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The Lime Green School Lunchbox

school lunchbox

I have to thank my son for this post. As I sat with my cup of coffee and my banana bread, I combed the web for an inspiring topic to write. Yes, this is what I do when a burning topic isn’t flowing from my fingers.

But My Little Man saved the day.

As you know, last week was the start of school, and I wrote about its importance and magnitude (beyond packing lunches and buying new school supplies).

School. Is. So. Much. More.

My Little Man had a black lunch box last year–one that I hated. It was made of thin material, and because of this, it would collapse around the contents. He always complained about his smushy sandwich. I know, I know–I could’ve bought a new one, or a sandwich container that would correct the problem. But truth be told, I’m a Mid-Western girl at heart, and I stick things out–at the very least to glean the value of the dollar spent.

And so we did.

Last week, I pulled out the black lunchbox and remembered how much my son and I both hated it. So I consulted my favorite backpack/lunchbox company and ordered up a sturdy lime green lunchbox.

And here’s how the conversation went this morning:

Me: “I packed your lunch in your new lime green lunchbox.”

Him: “Lime green?!”

Me: “Yes, I thought you liked lime green.”

Him: “Not on a lunchbox, Mom.”

Me: “Oh. It’s a really great lunchbox. Your sandwiches won’t get smashed anymore.”

Him: “Lime green? Boys carry black or blue–not lime green. Girls carry lime green. I’ll get smashed, Mom. They’ll make fun of me.”

Me: “OK. Go get the black one…”

You see, this whole school thing is not that simple. Packing a wholesome, nutritious lunch is only part of the deal. Paying attention to the developmental innuendos and the peer dynamics is something that is just as important. 

Check out my Independent Lunch Packing Guide to help your child move along to packing a healthy lunch, all by himself!

As for the black lunchbox? I know that I will get smashed if I have to keep packing lunches in that flimsy thing. So, Im off to get a red one.

Yes, red. Requested, negotiated and approved my me and My Little Man. Something I should’ve done the first go-round.

Do you have minor troubles with your child’s lunchbox?


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  1. We had to find three new lunch boxes this year. One for me (I am substitute teaching on a routine basis) and the kids both needed ones that fit the containers we like to use to keep from using zip-lock bags everyday. It was no easy task. We finally found a Rachel Ray one for my daughter, a lime green one for my son, both from Target and one for me at Academy Sports. They are all a little large, but fit what we need to put inside them so we can all have healthy lunches.

    1. Cairn, It’s no easy task finding a lunchbox that will fit all the containers (+ice pack) and not be bulky! I’m still looking!

  2. I love L.L. Bean backpacks! We bought my daughter one to start first grade with and it should last through middle school. I was intrigued by the lunch bags, but I knew my daughter would want to pick out her own. Hello Kitty won the toss up again this year. She likes to have a say in what goes into her bag, and she likes to share. So, she usually has one piece of dark chocolate but we have learned to put in at least two as she gives one or all of them to her friends :-).

    1. LL Bean stuff lasts forever! However, when your kids get older, you may find they want a more “fashionable” backpack–mine did. Funny, though, now my sophomore wants a LL Bean one again, as it is “sturdy.” Plus, they back up all their products–which I love.

  3. We’re in the opposite boat here – my daughter, LL Bean lunchbox last year. It was too bulky and took up too much room in her backpack and in her locker…it was annoying for her to deal with (she’s 10 but she’s a little teeny tiny thing). She wants a neoprene one like mine. I can’t find one anywhere yet. And by anywhere, I mean 2 stores. I’ll have to check online. In the meantime she’s using the LL Bean one grudgingly.