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Junk Food Opinion, according to an 11 year old

Do you ever wonder what kids think about food? While they are certainly swayed by commercials, taste and catchy ads, I think some kids are becoming more savvy about food and the foods they choose to eat.  

Good news, yes?

Here’s an opinion, written by an 11 year old, for a 5th grade class assignment, regarding the issue of “junk-food” and the commercials that surround them. 

Junk Food Commercials Persuade

Junk-food commercials persuade children to nag their parents to buy them, which may lead to childhood weight problems. Therefore junk-food commercials should be limited.

Childhood obesity is a big problem in America. I think commercials are a big part of it. Millions of American children and adults are obese.

Junk-food commercials bother health experts because they encourage children to nag their parents. Children eat and buy too much junk-food.

Children Should Eat Healthy Food

We need children to live a long, healthy life. To make that happen, children need to eat healthy food.

Most people don’t.

They should eat wheat bread instead of white bread, fro example.

People should put healthy food commercials on air, not junk-food! If you put junk-food commercials on air, most likely people will buy the junk-food and eat it almost every day.

People say commercials don’t make a difference. I think it makes a huge difference.

Other people say people should not eat whatever they want. I agree but children will still eat whatever they want, even if their parents say not to.

Children in America should be healthy. Children should also eat right. They should be active every day; they shouldn’t be sitting inside watching junk-food commercials!

One thing that I know from working with children every day–they do have opinions about food and nutrition–it’s up to us (adults) to cultivate healthy opinions that lead to healthy actions and behaviors.

Have you listened to your child’s opinions about food and nutrition lately?

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  1. This is so true! If kids start seeing more images of foods they should eat more of (like fruits & veggies, low-fat dairy and whole grains) then maybe they will actually want to choose these foods more often.