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Ode to the Special Moms in My Life

special moms

Ok, I may shed a tear or two as I write this post…I’m a bit fragile, emotionally, these days.

You may (or may not) know that 6 months ago, my husband accepted a promotion in NYC and we have been planning a move across the country ever since. During this time, I have closed my private practice, been house hunting at least 6 times, am trying to sell my house here, have spoken in 5 different states on the topic of childhood obesity and feeding, am crunching out the final content of Fearless Feeding (due to publisher June 1), and most importantly, trying to maintain some semblance of a normal life for my children.

Needless to say, I am riding close to the edge, if you know what I mean!

Probably the only reason I have been able to keep it together is due to the special moms in my life…so this is for you.

My Mom: Thank you for getting dinner on the table every night, on time; for always cooking tasty meals; for taking your time to eat with pleasure and enjoyment; for trying a new recipe every week (most of which were liked by all of us)—you were a great feeder and role model. Thank you for your long-term view and your faith that everything will work out—I am truly relying on that wisdom now.

My Sisters: My sis Karen, who led the pack with kids first, showed me how to be a mom and manage all the tasks with great attention to detail. While I thought she was crazy to start dinner at 3 pm, I now see how it helps the evening flow at a relaxed and timely pace. My sis Angie, shows me how to keep life light, funny and enjoyable.

The Grand-Moms: Both my MIL (mother in law) and my dad’s wife are often more willing and adventurous with kids in the kitchen than I. They have showed me how to be patient and a teacher in the kitchen. They both value fresh, wholesome food and back up our food philosophy when in our home–a priceless stance for grandparents.

special moms

My Cousins: Fun, fun…it’s all about having fun, and good food. These women embody the “food is an adventure” motto, and it has rubbed off on me. They have also taught me to understand where kids are coming from, and where they are today, emotionally, developmentally and physically. And with 4 kids, this has been helpful in the “sibling dynamic” category.

My Old Friend Moms: These are my best buds from college and post-college, who knew me “back when” I was a naïve, fun-loving, free spirit (I still am, but oh so many responsibilities now and not so naive!). Some of them encouraged me to write a book many, many years ago (on the topic of my crazy life). Well, I am doing it, only on a more useful subject– feeding children.special moms

My Nashville Moms: My life today has been further enriched by my “today friends”—these are the women that help me get through the day, help me with my children (especially when I’m single parenting) and provide a model for how to do it all… and still stay nice.

My Colleagues: I am thankful for the professional connections I have made over the years, especially my Fearless Feeding co-author Maryann. My professional world is intimate because of these women. I consider myself lucky to be influenced, supported and inspired by such a great group of women and my profession.

I think Moms are the backbone of the family, and maybe even our country.

I am patting you on your backbone today—to say thanks for the role you’ve played in my mom-life experience. We all experience and influence each other—my hope is that we take the time to appreciate one another, hold each other up, and help each other out.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. Why am I just now seeing this sweet post 2 years later? I was doing a search on my name (highly recommended) and saw this…so honored for the picture feature.

    Btw, I did a interview on picky eating and they shot a scene of me taking your book off my office shelf. If they run that part, I will send you the link! It’s an interview that should be syndicated all over.

    Keep up the great Mom work! God Bless

  2. Jill…relationships oxgenate life and when I see all the special women in your life..can see why you sparkle!
    Keep on sparkling.

    1. Just read it! Creepy!! That was an impulse post last night…
      yes, looking forward to Denver!! Thanks for mentioning me too–