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A Childhood Nutrition Blog is Born

Childhood Nutrition + Blog = Childhood Nutrition Blog.

Childhood nutrition is a much-needed and sometimes frustrating and complicated topic. Parents NEED to know, and frankly WANT to know about how to feed their kids and what is best to feed them.

After many, many years in the field of pediatric nutrition and many months of consideration, false starts and re-considerations, I decided to jump into the world of blogging.

So, here we are world!  Sort of like deciding whether or not to make the commitment to have a child, or start a business, or buy a house, beginning this blog has been an idea in my head that has grown from a tiny seed into a full rutabaga.

WHY am I doing this?  It’s not like I am not busy enough… kids, dogs, a husband, household, and a business that is growing like a child in a growth spurt.

I am writing this blog because families need nutrition information.

Because many of our nation’s children are overweight, allergic, not eating, hating their bodies, sitting in front of the TV, and/or are constipated and cranky…and because my knowledge, opinions, and creative ideas cannot sit in my head any longer.

This blog is yet another vehicle for information–for awareness-building, education, motivation, and action. Especially for children and their families.

A baby blog is born…I hope to nourish it, encourage it, support it, and help it blossom into a full grown, healthy, strapping BLOG.

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  1. If the “born” post is a sample of your writing, I look forward to more. Much more. Congratulations on entering the blogosphere. And, I for one, don’t think it takes that much time to post. I have slowed down recently just because I think I’m running out of things to say!

  2. Congratulations! I recently started a blog as well (, and as a fellow RD I know how time consuming it is to do it all, but getting out good, accurate information is so important! I look forward to reading your posts!!

  3. Hi Jill-
    Welcome to the blogosphere! I also have a fledgling blog too and am really having a lot of fun with it. Good luck!

  4. Congratulations on the birth of your newest endeavor! I look forward to reading and benefiting from your wealth of knowledge!