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Take A Healthy Break During the Holidays

take a healthy break during the holidays

Healthy break…hmmm. 

Many may think I am going to write about how to eat healthy during the holidays, but I am not. There are other ways to be healthy during this holiday season. Moving your body. Resting. Thinking. Prioritizing and organizing.

The holidays offer a much needed respite for many. Moms get to enjoy a change of pace with children who are home. 

Children get to sleep in and not worry about the daily grind of homework and classes. 

Dads get time off too, and always seem to enjoy the break from work demands and hassles.

Many folks don’t eat right during the holidays.  How can you resist the traditional foods and the desserts?!  The holidays offer special foods and traditions, and a break in the usual routine. 

Schedules are looser, meals are either highly planned or on the fly due to shopping or travel.  It is really a time to enjoy, kick back, rest, and re-fuel. 

Is it worth it in the end to resist those foods we really want?  Is it OK to take a break from the usual routine of exercise, menu planning, and cooking? 

Of course.  

Eat what you want, and be smart about how much.  Take a break from cooking and make smart choices. Change your exercise routine but keep moving.

The holiday break is short.  Enjoy it!  All of it. 

Enjoy the time away from work and away from school. Enjoy the yummy foods served during the holidays. Enjoy your time with your family. Enjoy the break in routine.

January will come knocking quickly. We can all look forward to eating right, moving more, and being healthier and getting back to our usual routine in the New Year.

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