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Grocery Stores, Egg Salad & My Milk Manifesto

In this post, I tackle discovering a new grocery store in my new town, our obsession with egg salad, and my milk manifesto.

milk manifesto

The Hunt for a New Grocery Store

I’ve been hunting for a grocery store.

A good grocery store. No, honestly, a great grocery store. One that has bargains and sales (love the two for one sales). One with a great produce section and lots of variety…and more sales.

One with a fish market, meat market and a great bakery. Oh, and one that has all the staples.

I love a one stop shopping experience. And value for my money.

I get annoyed when I have to go to several places to check everything off the list.

Since I’ve moved, I’ve been on the search…and I’ve been disappointed. Surprisingly disappointed.

Until today.

Fairway Market. I had never heard of this store before, but I knew I liked it when I walked in. I was greeted by an expansive produce department, followed by a cheese section that beat–hold on here– Whole Foods… hands down.

After that, I sailed through the bulk bin section, bakery, fish and meat sections, the cafe (hot food ready to go), the aisles of staples (and sales!) and then I saw it, and I knew this was a store unlike any other I’d seen.

The coffee corner. Oh my.


I found heaven in a grocery store.

Now that I have a place to go, I can start working on my new goal of cooking more…which means you will likely see the results of my cooking more often!

Have you found heaven in your grocery store? If not, what’s missing?

We’re Egg-static About Eggs

Ever since I tested recipes for Fearless Feeding back in April and May, I have been hooked on hard-boiled eggs. I didn’t really love them before then.

I didn’t really know how to cook them. When I did, they had that greenish cast to them, which turned me off.

Now that I have a reliable way (and it works every time), I have been having them for breakfast once or twice a week. And so have my kids.

We make Egg Salad, too. The kids gobbled it up when we were in Maine, and frankly, it’s an easy recipe for kids to try on their own.

I make Egg Salad by mashing the egg and mixing about a teaspoon or two of Hellman’s mayonnaise per egg. Then I add a pinch of Kosher salt.

No frills, and simply delicious.

Milk in the News…Again.

Here we go again over the milk issue! I’ve written about chocolate milk before. Now, it seems, we’re onto plain milk.

Some researchers say you need it and some say you don’t. Some people just state their opinion, hoping you’ll find them popular enough to agree with them. Careful, taking the stance of a food extremist can get you off track with feeding.

Here’s what I think about milk.

My Milk Manifesto

Milk is food.

It has nutrients, some of which benefit certain conditions and populations, and some of which may harm sensitive people.

It has fat–something that all people need, to some degree, found in variable amounts, depending on the concentration of milk fat you choose (Fat-free and 1% have limited amounts of saturated fats).

It has natural sugar (lactose) and sometimes added sugar (sucrose).

It comes in flavors–some of which are quite tasty–and yes, often with added sugar.

Some people like milk, and some don’t.

Some people tolerate milk, and some don’t.

For those who find milk harmful or distasteful, it’s fairly easy to avoid.

I like it (even chocolate milk–gasp!). My kids like it (more reliably than dark leafy greens). We aren’t allergic, intolerant, or offended by its inherent or added sugar content.

We manage and balance milk in a way that is enjoyable and nourishing. In fact, we try to do that with all food.

I don’t really buy into the “bad food” mentality, especially the trendy negative tirades on a few select foods.

Food is just food. It isn’t as powerful as all the hype makes it out to be.

People and their choices hold all the power.

So, when it comes to milk: you do your thing and I’ll do mine.

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  1. Jill-
    You always proviced such a great and balanced perspective! I have shared this blog with several friends that have started questioning if their families should drinking milk. And you are exactly right- people and their choices hold the power. But it is important that people make their choices based on scientific evidence and not trends or opinions of friends! Thanks for a great read!

  2. Jill,
    I am so pleased to read this blog. Your balanced, common sense approach is, these days, refreshing. Balance is the key to life. As an RD I know that all foods can fit. Milk is a great meal completer, even chocolate milk. Drinking milk with meals not only completes the meal and provides 9 essential nutrients, but drinking milk is also an easy and delicious way to get your 3 cups a day (or 2.5 c for those 4-8 y.o. and 2 c a day for those 2-3 y.o.). thanks for writing this blog.

  3. I also appreciate your stance on milk as a food and a vehicle by which to consume nutrients. I agree with Ashley’s comment that as RDs (and moms) we need to get away from the “bad food” mentality.

  4. Enjoyed your post! Loved your statement “balance milk in a way that is enjoyable and nourishing. In fact, we try to do that with all food.” Hope you’re getting settled in CT (but we miss you in the South.)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your personal take on milk and how you incorporate it into you and your family’s healthy eating pattern. I agree with you that we as RD’s need to stand up against the “bad food” mentality as the negativity around categorizing foods in such a way is harmful in fostering a healthy relationship with food. I’ll raise my glass (of milk, of course) to your well written manifesto!
    Oh, and now I’m craving some egg salad too…yum!