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Healthy Living: 12 Strategies for Raising a Healthy Child

This is a series of posts focused on healthy living for kids. You’ll find 12 interlinked articles that will help you cultivate the necessary healthy habits to grow and develop a healthy child.

Healthy Living Series: 12 Strategies for Raising a Healthy Child

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy in today’s world. Cultivating healthy living for your child is even more confusing! Consider the advice you hear on TV, from the doctor, or from friends…often it is conflicting…and confusing.  

Although healthy living is easy, it is also complicated. If you’ve tried yourself to correct lifelong behaviors and habits around eating and exercise, then you know how difficult this can be. Many of these patterns begin during childhood…and old habits die hard!  

While there is an abundance of research on the importance of healthy living, like improved health now and later, it can be difficult to translate these findings into daily family practices.  

Many scientists, policy-makers, and health care professionals work diligently to encourage and make it easy to live a healthy lifestyle and in doing so, curtail the problems associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. 

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This 12-part series for parents like you will help you make daily decisions about food, eating, activity and other healthy habits for your family.  

Here, you will get an in-depth look at the factors and behaviors that contribute to healthy living in children. My hope is that you will be able to use this compilation of articles as a guide to assess your environment and family behaviors and make reasonable changes within your home.  

This series challenges you to raise your awareness about what and how your child is eating and moving, while taking the lead in making effective changes.  Every positive change helps promote healthy living and a healthy child

You’ve got nothing to lose but habits and behaviors that DO NOT WORK for your child’s overall health and well-being!

Healthy Living Series: 12 Strategies for Raising a Healthy Child

12 Strategies for Raising a Healthy Child

I developed a list of strategies based on my interactions with real children and teens who strive to improve their health and lifestyle behaviors.  These strategies underpin the most common healthy living habits that generate real transformation in a child’s overall health and well-being. 

Each article focuses on one healthy living behavior, so that you can focus on changing them, one at a time.  

The 12 Strategies (in no particular order):

1.  Drinking Soda and Sugary Beverages 

2.  Use of Overly Processed Foods

3.  Daily Added Sugar Consumption

4.  Hidden & Obvious Fat Sources

5.  Hunger and Appetite

6.  Follow a Feeding Schedule with Meals and Snacks

7.  Not Enough Produce (Fruits & Vegetables)

8.  Why Capping Screen Time Helps Kids

9.  How to Encourage Exercise for Kids 

10. Why You Need to Know Food Portion Sizes for Kids 

11.  How to Form Healthy Eating Habits 

12.  The Magic of Family Mealtime

Want to get a sense of how you’re doing with nourishing and raising a healthy child? Check out my free checklist!

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If you’re struggling with setting up healthy habits in your home, consider joining my online course, The Nourished Child Project. You’ll get all the information you need to support a food system, a feeding strategy and the healthy habits that set your child up for a healthy future. 

The Nourished Child Project is an online program for parents to help them raise healthy, nourished kids, inside and out.



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