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{Book Review} Younger Next Week

I know I want to be looking younger and feeling younger ASAP. More than halfway through my 47th year of life, I find myself keenly interested and aware of the aging process.

Not only from an ‘eat less because my metabolism is slowing’ mind-set, but also from a ‘how do I stay energized?’ and ‘how do I slow down the wrinkles, bags, and bulges?’

If you are younger than I, you may not be concerned, but the mid-forties have changed the way I think about many things, especially that related to my (and my husband’s) longevity.

Not only have I changed my sleep patterns, I have actively sought out products that help curbside the wrinkles, and preserve the skin I have.

Yes, I am conscious of looking younger. There. I said it.

Book Jacket: Younger Next Week

I am thoughtfully changing some of my own eating patterns (you see, even I have habits of my youth that aren’t the best for me now), and am revamping my exercise approach.

Why? Because I can’t eat the indulgent foods I used to eat with the frequency I used to eat them. Nor can I pound the pavement running 4 miles several times a week. My body cannot handle it, and it’s been telling me so for about a year now. (Thank you, recent knee surgery).

I received Younger Next Week by Elisa Zied, MS, RD, CDN a few months ago, and read it right away. My keen interest in preserving my own vitality had me pushing the other books and research articles on my nightstand to the side.

The title lured me in first: Younger Next Week. Your Ultimate Rx to Reverse the Clock, Boost Energy and Look and Feel Younger in 7 Days.

You read that right. Younger Next Week guarantees that you will look and feel younger in 7 days when you focus on foods and health behaviors that elevate your vitality.

Zied takes the latest science and translates it to practical tasks you can do each day to turn back the clock, inside and out. For one, she talks about food and nutrients and how they can help you achieve vitality and youth. She targets guidance for starchy carbohydrates, sugar, fat and protein and has advice for antioxidants and caffeine.  She helps women manage PMS, gassiness, and covers the role of nutrition in your mental outlook.

But this is not just a food book. Zied gets into the relationship of rest and exercise to looking younger, and helps you understand what helps you glow and feel energized, and what doesn’t. As you’ve heard me say before, it’s not just about getting the food right. Being healthy, and in this instance, feeling and looking younger, requires a multi-prong strategy, including food, sleep, exercise, sex, frame of mind and maybe a little skin cream.

Personally, while my professional life focuses on kids and nutrition, my personal life and concerns are just like many other women my age. I appreciate having a book filled with information that pertains to my future appearance, energy level and my health. One that showcases the scientific research, not just the media hype.

I think I am heading down the right path. I feel good. I am rested most days. And once this knee heals up, I’ll be back on track with my exercise (no running anymore—a gentler approach of walking, yoga and biking for me).

Just the other week in yoga class, an acquaintance said, “Wow. What are you doing? You look so young!”

I am doing a lot to preserve my vitality and I’ll take that compliment, thank you!

{Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. My comments and review are my own.}

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