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Eat in Peace Workshop

Eat in Peace Workshop will teach you:

⇨ Exactly how to “do” family-style meals, step-by-step.  

⇨ The “3 C’s” that ensure happy times at the table and happy memories.  

⇨ The 4 common mistakes that stir up tension at the table.  

⇨ Simple table rules for kids…and for parents.  

⇨ How to talk at meals and what NOT to say.  

⇨ How to handle challenging behavior at the table. 

Enroll for just $29 and learn how to start family-style meals and eat in peace.  


Change the Family Dynamic at the Table and Eat in Peace

 ✔︎ Yup, even if you struggle to keep your kids calm and behaved at the table.  

✔︎ Yes, even if…you’re not a good cook or not sure what you want to make for dinner.  

✔︎ And, especially if you’ve lost that feeling of joy when your family gathers around the table. 

Because eating in peace doesn’t just bring a pleasant vibe to dinnertime, it sets your child up for healthy, self-regulated eating and a positive relationship with food (and you!). 

Are You Ready to Join the Workshop?  

By the end of this my Eat in Peace Workshop, you’ll be:

 ✔︎ Totally ready to start family-style meals and confident that you’ve got your game plan figured out.  

 ✔︎ Free from the role of food police, and the food fights, whining and complaints at mealtime.  

 ✔︎ Committed to turning your family meal table into a positive, nurturing, happy place.  

 ✔︎ Spot on with table talk, including what to say and what not to say to your kids.  

A note from Jill…

Jill Castle, Youth Sports Nutritionist and Author of Eat Like a Champion

The day I changed my approach to family meals, I saw an instant difference, which brought me joy…and relief.  

After four grown kids and tons of families who’ve implemented this mealtime method, one thing is for sure…this works!  

I’ve broken down the exact principles, practices and steps to starting family-style meals that differentiate a happy, healthy family gathering from a chaotic, combative, stressful experience.  The very steps I use in my private practice and with my live workshop trainings.

I can’t wait to see you there ~  Jill