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How to Nourish a Healthy Weight

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Nourish a Healthy Weight

Want to raise a child with a healthy weight

A child who eats a nutritious, balanced diet, enjoys sweets and other indulgences, but doesn’t over do them? One who self-regulates eating and shows little drama around food?

Who doesn’t…?!

Sure, you can check the height and weight chart for your child and see if he’s growing properly, but that’s not all there is to nourishing a healthy weight.

That chart will never tell you how YOU are doing at nurturing your child, nor will it tell you what’s going on inside.

The Recipe for a Healthy Weight

Raising a child with a healthy weight involves taking care to feed your child well, interacting in ways that positively influence your child’s relationship with food and his body, and setting up the habits that will cement his future health.

My free email course will take you through more than the standard “healthy eating for kids” approach. I highlight nutritious food for kids with a desirable balance of all foods, including sweets.

But I also tap into feeding–that daily interaction and connection around meals and eating that is undeniably influencing how well your child eats and the relationship with food he is building on the inside.

That’s not all.

Healthy habits are part of the picture, too. I review these, as they are an essential ingredient in the recipe for a healthy weight.

What You Get:

Nourish Your Child’s Healthy Weight is an 8-day free email course designed to give you insight on the essentials of nourishing your child’s optimal weight: a food system, feeding strategy, and lifestyle infrastructure for feeding your child, inside and out.

Each day, you will receive an email from me with a new lesson.

Here’s an overview of the lessons:

  • # 1: What’s a Healthy Weight, Anyway? 
  • # 2: Managing Sweets & Indulgent Foods
  • # 3: Striving for Food Balance
  • # 4: Feeding Approaches that Help and Hinder
  • # 5: 3 Strategies that Will Never Work (+ a Bonus)
  • # 6: Why a Healthy Habit Plan is Essential
  • # 7: The Best Feeders Raise the Healthiest Kids
  • Bonus: Wrap Up & Putting it All Together (food+feeding+lifestyle)

Say goodbye to the “Fix it with Food” strategy and hello to a holistic, fresh, new way of nourishing your child, inside and out.

Will you join me? (If you’re game, just click on the button below!)


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