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Kid’s Products at Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, 2011

Many corporations gathered last week in San Diego, CA at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association) Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo to showcase their product lines. I was interested in what was out there for kids, and so I took my less superior camera (iPhone) on a tour of the convention center to see what I could find.

I stopped by the Laughing Cow cheese booth to check out their new flavors. Both of my older daughters are infatuated with Laughing Cow cheese, spreading it on rye crisps or smearing it on baby carrots. Mozzarella with sun-dried tomato and queso fresco and chipotle cheese are two new flavors my girls haven’t tried yet, but I have a feeling they will like them!

To my surprise (and delight), I saw Lisa Lillien (aka Hungry Girl) and convinced her to join me in a picture. She was signing copies of her new book, 300 Under 300. I am looking forward to reading it.

Next, I stopped by the Daiya booth. If you aren’t familiar with this brand of cheese, it’s dairy and soy free, and has proved to be a life-saver for several of my multi-allergic child clients. Packaged in “shreds,” it is perfect for melting and can safely enhance the nutritional quality and calorie-value of a food allergic child’s diet. I was surprised to hear that you can find Daiya in many local grocery stores now.

Even more surprising is Amy’s gluten-free rice pasta, which uses Daiya cheese to serve up a traditional macaroni and cheese that happens to be gluten, milk, and soy-free. I know families will find this combination more “normal” for their food allergic child.

Freeze-dried fruit is another interesting option for children. More like a chip than a “leather”, this product packs a punch of flavor. Move over apples and pears, Crispy Greens touts bananas, mangoes, pineapple and cantaloupe too. An added option for getting more fruit into your child’s diet.

The makers of KIND Bars revealed a new product: KIND Healthy Grains. KIND Healthy Grains are similar to granola  and, like their KIND Bar sisters, are rich in nuts.  Three flavors are nut-free (yeah for my son!): Cinnamon Oat, Vanilla Blueberry and Dark Chocolate & Cranberry.

Lastly, I met the guys over at The Power of Fruit. We featured this popsicle in a recent blog post and I wanted to meet the folks behind this brand. Their tag line: “Fruit, whole fruit, and nothing but fruit” serves to differentiate their product from others. Remember that sage advice to read the label? Well, this product has a pretty lonely ingredient list. Check out their new flavors: Cherry Berry and Orange Tango.

We hope you can find something here that appeals to you! Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. I avoid buying food marketed to children; my 3 year old eats the same food my husband and I eat. She loves the pictures of the kids on the Stonyfield Farm yogurt containers, and I do buy her those from time to time. But I tell her that the pictures of the kids don’t make the yogurt better.