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Real Food for Kids: Kids Food ReBoot



I was asked to share this upcoming webinar with you. Take a moment to check it out!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 4.35.57 PMA Public Health Campaign Opportunity Webinar

Date & Time: January 14, 2015 at 2pm EST

The Food & Nutrition Section of American Public Health Association and FamilyCook Productions will present a valuable webinar on a new national child nutrition campaign.

Kids Food Reboot: Serving Our Children Better was initiated byFamilyCook Productions in late 2014 to support parents to serve real food for kids that can be enjoyed by the whole family – at home or away from home.

The campaign rallies leading child nutrition advocates and organizations to lead this charge by supporting their community with tips and strategies to take advantage of a world of delicious ingredients children will be delighted to explore.

For far too long parents have been losing the battle to introduce their children to new, healthful foods.  That’s because everywhere you go, you see a handful of ‘kids foods’ offered in restaurant menus everywhere making it the ‘default’ choice in every type of restaurant and at home thanks to ‘convenience’ and frozen meals. Nuggets anyone? The sad consequences are:

  1.     Less variety of foods children are exposed to
  2.     Fewer nutrients due to less variety
  3.     Poorer quality of the cheap, ubiquitous foods

This particular issue of VARIETY is addressed by the Campaign and the social media and public health experts presenting will offer specific, proven ways to make any campaign, including this one, go viral!

Free to the first 240 registrants

Limited spots available!


Moderator:Deirdra Chester, PHD RDN, National Program Leader for Applied Nutrition Research, AFRI Childhood Obesity Program, USDA

Campaign Creator:Lynn Fredericks, Founder & President, FamilyCook Productions

Public Health Professional:  Vishwarupa Vasani, MPH, CHES, PHSpecialist II, City of Minneapolis, Health Department

Social Media Expert:Patricia Wong, Creator / Exec Producer, Farm to Table Family YouTube Channel

 Register now – spaces are limited

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