to be made for competition days  

And there’s more!

You will also receive two e-cookbooks: Fast & Nutritious Breakfasts for the Young Athlete and Fuel Up! Dinner Recipes for Young Athletes. Additionally, two bonus audio recordings with Olympic athlete Dan Walsh, and sports nutritionist Nancy Clark. 

Are you ready to support your athlete’s knowledge and take athletic performance up a notch?

Girls softball team -- cover for Eat Like a Champion sports nutrition class for young athletes.

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