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Money-Saving Food Allergy Tips

As you know, my son experienced a surprise (to us) allergic reaction to pumpkin on Halloween.

boy carving a pumpkin

Ironically, I was asked to appear on the 11 o’clock show on NBC-CT this past Monday to discuss money-saving food allergy tips. As it turns out, one in thirteen children have a food allergy.

Preparing for a TV spot

The economic impact of this is more than 25 billion dollars annually, with most of that as out-of-pocket expenses. Of course, a lot of money is spent on food!

Here are some of the tips I shared on TV!

Money Saving Tips at Home

Eat at home 

There is nothing safer or more frugal than eating at home with a food allergy!

Focus on fresh, frozen or canned safe foods.

Meal Plan

Use meal planning templates, apps such as Evernote, Springpad or go to PlantoEat. Stick to the meal plan, even plan your dining out experiences, and you’ll spend less money than if you are making decisions on the fly.

Get Inspired

Everyone can get bored with the same old meals–check out Living Without magazine for new recipes and inspiration.

Jill Castle on NBC-CT

Save Money at the Grocery Store

Collect the weekly circular

Clip the coupons and plan your meals around what is on sale during the week. Many grocers will double coupons up to $1.

Join the discount membership program 

There’s no limit to how many you can join. Even consider getting the grocer’s emails to stay on top of bargains.

Stock up when you can

Ten for ten? Yes! Especially shelf-stable canned and dry goods, and frozen foods.

How to Save Money Online

Use specialty food company websites  

Print their coupons, and take advantage of bulk discounts.

Deal of the Day websites

Check out Groupon or Living Social for discounts on restaurants.

How do you save money with food allergies?

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